Is the Outside a Reflection of the Inside? /// Sadie Nardini Gets a Hot New Look /// Pontification Abounds

First, there was the awesomeness of Kofi Busia’s regular-people-clothes. Then, there was Dharma Mittra and his socks. Now, we have “Public Figure” and yoga instructor, Sadie Nardini, and her hot new Rockabilly look that, while only a few steps from the old look, is looking good!

From the Facebook….

I decided that my new look is going to be Pinup Yoga Rocker Chic. Got me some red lipstick and a little bangs roller and went to town. It feels like even more of me.”

Let me be honest. There are a number of “looks” I like to see the ladies strut in. And, while, admittedly, most are variations of Jersey Shore “chic,” and most involve hoop earrings of some sort, the Rockabilly look has always reigned nearly supreme.


So, obviously, I’m pro-Sadie on this one.

As an aside, I’m also into the “going camping” look, the “B-girl” look, the “Kofi Busia” look, the “chola” look, the “head wrap” look, the “yoga mom” look, the “I work in an office, but go to sex parties” look, the “geeky” look, and the “I just showed up at this party ’cause my friends dragged me” look. Basically, I’m into all the looks. And, what’s great about all the looks, is that none of them really have anything to do with that elusive something Sadie Nardini calls an “inner truth.” Because, if it did, going out at night would be a lot less interesting seeing as “inner truths” tend to not involve finding a bathroom to get stupid in (though, they really should). And yet, in regards to her new rolled bangs, Sadie states:

“I think that paying attention to one’s outer style is simply a representation of what’s going on on the inside. It’s a reflection of your inner truth put into the world.”

Personally, only in rare cases would I attribute a fashion sense or particular color palate to be an indication of a person’s inner truth. Using the fashion of someone as a gauge is not only dangerous and presumptive (basically what get’s mom’s in a tizzy [or worse] ’cause their kids dress in all-black), but also an underestimation of the extent to which civilized people are seriously sad and heart-broken inside regardless of the presence of a happy face. I mean, I don’t care if you bounce around in a pink too-too with fairy wings on your back all day. Put your ass in an hour of quality progressive therapy and I’ll put money on your coming in contact with some friendly demons just sitting around reading old magazines in your psychic attic.

Which is why I typically defer to RZA in “The 4th Champer” on the matter:

The year 2002 the battle filled with the Wu.
Six million devils just died from the Bubonic flu.
Or, the Ebola virus, under the reign of King Cyrus.
You can see the weakness of man right through his iris.


You see, it don’t matter what you dress the temple up in. If you don’t sweep out the cobwebs, that place is still gonna be filled with spiders. And, guess what? That’s ok. Get someone with artistic skills to draw up a few Brown Recluses, and throw ’em on a flag. Hoist that shiz high above the anarcho-gurdwara. Throw in a cool sword and some squiggly words, and I’m gonna be your first convert.

That said, I’m not even sure Sadie herself believes her outside look is really a “representation of what’s going on on the inside.” As she states:

“It makes me feel more put together to be more put together…and more confident to dress confidently.”

From this it sounds like the outside is actually having its naughty way with the inside, and not the other way round. Here, being more “put together” elicits a “feeling” that in turn contributes to a “sense” of confidence, all of which either change the nature of the inner truth, or are themselves further reflections of it. But, then you gotta wonder, is this “inner truth” subject to your feelings, or is it a manifestation of them? Is it something static and unwavering, or is it in constant flux, like the cosmos, always already present while simultaneously held in place by Love? If it’s that, can a new sleeve really capture it? I mean, are we still talking about sexy chest tattoos?

And, she’s poly to boot!

This is why I’m mostly against all that “Yoga is how you live your life” stuff, and instead go for the “Yoga helps me live my life” hoo-ha instead. Otherwise it gets too messy, and you end up trying to make your dumps yogic, your wine endorsements yogic, and your abs yogic. Ugh!

Listen. You wanna look like a sexy lil’ hot thing walking down Smith St.? Please, you have my endorsement. If it makes you feel like a frickin’ superstar, even better. You’ll definitely catch my eye, and no doubt the eye of every other sex-positive feminist Babarazzi within ten feet. Just don’t tell us that your skinny floods and creepers are somehow linked to your yoga practice.

Nothing kills the mood like yoga talk.


  1. She looks like Roseanne Harvey … probably trying to compete with her.
    Not cool.

  2. “it sounds like the outside is actually having its naughty way with the inside, and not the other way round”… perhaps as it should be, at least in moments? yat pinde tat brahmande, and all that. there’s a wrestling match of inner-types and outer-types, it seems, beginning with the mirror stage, and the performance of “truth” is always at stake. sadie certainly draws it: I used her over-the-shoulder promo pick in an old piece about the performance of yoga in EJ. something about the erotics of sadhana. well done, AG.

    • “perhaps as it should be, at least in moments?”

      I should hope so! You know, the ol’ swinging door policy. Though, I tend to get that inspiration from Thrice Great Hermes. That said, I’m feeling less like “As above so below. All things from the One,” and more like “All things from the Many.’ But, as any good “Many-ist” would say, “That could change too.”

      • o i read yat pinde as all from the many too, but more with an eye to reflective macro-micro patterns: oak tree — bronchioles, etc.

        • Totally. I was just clarifying the Emerald Tablet’s grand message. I was “re-mixing” it, if you will. Kidney—kidney bean—kidney-shaped swimming pool.

        • …kidney beans can over-stimulate the kidneys with astringent diuresis, provoking vata, which may mean that the water in kidney-shaped pool needs some salt and coconut oil… crazy: word/flesh/thing.

        • yep. or just the beans in excess…

        • jorge

          “…kidney beans can over-stimulate the kidneys with astringent diuresis, provoking vata, which may mean that the water in kidney-shaped pool needs some salt and coconut oil… crazy: word/flesh/thing.”

          please don’t deprive the kids of their well deserved bowl of chilli after a long night of dancing at the rock concert. kidney beans can be great tonic for the kidneys(even the doctrine of signatures thinks so). vata just needs to spend a little more time resting in the hot tub rather than swimming laps in the cold pool. take those kidneys and cook em up in a nice big pot with plenty o’ ghee and/or oil and add some other nice root vegetables, broth, and some slightly warming spices. and if you want to get all crazy and really let loose toss some garlic or onions in there as well. it needs to simmer for a while, so it should give you enough time to get your betty paige bangs trimmed just right in the mirror while you wait.

          btw matt, totally off subject….but i’m glad to see you here, i came across your book and tried to order it on amazon a couple months ago but it said it was never able to connect with the seller and so got refunded to me???? is it available anywhere?

        • jorge: good recipe! yoga 2.0 is all sold out, but we’re about to re-release on createspace in the next month or two… if we FB connect you’ll know when.

  3. Linda-Sama

    Rockabilly look? really? Sadie couldn’t even carry Wanda Jackson’s bra…..

  4. Who the bleep cares what “look” you decide on? I thought switching looks like “goth”, “alternative”, “preppy”, “rockabilly”, “punk”, and therefore what crowd you hung out with went out with high school along with Molly Ringwald movies? Isn’t one of the benefits of maturity and growing older is that you don’t give a rats ass about what other people think of you as you get more comfortable in your own skin and become your own person, inside and out?

  5. Michelle

    I have met control freaks who do not have bangs like Sadie’s. I have never met someone with bangs like Sadie’s who is not a control freak.

  6. wondering

    Playing dress up is fun. What is has to do with yoga is unclear.

  7. Yoga Dude

    If Sadie is happy with her look, I am happy for her.

  8. greenpoint

    I think she’s just making fun of herself…

  9. __MikeG__

    A sign of maturity is not projecting one’s own personal bullshit on someone else based on their haircut. It’s just a haircut and doesn’t hold any deeper meaning than Ms. Nardini wanted a new look. Chill the fuck out.

    • Or, maybe not. Can I (or anyone) no longer be a fan of Ms. Nardini’s without your judgment that I am not chill enough?

      Nardini is attractive enough to sport any look she wants. Of COURSE there’s something deeper there going on. There always is …

      • __MikeG__

        Fine, have it your way. You are completely chill. You are cool as a cucumber.

        But your opinion disguised as argument that a haircut = the implied right given to yourself to make personal judgements on the character of other people is beyond ridiculous.

        If Ms. Nardini grabs an axe and hacks up a load of kids on a school bus then I will be completely on board with you about talking about her lack of character. Until then, I stand by my assertion that no one one the planet can make an accurate character judgement on another person based on a haircut.

    • Easy there, big boy. That’s EXACTLY what we’re saying. C’mon, bring yr a-game. This ain’t Elephant Journal.

  10. gross

    this is really funny. i mean, when i see the amount of time keeping up that look must take i feel tired. i get tired just thinking about a “look”.

  11. The 4th Om

    Terrific look, the black and the red, arch and sharp, except for the diamonds, because, um, what they adorn are OK, but definitely not 18 karat.

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