NIYAMA YAMA #2: Yoga Just Cuz Someone Might be a Lookin’

Look, we all know how important it is to be a part of the yoga club. And, being a part of the yoga club means showing people that you’re a part of the yoga club by doing yoga all. the. time. However, sometimes it’s best to just give the whole “Look at me” part a rest. Some moments simply require a good stretch.



Straight up. There is almost no reason to ever do this version of pasasana while hanging out at the beach. It’s awkward, it’s awful on the knees (which are being used to brace the elbow), it looks annoying, and it’s unnecessarily intense on the quads without the full-bind to make sense of the whole thing. Not to mention, if you happen to be the post-Def Jam Records version of Russel Simmons, you should really just chill a bit. I mean, you’re at the beach, man. Give it a rest. Everyone knows you like yoga.



People make a profession out of forgetting that at the end of the day we’re really just a bunch of animals. And, like animals, we like to stretch. It moistens the fascia, improves circulation, “wakes up” the body, and basically feels f’ing awesome. So, the next time you brave the China Town Bus from NYC to Philly, think before you get out and “do some yoga.” Do you really wanna be “that guy” doing a headstand on a tiny patch of grass outside Blimpy’s? The answer is no. No you don’t.


Be sure to check out our weekly yoga culture DOs and DON’Ts every Wednesday!!!


With a humble nod to VICE.


  1. loving the do’s and dont’s, keep it up!!

  2. Yoga_Dude

    What is the 1st rule of yoga club?

  3. Garuda

    Look Man, When I am under the influence of Yoga, there is no telling where or when I may need to spring into ‘Yogaction’. You know? Cocktail functions with my Wife’s colleagues, washing the car, PTA meetings, at the Marriott poolside. The first rule of Yoga Club is that because I can, everywhere is yogaville. I am sorry if you are soooo jealous, but this bird’s gotta stretch.

  4. If you think it is a stretch to practice yoga at the seashore, you should check out the photo spread in the latest Yoga Journal magazine of some lady practicing poses on her paddle board on open water.

    • voxygen

      sukha without sthira and more vrttis than you can shake a stick at – cherry pickin’ yoga!

    • Am I really that naive? I watched these “Laughing Lotus” videos on Vimeo after the feature and got through 3 before my nervous system began to completely shut down. DTF? More like WTF! In all seriousness are these videos supposed to represent actual speed, quality, and intelligence of sequencing? Or is it just a show-offy promo thing? Inspirational? Because the only thing I would feel inspired to do – as a beginner or experienced practitioner – would be to run in the opposite direction to preserve both my dignity and my rotator cuff.

  5. DTF? For real? Bramacharya now!

  6. bahahah


  7. Nick

    I love doing yoga in wierd places. Particularly basement concerts while my friend’s band is playing. Or crumbling churches, dive bars, that sort of thing. It’s harder to pull off in NYC, because even crappy venues are just too crowded to pull an Ardha Chandrasana —-> Vira 2 without putting my foot in someone.

    There’s only one thing that makes me feel awkward about doing yoga in public, and it’s being surrounded by yogis who aren’t moving much.

  8. I am always hesitant to do yoga in public not because I am shy but I just don’t want to appear as someone who is hungry for attention.. and it’s kind of weird to be doing yoga when everyone else is chilling. 😀


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