Holy Shit! YogaNation on Tour Video /// What Do I Do With All This Barf in My Mouth?

Sometimes a Babarazzi reader sends us a video so “good” we literally have to throw our undies in the wash due to all the sexual fluids pouring out of our collective genitals. The following video is one of those kinds of finds. Check it:

OMG. Where. To. Begin?!

It’s so hard, ’cause every excruciating nanosecond of this video makes me want to invent a time machine and go back and find a dinosaur to eviscerate my innards with its lizardy claws. I swear. If I pause this video at any frame I feel like I’ve just committed seppuku on my eyeballs.

One of the biggest annoyances is how character-based this whole facade is. When looked at from the perspective of selling shit, watching this video is like watching an episode of The Real World with all its “unique characters.” There’s Raghu the elder. Dana the nut job. Nardini the “rockstar.” Regelin the stick in the mud. And, Faith Hunter the…? Hmmm….

But, let’s look at the video itself.

At minute 00:09 everyone is ready to have some fun, and so they all start prancing around like a bunch of deranged Smurfs. All the while David Regelin tries to smile without having his face crack in half.

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.16.03 PM

At minute 00:12 they all start doing some cool yoga moves that totally gets the place pumping. Regelin looks serious. Raghu looks like he’s about to ask me for some change on the subway.

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.16.26 PM

At minute 00:24 Sadie makes sure everyone within a million block radius knows that she’s trying to be this weird thing called a “rockstar,” and then does this thing with her fingers and tongue which is meant to suggest that, yes, she is in fact a “rockstar.”

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.16.55 PM

Then at min 00:31 Dana somehow morphs into Joan Rivers…

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.17.10 PM

…who’s none too happy about that….


Then at min 00:38 everyone puts on these way cool matching purple tank-tops, while David Regelin keeps his smile buried deep down into his yoga shorts. Which is strange, ’cause, like, they’re all wearing matching purple shirts.

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.17.23 PM

But, then Dana livens up the scene like it’s a 1989 rave in the LES, and at minute 00:59 totally gets free and flows into her own bliss with some exceptional yoga dance moves.

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.18.18 PM

At minute 01:10 Raghu talks about some cool stuff about getting older, but some of us miss it ’cause we’re so blinded by the fact that he’s wearing a blanket

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.18.38 PM

…which, for those who don’t know, is what you wear when you are in a hardcore band, but also a Hare Krishna, like Vic from 108


…or just happen to be really into A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada….


Plus it looks baller as hellz.

At minute 01:57 Sadie totally wants us to know that this tour will not be made up of “the same old teachers,” who, I am guessing, are to be immediately replaced by this newer version of the same old teachers.

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.19.35 PM

Then at the end everyone decides to have a super cute cuddle puddle, which we can only imagine makes David Regelin want to jump out of his skin, because, unless I’m mistaken, he is once again not smiling.

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.20.09 PM

The end.


Nope. Here’s the homepage image on the website:


Since branding is all about shoving signs and signifiers as far down your grill as possible, we have the same story told once again, only this time Mr. Regelin has been placed in the center, becoming a veritable axis mundi around which space garbage must forever rotate in all its cosmic majesty. He’s also not smiling again.

And, then there’s Ragunath (AKA Ray “of Today” Cappo) who’s jump-kickin’ like it’s f’ing City Gardens in 1986….




Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

And, then there’s all the rest jumping to and fro and hither and thither convincing me that the real success of this YogaNation thing is that they were able to dissolve all of yoga into a finely ground white powder and snort it up their nose.

Oh, and did I mention that everyone, with the exception of David Regelin, is hooked up with Yama Talent? That’s interesting.


Thanks to one of our readers for forwarding this along!


  1. Linda-Sama

    I think the line “look at me, Mom” sums it all up.

  2. Garuda

    One word stood out to me when she dared utter it…”Selective”.
    I would spend more time being pithy but I spent the weekend refereeing my 11 year old’s playground social drama, as it percolated all the way up to the Principle’s office. So this video just reminds me that the playground social darwinism may be something that my Daughter won’t grow out of. Or maybe these gymnasts are satisfied with social retardation.

  3. I’m feeling a little down about the tattoo I just got.

  4. “Not your momma’s yoga” – and I’d always thought that Diamond Dallas Page had a corner on that trope.
    So the question seems now—why isn’t HE at this festival? Too populist, perhaps? Kind of what the aerobics superstars thought of the weightlifters back at the old gym in the old daze …

  5. Linda: I have a feeling they will be packed “enough.” A part of me thinks this won’t last very long for some reason. Can’t quite put my finger on it (seriously), but I think there’s something about this that will tank.

    Garuda: Your comments are always a treat to read!

    Bharat: There are so many cool tattoos you can get to cover up that new “Om” slag tag/tramp stamp.

    amphibi1yogini: You are our resident historian!

    • Garuda

      My money is on David Regalin dying from embarrassment.

      • Yeah, the “Regelin Factor” in this is interesting. What little I know of him (from his response to the NYMag article written about him, his classes, etc.) is that he’s going for this serious practitioner approach. No more goofy commercialism. So, it’s wonderful to watch how his (self)marketed personae bumps up against the totally commercial side of yoga culture.

        • Garuda

          I have a Beagle who is resistant to getting in the pool. So when I call him, he hides his eyes so I cannot see him. Regalin’s facial expression remind me of my beagle Mickey …” If I close my eyes, I am invisible”.

        • amphibi1yogini

          As much as I dislike following commercialized yoga, Regelin is one to watch. Absolutely!

          Remember what John Friend did to Iyengar Yoga? And how he now has a Denver contingent … perhaps hit Boulder – one of the epicenters of today’s commercialized yoga – a mere 30 miles away …

          And, no Elephant Journal deserves NO apology.

        • the moment already came

          I am almost positive David Regelin WAS hooked up with YAMA, once upon a time. While his name doesn’t appear on their teacher roster anymore, if you search for events, his name is on the dropdown list. So let’s not all pretend he’s like, classing up this joint or anything.

          Took me exactly one hot second of that vid to guess that DTF was at the helm of this sparklefuck.

          • Yeah, I hear ya. We just didn’t feel like fielding a million “no he isn’t with Yama Talent” emails, so we just went with what’s the latest on the site.

            And, wonderful usage of the term “sparklefuck.” We may have to “borrow” that one.

          • gross

            who cares about david regelin? he is not more interesting that most teachers out there who have been seriously teaching for over 10 years. he does have a great practice and body and he is fine, but not THAT interesting. there are plenty who are as good or better that actually can smile… its not yoga if its disconnected from what you believe in. also, he just had a kid, so im sure he’s all about getting known.

    • Once you’ve covered all those other crappy tats, you’ve acquired a….sleeve

    • Linda-Sama

      I think the phrase “dog and pony show” is quite apt here…. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_and_pony_show

      • Yes! Exactly, Linda. That’s the phrase. I need to learn more colloquialisms.

        • Linda-Sama

          a Facebook friend commented on my page after I posted this: “Hey look on the bright side. This video could be used in the California yoga case to prove definitively that there’s nothing spiritual about yoga. Psychotic, narcissistic and self-absorbed maybe, but no yamas, niyamas, samadhi or nirodha here that’s for sure.” :D:D:D yup. what he said!

      • Garuda

        On behalf of Yogis anywhere, we apologize to any and all dogs and/or ponies who may have been offended by this display.

    • amphibi1yogini

      “Linda: I have a feeling they will be packed “enough.” A part of me thinks this won’t last very long for some reason. Can’t quite put my finger on it (seriously), but I think there’s something about this that will tank.”

      Two words for why: “market saturation”

  6. Doris

    Oh goodness. The video in itself was quite something but your commentary was hysterical (and spot on!) Kind of like watching a real good episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Thanks!

  7. gross

    WOW WOW WOW. i love this write-up. i mean, this is the real world yoga style for SHURE. i wonder if they will have camera’s following them around the entire time documenting this? it would be a great idea actually. we can watch as they all hate each other and to be a fly on dana’s shoulder for all this….. priceless.

    • amphibi1yogini

      As ever, canNOT wait for the movie. This time, I’d pay – and not wait for it to be on Netflix DVD!

  8. Sadie seriously needs to get a new “signature” pose. Gene Simmons already has done the tongue-out-sign of the-beast hand gesture (plus he used to vomit blood!) to death and it’s really getting old now.
    And the music is seriously ear-rape!

  9. Dyspeptic Skeptic

    On the one hand, the mendicant in the blanket refers to the group as “master teachers”.
    Then Sadie proudly exhorts that they are “not the same old teachers”.
    Unlike the old teachers, they will present “new information”, “fresh information”, “cutting edge information”.
    How does one become a new master teacher?

    • Garuda

      Obvies…you never got the message from ‘Karate Kid’ (1984),,,or the remake of ‘Karate Kid’ (2010). It’s totally new. Yawn

  10. What's This World Coming To?

    Produced by the So You Think You Can Dance people. Maybe they are getting ready for a So You Think You Can Pose contest. These are the rotating cast of judges. David Regelin will be the Simon Cowell type. Dana and Sadie are deciding which one is the Nikki Minaj/crazy dance lady judge. Ragunath and his mother will also judge as a team. Faith Hunter to give it street cred.

    • gross

      what about Faith Hunter is street cred? she is an ex-beauty pagent girl who has been teaching less than 9 years. what kind of CRED does she have. sorry to say, but at least dana has some cred. david, raghu, and faith and sadie have NONE.

      • Faith Hunter is actually a pretty amazing person and a good teacher. She may be an ex-beauty pageant girl, but she also saw her brother die of AIDS. Is that enough street cred for you?

        • gross

          she may be an amazing person and watched her brother die of AIDS, but that doesn’t suddenly qualify her as a master teacher. that is the cred im talking about. but hey, thanks for tryin’ to do the ‘ol smack-down …

  11. What's This World Coming To?

    Also…where is Elena and Tara? Missing them. Will they be on a competing network?

  12. “New Information, Cutting edge information.” What could it be? Oh the suspense! Is God NOT dead???

  13. Namastellen

    It breaks my heart to see David Regelin with that crew (no one else surprises me). I did a workshop with him not long after the NY mag thing. The dude I met is not the guy that would do this.
    Gross, please don’t encourage Sadie anymore with cameras. Haven’t we seen enough?

    • I never heard of Regelin before so I did some reading. He actually does sound like a grounded fellow who wants something a little more serious. I also think he’s gonna bail early to be replaced either by Tara, Elena or Shuyler. I can’t see him hanging out with this lot for long lest he develops an ulcer or two.

  14. missbernklau

    You know what’s messed up? That moment when Ragu was talking about the “Mommy Look at me!” thing is probably the most “authentic” moment in that entire 3-minute advertisement/Ipecac.

  15. janecc

    Nature abhors a vacuum. Soccer mom yoga morphs from Anusara- which at least had some discernible origin story – into this smug, self satisfied mishmosh.

  16. jorge

    raghu kind of gets a pass no matter what he does, even though back in his “legit” punk days he was still just as cheesy. i dont know why, but he just gets a pass to wear a blanket and hang out with these creeps if he wants.

    i dont know the david guy, but my money is on him bailing on this “tour” sooner than later. dude looks he should have a dog shaming sign hanging off of his neck. speaking of, lets get some yoga master shaming pics up on her babs, please!!!

    snake oil selling yogis, the wholel of em!

    • T’was never a fan of the “Youth Crew” scene meself, and always felt like YOT was incredibly cheesy at time, but I agree. Somehow the ol’ git gets a pass. I mean, Shelter was pretty boss back in the day, and the man penned “Saranagati.” Straight up.

      • gross

        the fact that raghu wants to align himself w dana flynn is actually making his “pass” quickly disappear into a yoga hole….

  17. missbernklau

    Yes David looks like he doesn’t know how he got there or like he had been lied to in order to get him there. I don’t know, he just looks deeply disappointed.

  18. Thaddeus

    I’m confused…Babs could you please elaborate on Faith’s role in all this?

    Also, perhaps Sadie could take “rockstar” lessons from Raghu since he is arguably the only one who has any experience in this field. Although it does seem that his jumps have lost a little bit of their “edge,” (but maybe this is just the photoshopping).

    And, if I’m not mistaken, it appears as though Raghu has put on extra large neck beads for this performance. Maybe this is to protect him from bad association?

  19. jody

    “Yoga Nation Faculty”? FACULTY?
    pick a goddamn lane–are you a “show” full of rockstars or a teaching enterprise?

    wait. don’t answer that.

  20. If I had the time and technical ability this is what I’d do: I’d “cut and paste” a video of myself doing some asana shit in my granny undies with a tampon string hanging out, humping regelin’s leg.

  21. Trying to decide as to whether it is Yoga Posing or Posing as Yoga and reckon its both.

  22. (sigh)

    I DID NOT join Yoga Nation to make friends.

    I came here to win.

  23. The P

    I’m wondering how much money they paid some “life coach” to help them come up with the pithy tag lines for each master teacher in the credits. Of course, David Regelin refuses to play along offering the Einstein quote which is an interesting choice given the content of this predictable, completely unimaginative, been done before despite the claims, commercial offering.

    Reeks of desperation.

  24. Lalalala

    Wow! Is Ryan Seacrest involved in this project? That was one part “Fame,” one part “The Making of the Pussycat Dolls,” and one part “Kids Incorporated.”

  25. Linda-Sama


  26. Inikad

    Did Rhianna approve this message?

  27. Doris

    Watched the same video posted on youtube. 87 views in 6 days and 3 very negative comments. Perhaps there is hope.

    • Garuda

      The rolling defense of any negative commentary seems to be that the negative commentator is jealous. I think that misses the mark. I mean I watch diving for the athletic perfection. It is an event. This video just seems like David Lee Roth and Nicki Minaj started an ashram.

      • Please leave the great David Lee Roth out of this.

        • Garuda

          You’re right. I am just jealous

        • Doesn’t David Lee Roth have a black-belt in something? And speak something like 5 languages and has read the Koran, Torah and Bible a few times over? I heard Henry Rollins mention that in some interview once, I think with Howard Stern.

          • amphibi1yogini

            That polymath David Lee Roth was also a trained, working EMT paramedic in New York City …

        • Looks like DLR should join Yoga Nation even if it is to out-ninja Sadie.
          According to Rolling Stone, Roth has been living in Tokyo part-time since last year, where he is studying sword training and martial arts. And then a few days ago, this video was posted with DLR playing a hit man and features famed Japanese sumo wrestler Konishiki, a friend of Roth’s.

          • If DLR and Rangelin split off and created a hybrid of swordplay and yoga for transformational demon slaying, Sadie would be so jelly.

          • Forget this first video.
            Folks, *T*H*I*S* is how a good how-to/intro. video is done and after watching this in full, if DLR and Regelin did do some laido/yoga fusion thing, fuck it, I’d be the first one on the plane .
            What he’s saying in some ways can also apply to yoga (he even makes a joke about yoga too). Who would have guessed that he’d be a great instructor too? Way kewl.

          • Garuda

            EER. Thanks. I am retracting my reference to DLR. He is officially …SW-AWESOME

  28. novecho

    Kinda reminds me of Fonzie “Jumping the Shark” on Happy Days

  29. Chai Fan

    “Shine bright like a diamonnnnd…Shine bright like a diamonnnnd…Shine Bright like diamonnnnd”….


  30. bahaaaaaaaaa. Joan Rivers

  31. Greenpoint

    I think the joke is going to be on us as this is (has to be, must be) a parody…so any minute now they are all going to announce “Got you! You didn’t think we were serious did you???”…

    yup, any minute now…here it comes, yup (foot tapping on floor)…

  32. gross

    i just showed my roomate and she said sadie looks like she belongs in a Portlandia episode.

  33. Linda-Sama

    I sent this to a friend and he said, “So it’s kind of like the “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” of yoga: you’re kind of horrified but everyone is having a good time and with all the self importance and fragile egos in the world it’s kinda nice to see people be happy.” and he never heard of any of them!

  34. Yoga_Dude

    How does a rockstar chop wood and carry water?

  35. Seriously this is the funniest thing I have seen yet. Craptastic, reminds me of the post you did with the old Crystal Light video.

  36. Greenpoint

    it’s like watching five human beings have slowly evolving nervous breakdowns right in front of your eyes…

  37. What's This World Coming To?

    Dana and Sadie’s ancestral lineage:

  38. jules

    I’m dying. Sparklefuck is right.

    Curious, Babarazzi- do you practice with a teacher? Or do you home practice exclusively? I’m looking for some ways to avoid this BS & practice yoga seriously. I practice at home + with a small local teacher. Anything else you can recommend?

    • Me, too … excepting I do vinyasa flow but not strong enough for what would conventionally be called “challenge poses” in a physical sense … and I suspect Baba is negatory on both counts …

    • Sparklefuck


    • Jen

      I am also curious….I don’t expect an endorsement of anything or anyone in particular, but does the Babs crew have any teachers or types of yoga that they utilze on the regular? Ashtanga? Kundalini?
      Are y’all home practitioners solely or do you still enjoy going to studios?
      I ask because I respect and agree with much of what is posted on this blog, but the majority of posts are critical of specific teachers/studios and their commercialism without touching on some of the many excellent teachers out there… I understand taking a critical perspective is much needed but it would be nice to hear some positive reviews of yoga teachers or studios for those of us who are wading through the crap….

      • Hi, Jen. Our site is specifically designed to discuss yoga “culture” rather than our own personal practices. We’re not discussing teachers we don’t “like” per se, but rather those that work within the overtly commercial aspects of commercial yoga culture, and discuss how they do that. We’re kinda like “Consumer Reports” in a way. This is to say that we don’t write about teachers because we do or don’t “like” them, but rather look at what commercial yoga instructors “do” in the world of commerce, and how they commercialize their offerings.

        Personally, we could all talk AT LENGTH about specific teachers we resonate with, etc., but that is not our agenda. That said, if you read the site, you will definitely get an idea of what we gravitate toward.

        Again, and this is very important, think of the site as critiquing commerce, marketing, and branding, rather than specific people.


      • My guess is the boss Baba practices Sivananda .. something you’d never think, right?…. process of elimination (but they’d never admit) … maybe one of them is with Dharma Mittra, and another is a Strala Yoga expat …

      • silki

        The Babs is/are ashtangis. At least the voice who practices very early and doesn’t find yoga practice relaxing and made the comment about the Jois Encinitas thing and their attempt to corporatize ashtanga. And maybe the not posting on primary friday, but maybe I’ve made that up and s/he/they did. I’d put a fair amount of $ on it.

    • Hi, Jules. Well, we have a rule to not discuss our personal practices on the site so as not to promote one “style” or lineage over another. But, I will say that if you can find a teacher that you truly resonate with and trust, that that is what we suggest. Obviously, there are other options, but that’s for a longer discussion.

  39. 1. does anyone else remember gem & the holograms? (if not: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6G_o1MYECg) this is the yoga version of that.
    2. sadie nardini is turning into avril lavigne (see also: http://dayayogashala.blogspot.com/2013/05/lay-back-its-all-been-done-before.html)

  40. Jason

    This reminds me of dopey 90s comic book Gen 13–super sexy super teens rocking out with bodies!

  41. Pingback: FEELING THIS | yogagodess

  42. Just tried to show the vid to a friend. The link above says that the video is “private” and I cannot find it on YouTube, but which I mean it was not one of the vids before the scroll).

  43. Greenpoint

    we indeed have been had, can’t access the video now…

    now why would anyone do that??

  44. The P

    Video locked down .. did someone not do their homework and check the trademark status first? The plot thickens..

    • The video was taken off Youtube. Guess it wasn’t going the way they liked.

      • Garuda

        “When they burned me in effigy, my vacation was complete”~ Neil Young; Mideast Vacation

      • Tulasi-Priya

        Is this the same video? I has mad googly skillz if it is.

        • This is a new version of the video we posted. We’ll be commenting on this this week.

          • Okay, I see … they now give a more non-alienating version,- without the intellectual pretense, certainly – that will not provoke the irony (or fact-checkers’) response … particularly suitable for a Martian who has just landed here on Earth and doesn’t know “what yoga is” … either that, or they boned up on how MTV made video promos into a science …

  45. Diana Nahim

    David Regelin is a really giving, thoughtful and intuitive teacher, so a heartfelt fuck you to all the ignorant turds talkin smack about the man. You know who you are. Then again, do you?

    • Garuda

      I will see your ” Fu*k You” and I will raise you an Argument. But then again,,,who am I?

      • Garuda–this is so great. I imagine you could just …. like… project this on your forehead every time an argument was simmering or erupting.

      • (sigh)

        I memorized this Python sketch as a child. Seeing it here has made me realize that the office that the fine Mr. Palin and Mr. Cleese are sitting in…

        could be seen as practically any comment thread on the internet.

    • itstrue

      Diana, David is the biggest sell out of them all, come on! Didn’t you read his published article about not wanting to be a part of commercial yoga, and openly criticizing the “whole scene” both in New York Mag and his facebook page, and now he is joining the most commercial crowd of crazies and trying to come off as “the serious one”…… plus I personally know of major drama history between all of them.

    • gross

      he spoke for himself Diana. he spoke for himself.

  46. I am DIGGIN’ how any criticism of the ever-so clever Babarrazi has been eliminated. Ain’t you calling the kettle black with all your published negative love fest comments. Ooops, sorry, I’m not so clever. Guess my comment won’t be published.

    • We ain’t got no critical-of-the-Babarazzi comments sitting unapproved on our end (at least none that I can see). We LOVE criticism, especially if it’s funny, witty, and dirty.

      As a note, we make an attempt to email any commenter whose comment goes “unapproved” with a reason why. In most cases the email that has been provided is fake. In the past the only comments we’ve unapproved were either overtly racists, misogynistic, or (in most cases) personal attacks on people’s personal lives. Other than that, feel free to rant!

      For a short list of negative things people have said about us, please check out WHAT PEOPLE SAY. Of course, it’s a little dated, but should give you a good start. Enjoy!

    • Garuda

      On the contrary. Babs emailed me to notify me that my comment would not be published. Not because it was not pithy or brilliant,,,NO,,,only because the names were not changed to protect the innocent/absent. This just smacks of Journalistic integrity. Listen, I am as full of shit as the next guy. That being said I have never seen Babs filter commentary for the sake of self aggrandizement….Ever

    • (sigh)

      I have on several occasions openly criticized the Babarazzi on this site. My comments were approved. My comments were not taken down. In fact, the Babarazzi responded openly, intelligently and (this being the internet) with a frankly astonishing lack of sarcasm or cynicism.

      You might take a cue from that.

  47. There where comments there June 3 that aren’t there now. I didn’t note the user’s handle, pretty sure one of them was sadie nardini.

    • Ha! Joanne, I PROMISE you. Any comment by Sadie would be left to stand. I think you’ve got the wrong website. Go back in time and read some older articles when people used to actually criticize us. Read the first Yama Talent article. You’ll find many negative comments and a handful from Sadie herself.

      We don’t delete comments for any reason other than the ones I’ve mentioned above (racism, sexism, threats, personal life stuff, or in the very rare case that a commenter has been banned). We’d even keep the bad stuff up, if we didn’t think the site would eventually get shut down because of it. There is simply no reason for us to censor criticism. In all honesty, we actually enjoy it!

      –The Babarazzi Team

    • The P

      Joanne — I can be obsessive compulsive about checking the comments at times (especially during slow/boring days at work) and I certainly enjoyed this thread so my OCD was in full effect! I didn’t see any comments from Sadie showing up on this thread at any point. That would have been a big cherry on the cake of this story and something that would have stood out in my mind – full on solid gold win! I think you may be mistaken on this count. Censoring isn’t Babs’ style at all..

    • Joanne–I can’t help but pipe in and let you know that I am certain The Babarazzi did not take off any comments. I, too, obsessively pour over the comments waiting for a good critique or an old fashioned fuck you to pop up–especially from one or two of the yoga personas highlighted in this post. One of things that impresses me about this site is how thorough The Babarazzi are in responding to the comments– ESPECIALLY the negative and critical comments. I’m often…and I can’t believe I’m about to use this word…INSPIRED by the thoughtful, non-aggressive, witty, and intelligent responses they have to critical comments. They have put the time into long, drawn out dialogue threads (some with Ms. Nardini herself) and even once I think they adjusted their original stance on a particular subject, after debating it with some commenters. Frankly, I am struck by how kind “they” are when it comes down to a one-on-one exchange. I always wait with baited breath for a good punch in the gut negative comment because it can bring some interesting complexity to these odd anonymous exchanges we have here (though I do use my own name…hello, you) ! Get the word out and give us lonely lovers something to ruffle our feathers with. xoxox alex

  48. The video at the top of the page is now “Private.” What’s up with that?


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