Today is Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, and thus a very complicated day politically. However, since we The Babarazzi consider politics to be the vehicle by which people are lead to hate and distrust one another, we will have none of that today. Today we are wishing everyone who is fighting to have a day of peace. May all those who enlist in armies, and those who resist the armies they encounter, have a good meal today. May all those who go to war for fucked up reasons, idealistic reasons, awful reasons, noble reasons, somber reasons, economic reasons, idiotic reasons, and “What else am I supposed to do” reasons see something unique today.

To all those who have passed, may your souls find peaceful sanctuary.

To all those who are grieving, may you find a place for the pain.

And, to the parents…. What can we say?


Bosnian women cry at the grave of a rela




We’ll be back tomorrow.


  1. the moment already came

    Thank you

  2. I guess I was in the What else am I supposed to do category. Thank you.


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