[The Friday Good] Gour Khepa Das Baul Singing Mad Spirit

Gour Khepa Das Baul sings about being mad for God-Love. The difference between him…

and “the rest“…

is that Gour Khepa Das Baul may actually be mad for God-Love. Like, forget where you left your teeth mad. And, for that we dub him this weeks’ Friday Good.

Not to mention, he’s about as “experimental” as it gets. If he was from America and had a hipster mustache he’d be getting profiled in VICE magazine and be dating an eighteen-year-old art student at RISD. Being all ironic and whatnot….

Thankfully, he’s semi-hidden in the small Indian college town of Shantiniketan sing-talking about pissing in the curry of those who do not enjoy monster tokes from the blessed herb….

He’s also straight up old-school. Here he is at the JaiDev Mela in ’86….

And, here’s a pic of him being all sinister while surrounded by a bunch of long-haired French(?) pale faces….

Also, if anyone can translate, he mentions Bob Dylan and Bob Marley in the very beginning of this video. Would love to know where he’s going with that….

Enjoy, my lovelies!


  1. Linda-Sama

    nice. I was in Shantiniketan two years ago….thanks for the good memories!

  2. Hmmm… Maybe we crossed paths….

  3. love it. gave me a nice hit of shakti pat. i will miss you over the weekend. and, by the way, I’m too lazy to make this comment under the appropriate post, but I want you to know I keep thinking fondly of the demon that you mentioned living in the folds of my intestines. x

  4. jim

    if this guy was American, you’d be fussing about his fat watch and camera mugging, how attached he is to his weed, how he can’t get get himself matches to smoke weed, and of course, smoking weed with kids in the room

  5. vesha

    i go peepee in your food, gimme drugs!

  6. vesha

    i got more peepee in your food! gimme more drugs!

  7. tiryak gati

    Bauls… have sat with… I can dig.

  8. anindyaroy

    I’m sorry to inform all the viewers of this VDO that this colourfull man “Gour Khepa” was expired today ( 27-01-2013) at 12:38 pm in SSKM Hospital ; Kolkata ; West Bengal. He was get an car accident on 22nd Jan in IlamBazar in Birbhum at the time of return from Shantiniketon & shifted to SSKM Hospital ; Kolkata. But today his “Achin Pakhi” (soul) meets with his “Moner Manush Alek Sai ” (The Holy Devine ” ). Please Pray for his family. As as per Lalon ” MANOB JONOME SOB AGO SUNYO POREO SUNYO”

  9. I hope that’s not true, but traffic in India being what it is, it could be.


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