This Guy Has Got to Fuck the Universe on the Daily

You know the deal. Watch this first:

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 9.27.34 PM

First, let’s just ignore the fact that this is called “Outlaw Yoga.” People make mistakes, and that’s OK. But, damn, right?! Like, did I just get third eye fucked by the most ultimate bro in yoga? I hope so, ’cause I’m into this guy.

Now, now. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Hey, you can’t be into him! He’s just some Bryan Kest-type dude who probably gazes way longer than anyone should.”

To this I say, “Pshaw….” Personally, I think this is a classic case where the message is overtaken by the messenger. Like, I’m pickin’ up whatever this dude is puttin’ down. I like “funnels.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 7.44.04 PM

I like seeing tattoos on people. I like beads. And, although I hate scenarios where I’m forced to “mingle” with people I don’t know…

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 7.38.48 PM

…I like the *idea* of making people challenge their social comfort zones…

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 7.39.26 PM

…by forcing people to mingle with people they don’t know….

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 7.39.10 PM

All that, including references to tunnels, is included here.

Now, would I take his yoga class? Hellllllllz no. I get the feeling that yoga classes with this dude are almost entirely based on his mood for the day, and something tells me that shits swings with the wind.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 7.38.09 PM

Nevertheless, it does look like a yoga class of the outlaw variety comes complete with some sweaty…

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 7.45.49 PM


Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 7.46.08 PM


Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 7.45.18 PM


Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 7.46.25 PM

…”heart assists.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 7.47.38 PM

And, before you get all judgey, remember: You’ve done that hand to heart thing before.

Anyway, I like this video so much I’m proposing we put it in that elite group of videos that can only be called, “Camp Travis Elliot.” Awww, remember him? Travis Elliot? Let’s just take a peek back in Babs history…

And, yes, that was a wizard at min 1:06.

Good times….


Thanks to one of our readers for the tip.


  1. Yoga_Dude

    Tuesday never started out so good! Thank you.

  2. amphibi1yogini

    Consequentialism … but worse.
    If ever there were the male Sadie Nardini … the world is welcome to him.
    It’s actually a hoot to watch this video, though …

  3. Mellie

    did this dude just say “there’s only one rule here, when one person claps, everyone claps”? I hope so, cos I thought I heard “there’s just one rule here, when one person gets the clap everyone gets the clap”?

  4. I would take his class just for the sheer outlaw nature of it – probably only once – memorable I’m sure

  5. the moment already came

    Holy Shit, Bryan:
    “Jump back, like there’s an old lady living underneath you.”
    I am using that. In. Every. Class.
    Don’t collapse in chaturanga kids, or you’ll end up humping a grandma.

  6. Linda

    This guy reminds me of John Pope on Falling Skies ……

    Badass and hot.

  7. The P

    This is hilarious. I watched it three times and definitely feel like I need a shower (and maybe some antibiotics)..

    • What's This World Coming To?

      Thanks The P…I was thinking the same thing. Especially after those little neck massages. Creeped me out big-time.

  8. Garuda

    I Quit Yoga

  9. Mike

    With all that ink I’m guessing his classes are pretty full. Tats don’t come cheap!!!

  10. What I find weird is that I cannot find anything out about this guy’s training on or on his EJ bio. Maybe it is on his FB page but I don’t like FB. How about some humility? The people that I consider to be most sincerely on a spiritual path (for lack of a better term) all literally and figuratively bow at the feet of their teachers and recognize that any grace they have comes from somewhere else. It helps it from becoming a cult of personality. But this dude seems pretty into creating a cult of personality and not so much into a spiritual path. The spiritual bit seems to be a prop for him.

  11. Travis’ obsession with Gandalf and LOTR is cute, he would have scored higher authenticity points if he had a brown sadhu there instead.
    I’d be intrigued to know the story behind Justin’s tats, especially the one on his left chest. It reminds me strongly of the mystical drawings of Alma Rumball.

  12. Had we done our research, we would have referred to this piece by the Outlaw founder over and over and over and over again:

    To quote: “I was indirectly accused of not being very ‘sattvic’ because I like to party with some suds after a class from time to time…. Now, I’ll admit that I had to look it up. Truth be told, I don’t have a fluency or even much of an affinity for all the fancy ‘sandscrpit’ that’s spoken in more traditional classes. Turns out I was being accused of being impure, of spreading spiritual disease through the dissemination of beer following practice.”


    “Here’s my truth:

    >> I like to drink beer.

    >> I like to smoke weed.

    >> And I like to eat pus… I mean, pork. I like to eat pork.”

    Great stuff!

    • Him and Sadie should get together, do their thing as a team. Would pay to see the movie, would upgrade my cable to get the reality series!

      • amphibi1yogini

        Notice, I did NOT say the Veria Living yoga fitness show … but, actually the reality series … those two are CHARACTERS!

    • Garuda

      Yeah Dude???You have TRUTH?
      Here is my truthiness:
      >> I like to enjoy a beer with friends too, not treat alcohol as an idol or some kind of Pus… lubricant.
      >>I like to breathe air.
      >> I like to not project my life onto others, certainly not students, then call myself a rebel because it works to get me laid.

  13. jorge

    what a fine way to start the day. its been so long since anyone has come anywhere near the greatness of travis. looks like we got the Hank III of yoga here!!!! ‘when suds and buds are outlawed after yoga, only outlaw yogis will have suds and buds’. dude better do some classes at folsom state prison if he wants to get real legit.

    ”I get the feeling that yoga classes with this dude are almost entirely based on his mood for the day, and something tells me that shits swings with the wind.”

    will someone in dfenver please go take his class and report back!?

    oh, what a treat.

    • amphibi1yogini

      I always had a statement about classes with one particular male yoga teacher, such as what you described, around the yoga studio I used to go to–“that teacher teaches a class each day, ‘according to the whim of the Chef’ ” [referring to what they’d say on the menus of regionally-known restaurants …] .. it drew a wince from the owner (But WHY?–that string bean was and is, the one non-food-phobic head yogi still around there]

  14. Thaddeus

    Hey Babs…

    First, I want to thank you to turning me onto Justin “Outlaw” and for re-sharing Travis. Both are excellent role models for me.

    Now, for the really good news, Justin is coming to Denver Rocks the Park (my hometown) and guess who’s got two thumbs and is going to be there. That’s right…this guy!

    And rather than regal you second hand with Justin’s many accolades, I will simply provide you his bio.

    “Justin is a recently reformed meat-head and obstinate amateur cage fighter. He brings a lifetime of travel and world’s worth of experience in battling the ego to the yoga community. A writer, painter, and treasure hunter, he infuses a creativity and perseverance to the yoga studio, along with a distinct lightness.
    Justin has served youth populations in warring cities and hunted for treasure in fractious jungle environments. He has dribbled basketballs in the Himalayas and saluted the sun on Pacific beaches. He counts his tattoos in number of hours. Justin always strives to do what is right.”

    The highlights for me include, “obstinate amateur cage fighter” and “tattoos counted in hours.” This might explain why your third eye feels so violated this morning.

    Okay, who am I fucking kidding, the whole thing is simply amazing. I mean, seriously, this dude has taken yoga to the youth in war-torn cities basically saying, “Hey, suck it Off the Mat/Into the World.” And, as if this wasn’t amazing enough, he’s gone treasure hunting in “fractious” jungles. I don’t even know what the hell that means, except that he is way cooler than all of us.

    I am absolutely giddy beside myself with excitement to find out what type of guy travels to the Himalayas with a freakin’ basketball! I would be happy to offer my services as an “on-the-ground” correspondent for the Babarazzi readership. I mean, inquiring minds want to know, right?

    • “I am absolutely giddy beside myself with excitement to find out what type of guy travels to the Himalayas with a freakin’ basketball!”

      Hey, jumpers don’t get better on their own. You know that.

  15. Linda-Sama

    that “massage-y” technique could be a huge trigger for trauma survivors. if any would even go to his class.

  16. Gozer the Gozerian

    I’m in an office environment right now, and could not watch this with the sound, but I felt as if I was watching the Rex Kwon Do commercial from Napoleon Dynamite.

  17. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You For Reminding Me Why I Follow-You, Laughing Is Good For The SOUL, and “I AM” So Cracking Up With The Narrative Of This Piece.

    The Energy Is Cool, and I Immediately Got This Was A West Coast Gig, Me Judging, Yes, No Doubt. In Any Case, Hilarious ” Like, I’m pickin’ up whatever this dude is puttin’ down. I like “funnels.” OMG, LOL : o )

    Thank You and Keep Having A Great Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Formula for Success: Under 45; at least a half-dozen tattoos, preferably of Indian deities and/or Sanskrit script; if male, long hair; if female, choppy bangs or very short hair; mala beads de riguer; “new” yoga teacher voice = screaming over too loud music; trademarked name; heaps of “cooler than you” attitude to draw the lambs to the slaughter; heated space; etc….

    I’m with Garuda, if this is yoga, where is my cave?

    Babs, you are an earnest historian of yoga. Is there any historical precedence for THIS? I mean…yoga becoming Yoga™ instead of just yoga, that the message gets diluted and the messenger becomes all important, that following the “teacher” trumps following your own voice….etc etc **tears**

    ps: at the finger-waving to the obvs noob to come mingle with the others, i threw up in my mouth a bit…I’ll handle the breaking out of social norms or boundaries on my own time, thanks. Not in the mood for that shit when I go to class! especially not with that come-hither look dude has down pat…

  19. Lalalala

    He’s so Faustian. From his blog: “I know the truth because I know the price of lies.” I had a one night stand with him, or someone just like him, in 1994.

  20. itstrue

    I dig this guy, all of him, just like Travis. They are so perfectly true to themselves. There is something about this outlaw and travis that makes me want to hold them close to my ample bosoms. Also, his blog is awesome and smart and I wouldn’t mind if he funneled me from behind in a down dog.

  21. the moment already came

    Pubes sticking out of board shorts around 1:45. Outlaws don’t trim that shit. Count me in. Moving to Colorado.

  22. Garuda

    Yoga Rebel aint got nothin on this dude

  23. “We are a growing contemporary yoga community and clothing line.”


    Babs, you’ve got feet of clay, after all. 😦

  24. Doris

    I’m seeing a lot of emphasis lately (like from this sweaty schmuck) on “you’ve got to go to THE STUDIO”, Whatever it takes, GET YOURSELF TO A STUDIO.” Although I agree that getting proper instruction and support is vitally important with yoga (although there’s many a “studio” or instructor that cannot give students good instruction or support), it seems that students are oftentimes overtly or covertly discouraged from practicing yoga in their own home or on their own time. I suspect that for some, this is an attempt to create a dependence on the teacher. I was blessed to have as my 1st yoga teacher a guy who encouraged and even insisted that we do yoga primarily at home. His goal was for us to eventually leave and do yoga with confidence on our own. If we wanted to come back for added direction or a refresher, fine, but that was never pushed.

    • amphibi1yogini

      Oh, yeah … maybe they are afraid not only would you not need them, but that – should they ever make the big time, you could not pass on whatever their “mantle” is … nothing like incestuous/homegrown yoga studio-mostly training/teacher training/upsales/workshop/retreat attendance to keep the ball rolling … for generations of trainers/trained … even the cross-pollination of multiple teacher trainings is preferable, because then they know someone else has done operant conditioning on the student … and succeeded.

  25. Dude… that travis elliot video… at minute 1:34 if you mute the sound and play this

    it matches up so well…. kinda makes me love T.E. the same way I loved uncle jesse….
    travis elliot #winning #forever #original outlaw yogi


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