[The Friday Good] Maty Ezraty Giving an Assist


Maty Ezraty….

The woman oozes equal parts strength, humility, authenticity, tradition, and general all around bad-ass-ness.

The look on her face alone, is enough to make her our first “Friday Good.”


Have a grand weekend.


[Ed.: Every Friday we plan on sending you off into the debaucherous flurry that is the weekend with an image or story or something we can’t think of right now that speaks to that inner *yes* of yoga. Sometimes it’ll be profound. Other times it’ll be enlightening. Other times it’ll be more like, “Huh. really? I don’t get it” Either way it’ll always be “The Friday Good.” Also, the lead-in image on the homepage will be something rather pleasant. Some Fridays it’ll be a chihuahua puppy.]

Note: The Friday Good is not an *endorsement* of any one person or tradition, but rather a weekend send-off of something that just feels really right. Enjoy!


  1. JJ

    Where is the lube?

  2. Gorgeous shot. You all have a great weekend too.

  3. Donna

    Ah Maty–a great great great teacher. I am one of those holdouts who rarely if ever uses music in my classes. When asked what my playlist is like by the younger teachers in my studio– I think of what Maty said once to me– if you use music to teach no one gets to really think too hard. May I nominate Alex Auder for the next Friday good. I have never met her– but in reading about her (and her posts here) she sounds like a east coast version of me (but better looking and more knowledgeable of course)


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