Who Cares About Cheap Marketing Ploys that Appeal to Spiritual Dabblers Anyway??? /// prAna Clothing Goes for It Again!

Look, we know there are a lot of cynical purists out there who think companies that yoga bleach their products in order to appeal to yoga practitioners are cheap. We know a lot of you feel that when a company uses the mystically-impregnated language of transcendental religion and spirituality that they have the potential of draining potent word-signs of their power. We get it.

But, I mean, come on!!! No matter where you stand on the bleach debate, everyone can agree that liberating your self from the vicious cycle of samsara requires a perfect pair of stretch pants. And, thankfully, prAna has got our back with the “Satori Legging.”

Satori…. It’s a strange word that, depending on which school of Zen Buddhism you’re hanging around, can generally refer to enlightenment, the path toward enlightenment, or simply a glimpse of enlightenment. Apparently, it can also mean “active casual.”

As you can see, the Satori Legging features a snug fit with just enough room to bust out that killer extreme Warrior II. In the picture above we actually see both the Satori Legging, as well as prAna’s Sherpa Crew pullover sweater. Which is great, ’cause, as everyone knows, Sherpas, who, funny enough, represent an entire ethic classification of living breathing humans, frickin’ LOVE sweaters.

In the picture above we see prAna’s signature line of “Yes, Mr. European Climber. Of course I will help you climb Mt. Everest” wool knit cardigans. They come in “espresso,” “eggplant,” and “cultural appropriation.”

One of the most amazing things about the Satori Legging is that while you’re busy riding your magic carpet along every “Follow Your Misinterpreted Bliss” rainbow you can latch onto (poor Joseph Campbell), the leggings will still cover your junk due to their strategically placed “ass veil.”

That’s right. Satori Leggings are all about humility and helping obscure the lady lumps for those people who still don’t feel comfortable post-samadhi showing off every crease in their butt-flesh. After all, these ain’t no “casual encounter” Criagslist yoga pants…

Oh, no. These Satori Leggings are about modesty and should be worn only by those women (and men) engaged in seriously righteous activities.

Like this guy….

But, what does he know? He’s probably been there all day starving his non-dualist ass off not-thinking about how you don’t need a cave in order to practice yoga.

Silly bugger. Little did he know that all he needed was a killer playlist and a hula hoop.


  1. Yoga Dude

    They come in “espresso,” “eggplant,” and “cultural appropriation.”

    Brilliant. Thank you.

  2. Greenpoint

    not a fan of the “ass veil”, seems pointless really…and why is the “pullover” sweater “falling off” her shoulders? seems like an oxymoron to me…and why is that every time I see a picture of real human beings (aka Sherpas above) I feel like dropping everything and moving into a cave?

  3. “If you want to destroy my sweater, hold this thread as I walk away.” – Weezer

  4. I’m working with Prana on Satori’s less-modest-sister legging: The Pu-See. It is $10 cheaper as it has slightly less material due to the diamond shaped opening at the crotch seam.

  5. “…everyone can agree that liberating your self from the vicious cycle of samsara requires a perfect pair of stretch pants”….If only more of us really excepted this truth, people would probably be “ascending” right and left!! Haha!! The perfect yoga pant is contingent on our ascension process, duuuuh!!….love it, that was my favorite part!

  6. Babs, only you could come up with a post which includes a Craig’s List casual encounter booty photo with Japanese Zen monks and Tibetan Sherpas- Brava!

  7. Be Scofield

    You should get some Moksha Lifestyle Products to go along with those Satori pants. http://www.mokshalifestyle.com/

  8. gensho

    Having done takahatsu(begging-rounds) in Japan, I appreciate your including a photo. Begging for your needs is a most powerful activity – everything I took for granted regarding what I ‘deserved’, within and without was exposed. You really experience a direct connection to the ancient practise of begging in India. Much more likely to induce satori than a pair of leggings.
    I imagine the manufacturers appropriating the term ‘satori’ as a reference to the feel of the fabric, in other words lacking insight on the chain of mental events they immediately project karmic emotions and memory on the sensation of fabric on the skin. In modern culture, the term satori is reduced to referring to feeling good.
    Going back to takahatsu, it is a direct way to liberate both oneself and others (from whom one begs) of attachment to material comfort, and an appreciation of this life in this moment. Again, sadly, the very experience appropriated by greedy people who are not willing to let themselves directly experience life and instead impose an almost-invisible film of karmic residue between their consciousness and their experience.
    I’ll end by saying I enjoy your site and keep letting the emporer know about his wardrobe!

  9. you had me at Ass Veil….


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