[GOOD] New “Urban Yogis” Series /// Stern, Chopra, Brand, Simmons, Moby, Assadi, and Kids Being Awesome

Like seemingly every other NY’er who practices yoga, we caught this yesterday morning. Thanks to the many readers who sent it our way:

Hard to go wrong there. You’ve got NYC’s semi-hidden gem, Eddie Stern, being awesome as usual; Russell Brand rocking the filthiest cockney known to humanity; kids with family lives more messed up than yours being cool; Shadows on the Path author and all-around bro, Abdi Assadi, training in an apartment to level yr ass if need be; Moby being soft like Care Bear; Deepak Chopra struggling into downward dog, which is kinda strange to see; Russell Simmons once again being asked to say stuff about yoga for some reason; and good ol’ fashion yogasana being presented in a crisp clear “just do yr practice and stop being a tool” kinda way….

We say, yes and please.

PS– Isn’t it weird how these sorts of things feel kinda different without all the “I’m gonna save Africa” vibe thrown in? Kinda feels…I don’t know…genuine?


  1. amphibi1yogini

    Of course. Charity begins in your own backyard, where there are plenty of poor, suffering people.

    Charity does not begin when you step off the airplane on some eco-tour.

  2. amphibi1yogini

    Besides, not all of us can itemize that eco-tour on our taxes … Also, unlike what Seane Corn has exhorted in her videos … WHO makes $74,000 a year on average?

    Many more don’t practice yoga in a studio than do. So get your numbers from the majority, not the 5%, Seane!

  3. Chai Fan

    And no one comparing themselves to Ghandi…refreshing!

  4. I wonder sometimes if the people who travel far away to help “others” do so because there is less danger that those “others” will follow them home on the subway or turn up on their doorstep.

    Three cheers for those who are helping in their own neighborhoods, towns, cities, communities!

  5. Nah, I don’t think most of them grew up poor enough to be that scared. And, in truth, Seane Corn does help (domestic to the U.S., local) rape and domestic violence victims. But she’s also out to exploit a demonstrably upscale market of those who grew up being neither the personal recipients nor personal donors of charity. [Aside from Chelsea Roff, who is a whole other case … and a statistical outlier (in every sense of the word) …]

    All this has its own type of merit; but something doesn’t compute when (when I used to go) on Facebook and some African Yoga retreat was showing up in my sidebar all the time …

  6. Yoga Whelp

    After watching this video interview, it’s clear that Deepak Chopra has become a perfect example of how yoga can destroy your brain and your motor functions. He’s barely sentient. Thanks for an intimate portrait of Chopra-Sell. Tara should give him a refund.

  7. gross

    that moment at the end when eddie gives the prayer is priceless. def don’t need russell simmons opinion on yoga ever again.

  8. the moment already came

    it’s like the antidote to Rock Your Yoga

  9. Yoga Whelp

    So yoga bleaching occurs through yoga publicity events. false yoga wellness claims, and pseudo yoga product development and marketing – but not through incestuous family vanity projects sponsored by America’s most notorious Buddha lounge lizard?

    The idea that we’re suddenly getting “real” here is what Joe Biden would call ‘MALARKEY.”

    Let’s see, I have a nickel. Should I make a wish and toss it in the Chopra Well — or wait til I have my own Infinity Pool? This could ruin my weekend.

  10. amphibi1yogini

    The Axis powers comprise the boundaries that must not be tampered with. Deepak-Tara-Dharma Mittra …

    Just kidding …

    No, any glimmer of right intention and local outreach, however faint, is good …


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