New Yoga Journal Cover Makes Love to Number-Heavy Sell Lines

If you’ve ever worked in publishing you know that one of the cheapest ways to sell a magazine is to litter the cover with numbers. “Ten ways to keep your man.” “Four ways to give yourself a three-hour orgasm.” “Sixteen ways to embarrass yourself at a hipster party in Bushwick.” (Answer: attend).

Usually, magazines that attempt to be “serious” or “respected” in nature will use this approach sparingly. Clearly, that’s soooo not what Yoga Journal is all about:

“8 essential poses to do every day”
“16 poses to find calm in a busy life”
“5 moves to feel refreshed and renewed”
“7 tips for inner happiness”

36 reasons to ignore Yoga Journal

And, just to put it all in perspective, YJ has even out-numbered some of the worst offenders. Well done YJ!


  1. Yoga Dude

    Using a Kardashian as a leader/teaser. That in and of itself is the harshest commentary of all.

    thank you.

  2. Yoga Whelp

    “Downsizing the Sutras in Today’s Recession: Do We Really Need All 8 Limbs?”

  3. Greenpoint

    Looking at those covers has given me a massive headache…

    Quick, give me 8 yoga poses guaranteed to reduce brain pain!

  4. gross

    i love yoga journal and all those numbers have me dancing. joke.

    • The Babarazzi

      Thanks for clarifying. For a second I thought you were serious, which is fine if you were, but I can never tell with you, gross.

  5. Mahangun Kaur

    From the folks who bring us the cardio-boosting fitness challenge! :

    Really? For my fitness challenge, I’ll stick with tabata drills and weight-training…. that’s not why I do yoga.

  6. Yoga Observer

    No 108?


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