The Last YouTube Video You Will Ever Need to Watch /// “Masculinity” as You Always Wanted to See It

Last week ended with an article on Sadie Nardini’s new (now defunct?) Rockabilly look and a very cursory discussion of the outer-reflects-inner trope as it relates to the clothes you wear in the big bad dog-eat-dog world. During the illustrious commentary that ensued I was indirectly reminded by Matthew Remski—who in my own personal pantheon I sometimes refer to as Mnemosyne, goddess of memory—of my own swinging door policy with regards to insides influencing outsides and outsides influencing insides. I’m sure you know the deal: Food choices influencing the quality of stools and the quality of stools influencing food choices. That sort of thang.

But then, in a magical twist of fate, NYC biker dad and meditation guide, Harshada Wagner, passed along this lil’ bit of “Warriors of Goja” gloriousness that got me jazzed about the embracing of dualistic stereotypes, in this case, of the specifically masculine variety.

Are you ready? ‘Cause this…is…awesome:

Now, I don’t love relying on masculine-feminine binaries as a way of organizing/interpreting/framing the world, but I’ll go there from time to time if the light is juuuuust right. And, frankly, this is just some male shit right here. Breaking stuff. Yelling. Ripping off shirts. Bloody frickin’ noses. King Khalsa Lions running around like nuts smacking themselves in the face. Shit is stone cold M.A.N.

Unlike those stuffy non-dualists (most of whom seem to be of the comfortably male persuasion), I’ve grown up and come to accept (and embrace the fact that) dualism has its place. For me, dualisms are the stewards of the All-and-Nothing, the ones “employed in a large household or estate to manage domestic concerns.” They’re the grunt workers, the unrefined representatives of “It.” They’re doers. They get things done. They’re spark generators. Rock-meets-rock, and all that. It’s nice to have some dualism around when you wanna jump out from behind a bush and scare a loved one, or merge into the all encompassing infinite.

So, when you watch the above, it’s cool if you veer off the non-dualism bandwagon and feel a little something about this one-sided display of the masculine man-ness. I mean, if ever there was a reason to get all damn! about “males,” the above video is probably a good one.


  1. Woah! There’s some serious badassery going on here! Punjab meets the Shaolin monks!

  2. Old tricks on steroids done amazingly well and at high speed! Crazy like foxes, you can tell, all they suffered were some cuts and scrapes.

  3. Yoga Whelp

    I always wondered what Milli Vanilli’s cousins in India were up to!! Now I know. They obviously toned down the circus act for American consumption, and added some formal dance choreography

    I think I prefer the Old Country version, though. Thanks.

  4. Absolutely.

    Especially 6:25- 6:30

  5. Leslie

    I don’t think Indian Randy was very impressed.

  6. __MikeG__

    Can we stop with the fertilization of Indian culture now? Indians are just as nuts as everybody else.

  7. oh my god.
    after that hodgepodge insanity i can’t even compose my thoughts coherently so I’m just gonna blurt a bunch of stuff
    compared to the extreme smashing and hammering and hardcore hurt, they’re making ripping a shirt look way too serious and difficult
    the 21st century sanyasi’s in a cave; “nothing says I am not this body” like running a CAR OVER YOUR LUMBAR and a MOTORCYCLE OVER YOUR HEAD
    I know the vedas mentions that women are less intelligent somewhere among the multitudes of texts but, you know, shit changes…..

    thanks for the laugh. i love physical idiocy, and the judges’ reactions were some straight up Bollywood drama faces. :O


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