[THE FRIDAY GOOD] The Singing of Today, December 21, 2012 /// PLUS: Song(Kirtan?)-Wala Daniel Higgs

First, watch this…

And, now I say this:

Happy Apocalypse Day, everyone. A day in honor of the fact that no one ever really knows what the hell is about to happen.

All hail the Unknown!


But, what really is today? Is it the apocalypse? Perhaps. Is it a paradigm shift? Could be. Is it a day like any other? Depends how you view the any other. What we can say is this:

Today is a day when cynics may bathe in their indirect expressions of pent up aggression and heart break.


Today is a day when believers in the literal end may be forced to create new and exciting ways to interpret their newly prolonged lifespan.

01 Daniel Higgs- Artist Music Journal edition 3 _900

Today is a day when dreamers and fascinators may find themselves marveling at the chaos that is The Great Inevitable Hum of Life.


Today is a day when New Age positivists may finally be able to take that “think it into being” to the next level, since, obviously, they felt the shift.

02 Daniel Higgs- Artist Music Journal edition 3 _900

Today is a day when self-proclaimed rationalists will feel even more certain about their faux-certainty and put pillows under pillows under pillows in order to prop up its propping head.


No matter what, today people will be people, eviscerated by love, hate, jealousy, fear, hope, or the actual imploding of the Earth’s core. Each one trying to figure it out, trying to make some sense out of the senseless, trying to create a way to accept their own inevitable death.


It’s a day of internal soirees.

Rejoice! You are not necessarily not not alone! Sing the day. Sing the day. Sing the day.


All images by Daniel Arcus Incus Ululat Higgs, Interdimensional Song-Seamstress and Corpse-Dancer of the Mystic Crags.


  1. Yoga_Dude

    I bid all Babarazzi readers a happy end of the Mayan long count calendar day. May your last practice be your best practice – whatever that means to you.

    And if you are in blizzard country, be safe!

  2. Awesome art. Thanks and happy holydayz.

    Also, thanks for the last post on ‘taking it slow’ and doing the work. So necessary and I hope it was heard even thought its not as ‘controversial’ as other posts/topics.

    Glad you’re voice is expressing!

  3. Ugh your** not you’re.
    Pet peeve

  4. Garuda

    Cleaning the carpets for Armageddon….Oh yeah and Christmas.

  5. Gorgeous post. I offer you head to be: severed, crowned, boiled, kissed, put on a stick, used as a mask. Xxoxo

  6. Woops : I meant to say: I offer you MY head. But I guess ” I offer you head ” kind of works too… Sorta maybe

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  8. Yoga Whelp

    “Today is a day when believers in the literal end may be forced to create new and exciting ways to interpret their newly prolonged lifespan.”

    How prescient. I just scheduled my colonoscopy!

  9. jorge

    ooooo…..thanks for the new tunes, liking this dudestress a lot. gotta pick his album up before the sun sets the lot of us.

  10. Yoga Whelp

    I like this guy. Actually, he reminds me quite a bit of the old Bay Area Buddha, Jerry Garcia. That is, if Garcia had never done LSD and heroin, and didn’t have that Happy Smack look. In his early days, though, Garcia often played banjo and just sang old Jug Band songs.

  11. I really gotta say again that today’s post is such sweet poetry. I must admit that I read it during savasana today for my apocalypse class. It was a great hit. Bonne nuit, fete des beaux reves.

  12. I had Daniel play at my studio a few years ago. Stellar Om Source opened for him. It was great. I got in some trouble with my landlord, but it was well worth it.


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