NIYAMA YAMA #4: Butt Talkin’

This is pretty straight forward. It’s a Yoga Culture DOs & DON’Ts about butts.



When a female baboon wishes to court a male, she will “present” the male with a juicy pair of swollen buttocks. What female baboons don’t do is cover their puffy red bum cheeks with a pair of black yoga pants that they then cover again with a chincy crocheted mini skirt suitable only for catching felted crawfish in a lake made of silly string. Pick a trend, sister!



One of the most uncomfortable experiences a kid can have is watching his otherwise conservative father sneak a peek at some tail walking down Pier 11 in the NYC. Then again, conservative dads usually have a very good reason for breaking out of character, and it would be wise to heed their gaze.


Be sure to check out our weekly yoga culture DOs and DON’Ts every Wednesday!!!


With a humble nod to VICE.


  1. Yoga_Dude

    Wednesdays have become more enlightening. Thank you!

  2. Garuda

    I guess its no diff between noticing a prominent posterior, and my Wife’s seeming obsession with Ryan Reynolds. We are married, not dead.

  3. Steatopygia … and probablly born with it, too!

    These kinds of tushes were in in the disco era …

  4. Wow, I thought the agori practiced with all their business hanging out. I hope that does not attract any involuntary attention.Sometimes its hard to tell indoors if the dang thing is sheer. You saved yourself the trouble of putting that black streak on their faces like in those lady fashion magazines.

  5. Nick

    I think her skirt is super cute.

  6. Greenpoint

    well it’s about time we started payin’ more attention to women’s butts around here…

    • Yeah, why let elephant journal have all the fun? … umm, I have a morbid fascination with them if they appear on a white girl … and that’s what they like to post.

      Not people to whom these butts come a little more … shall we say … naturally …

  7. Baba, for twenty years I’ve been hearing that NIYAMA is the DOs (DO be clean DO be peaceful, etc.), and the YAMAS are the DON’TS (DON’T be violent, etc.). Wikipedia confirms it. Please do the needful.


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