Another “Wanna Make More Money and Be a Big Shot Yoga Teacher?” Video /// These Will Probably Not Age Very Well

This video from Anusara resignee, Amy Ippoliti, discusses how to become a big time, hot shot, everyone wants to yank your jock, yoga instructor. It’s also designed to get the part of your brain that constantly says, “I wish everyone liked me,” to tell the part of your brain that doesn’t give a crap to shut the f’ up.


Soooo…. Basically…. The secret to being a popular yoga instructor is to practice yoga and rub a genie lamp.

If you stop for a moment and listen to the language at the beginning of this video, and remember that it’s describing yoga, it all just sounds so ridiculous. Under the pretense of helping you become financially stable, this video fishes for people who really just want to be popular. Basically, this is a video about how to become liked by people, and has almost nothing to do with teaching yoga. If it did have something to do with teaching yoga, it would just sound so very off….

  • Imagine being totally fired up!!!! to teach some people how to align their knee over their middle toe.
  • Imagine walking into a room where people tend to practice rotating their hip in order to allow for more length in the side body, and there’s, like, a line of people waiting to get in!!!!
  • Imagine when you sit down in a small informal circle to discuss how certain asanas might facilitate a deeper sense of center there’s a huge group of people sitting there waiting!!!!
  • Imagine after instructing people on how to practice yoga you’re talking to Bill about how he might maintain his practice while traveling next week and a bunch of students come running up to you saying, “Oh my god! That was the best instruction on how to practice yoga ever!!!!
  • Imagine being in an imaginary dressing room, because small local studios rarely have them, and the people you just taught the teachings of yoga to are raving, “Wow I feel so sparkly right now!!!!” Imagine you actually put stock in that! Imagine how unfortunate that would be.

Maybe it’s time to stop imagining.

Also, PS—If you’re a yoga instructor out there and you need to be told to prioritize practicing yoga every day, than you don’t deserve to watch even Amy Ippoliti tell you to do so. Find a new hobby. You’re dangerous.


Thanks to one of our readers for forwarding this along.


  1. Pranama Red

    I get your POV. However, I don’t believe there is anything inherently wrong with wanting to be popular as long as that is not the priority and rather just a byproduct of your being a great teacher. I believe that was the intention on Amy’s part.

  2. Yoga Dude

    Her eyes keep drifting off to her left. Her teleprompter feng shui needs work.

    At least she didn’t open with “Namaste!”

  3. Itstrue

    I think I just puked in my own mouth watching this video. it’s such an ego feed! Yes, please, I also want to be the most popular kid at school!!!!!
    Also, as you say, if you have to be TOLD to practice yoga and you are a Yoga teacher, you do not deserve the privilege of teaching at all!

  4. Greenpoint

    my question is, do you ever want to feel “sparkly”? Are there classes out there called “Sparkly Level 2/3”?

  5. This appeals to grownups who spend a little too much time wishing a certain sparkly-one would come whisk THEM off into the treetops…

  6. Why do I get the feeling that most “wannabe popular” yoga instructors are grown up kids who still have hang-ups from high school popularity contests? They’re better off sitting down and watching back-to-back Molly Ringwald/John Hughes movies, methinks.

  7. Linda-Sama

    Isn’t is a bit ironic that she’s talking about the new cult of yogilebrities….I guess she learned at the master’s knee….

    As for teaching to those packed classes, I heard Seane Corn say once that she’d rather teach to the 2 who get it than the 10 who don’t….me too, because there are “some with little dust in their eyes” (Buddha.)

    • 108

      yes, but that isn’t really seans reality, is it? teaching 2 or 10? she actually prefers teaching HUGE massive conferences and rarely teaches 1 class a week at a “local” studio. so its a nice sentiment, but not really based in anything close to real life. but as a yoga teacher myself, its much more satisfying teaching to people who really want to “get it”, or who do “get it”. but sometimes the “other people” do end up getting it, and that is pretty awesome too. and even more awesome is when you yourself start to GET IT. !!! yay yoga!

  8. mji

    WTF!!! This is just too funny. Is she serious or is this just something you guys staged? Come on, fess up you guys, this is a joke right? It all kinda sounds like Amy is offering a huge public apology for all of her less than rockin classes back in the 90s. I actually had to watch it a second time, (ya know – like driving slow past a car accident) for additional disbelief and it’s comedic greatness. I’m so inspired and blinded by sparkles to rush out and, “get rid of all my extraneous classes and to add more valuable ones.” Wow – did she actually say that out loud? Someone needs to deflate a little. Is it just me or are others feeling a bit embarrassed by this public display of self serving self promotion and anti yogic sentiment?

  9. Sarva

    “Can you imagine walking into the reception area and there’s like a line of people waiting to get into class?!” And when you sit down to om, the room is filled mat to mat with an enthusiastic *huge* group of people waiting to practice?!” In other words, when you meditate on the sonic form of God, there’s like all this money! Can you imagine?

    • datlas

      I’m pretty positive I’ve heard that music behind an infomercial for how to please your man so he will never never leave.

      • chai fan

        Yeah exactly-, like, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to feel like you were chasing your man, instead he was chasing you? Well buy my e-book and I’ll tell you the secrets to how men think about relationships, and get you to not ever worry about losing your man.

  10. Linda-Sama

    all those “packed classes” help her recharge in Tuscany….guess I ain’t livin’ right….;)

    • 108

      awesome. yea. what a joke. i only made it to 46seconds before i had to pause the video. it did leave a very hilarious expression stuck to her face. that smile and baby talk makes me sick.

    • chai fan

      Wow. Also, whats with all the shrugging? And, I think I found the inspiration:
      Make sure to watch the video

      • amphibi1yogini

        “Create abundance” in the taoist style … money is just energy … a rising tide lifting all boats …

        Man, after a hard day at work, I ought to rub my successfully-skinny wallet [thin is in, remember?] … that will be my energy talisman from now on ….

    • gross

      wow, i just watched that abomination. is that “studio owner” faking her accent? its such a corporate video and im just wondering WHY WEBINAR seats would be limited? i think i might sign up if it will teach me how to stand with my rib cage sticking up and forward during the entire time i teach?!?

  11. iamronen

    so network-marketing is finally catching up with Yoga?

    do people really say things like “get your Yoga on?”

  12. chai fan

    “And then just lather, rinse, repeat”…eeehee… SHUT UP.

  13. Brad

    Unfortunately, she just described classes I avoid like the plague. Overcrowded studios with overcrowded classes that charge too much because they are so popular. Good for the teacher and studio, bad, bad, bad for the student.

  14. money

    These anusaran and ex-anusarans make Bikram Choudury look like the Dalai Lama.

    • They even make the studio I once went to more than occasionally, look like it is run by Mother Teresa–and that’s not easy to do … one of those “high-energy” vinyasa places … that never met a wallet walking in the door it didn’t like …

  15. Pranama Red

    Sometimes on this site, I get the feeling that I am reading lost transcripts from MST3K.

  16. Pranama Red

    Absolutely, if you are a fan.

  17. wondering

    Or imagine that most yoga teachers “national” or “local” are just pretty average. Imagine if they had real jobs and actually only taught a class or 2 a week and those were good classes because they were happy to be teaching and knew it was a real priviledge etc and weren’t trying to make a living from it, and no tteaching the same class they taught in 4 different studios that day. Why do “yoga teachers” think they should make a living from teaching yoga? The majority just aren’t that good and don’t know a whole lot… it takes many many years before one even realizes that they are just scratching the surface of this beautiful vast subject. I am forever amazed at how clueless so many of these teachers are, they don’t even realize that they know sooooo little….you too Amy.

  18. mji

    @wondering – yes – my thoughts exactly. I teach 5-6 classes a week because I love to share the practice. I’m content w/4 students or my average of 14. I feel anymore than 20 and I’m not connecting w/folks. I’ve been practicing for 13. The last thing I want to do is count students to pay my bills. I see way too many teachers like this Amy character and it floors me that people actually buy that crap!

    • amphibi1yogini

      Or, count ON your students to pay your bills. Major FAIL, that.

      Teachers will take other teachers’ classes. Now, a practice can be all the richer for the teacher being in the class with me, the non-newbie, still-advanced-beginner.

      Until, I can’t help but notice, out of the corner of my eye, even in the darkened room… that those teachers are getting the most attention from the instructor, in fact the lions share in the class of 15 or 18 … and I’M having to provide my own (awkward) modifications to the practice.

      Might as well be back at the yoga class at New York Sports Club … or, actually, at home practicing …

  19. wondering

    my point is that I just don’t think so many teachers should be trying to make a career out of teaching. Do it for fun, to study, to become a better student yourself, but not for the money, very few teachers deserve to truly make a viable monetary living from the teaching of yoga. It’s more than being flexible and ‘sequencing”..

  20. wondering

    @mji. Sounds like your students are lucky to have you!

  21. J

    “Back in the day… during the 90’s”

    Ya know, when yoga was invented.

  22. J

    Yes, I’m cringing. Because everything she says in this video does in fact sound very, very familiar.

  23. Bobcat

    Wow. According to Amy local yoga teachers were heros in the 90’s back when she was a local teacher. Now that she is an international yogalebrity herself she can share with you some local secrets. Yes, do stay and teach locally because there is so much money to be made. That’s why you want to stay local and teach yoga, right? Amy can teach you how to become a super hero, a super star and super rich right in your community by simply teaching yoga. Don’t you just love to be a hero, poppular and rich while all the time practicing yoga? Amy has done it and she is here to tell you just how.

    • wondering

      and how to get rid of those icky small fry classes, you know , with the fat, old, ugly people who can’t so the tricks. not glamorous, therefore not worthwhile.

      • wondering

        oh, allright, that last comment wasn’t fair, she didn’t say that.
        besides they might have enough money to interest her…hmmm

        • Well, as someone chubby, old, and not particularly attractive … I, myself, may not have the money for private lessons. But they have a way of weaseling private lesson money(during vulnerable moments, such as pointed announcements to the class [captive audience] after every savasana when the prana is on the loose and the guard is down ….even Sadie disapproves of that tactic in her blog] out of those birdlike 70 and 80 year olds enough so that they don’t need me … including, but not limited to, changing their style just enough to provide serious competition to the pillar of the community a mile away who has been teaching for nearly 20 years (and who got and still gets my business on the rebound) … In fact, I removed a relatively positive review of “Mother Teresa’s” studio a long time ago from yelp, and left up the one for the pillar of the community (5 stars) to help prove a point.

  24. Hey, I’ve been following this anusara, ex anusara stuff for a while from here in Scotland, but I may have missed this thing about Amy P being an international ‘yoga-lebrity’. Happily, I may add. Where I live and teach, teachers are renting church halls independently and sharing their love for yoga and what the practice brings. There are studios too, but gladly these seem to be strong in ethics and integrity. I say all of this as there is not a strong online discussion about yoga in the yoga in the UK, but from my experience people seem to me more concerned with getting on with just doing. In the end i feel this is the most important thing to do…practice! say what you like, argue as you want, but in the end practice is all there is. So who cares if people want to sell an approach, like in this video, without practice its just snake oil. I say all of this as i’m getting the impression that some may not have a sense of perspective with what is happening with yoga elsewhere, beyond NY, US, etc. Incidentally, I have only heard of one anusara teacher in the whole of the UK (60mil people) could be wrong though. Love this blog for the juiciness that I find no where else

    • amphibi1yogini

      Yes, it does seem that unless we are talking about some Asian boomtown, such as Singapore or Hong Kong, the rest of the world has a long way to go to be as venal as the U.S. coasts. Oh, possibly Planet Lulu in Vancouver. And maybe a few select North American cities, otherwise – former boomtowns, some college towns …

  25. mji

    Well, I just had to visit Amy’s website to see for myself if all of this was actually true. Sure enough, that’s her schtick. Where would we all be w/out her “badass” words of wisdom. I truly didn’t know that it was so miserable being a yoga teacher. Why would anyone subject themselves to all of that hard work and nonsense.


    • wondering

      I’m with ya mji, I too do not approve of “amy’s efforts to help educate yoga teachers” nor do I believe in the “mission to make the world a better place through more prosperous yoga teachers”. Honestly do they ever think about the real message they are imparting!

    • amphibi1yogini

      Happy hater here!

      Pride in oneself and pursuing the profession with integrity are the thrown water that melts this “badass” Wicked Witch of the West of yoga teacher training teams … (apologies to any witchcraft practitioners/Wiccans … strictly a reference to the Wizard of Oz …)

      • amphibi1yogini

        And smoking weed? Interesting drug they’re on–don’t forget … wanting to “make money” or have “packed classes” is the most convoluted, ironic and hypocritical use of the yogic principle of non-attachment to the outcome that one could put in ter pipe and smoke … if a yoga teacher has not enough “energy” coming in, get a day job … go mass media … your students–now more than ever–are AT HOME …

        for what that’s worth …

    • Linda-Sama

      wow….I’d love to see that email you wrote!

  26. Linda-Sama

    p.s. on second viewing of the vid with her in Tuscany (yes, I had to see it a 2nd time because I couldn’t believe it the first time), it reminded me of those infomercials you see when flipping the channels at 2 AM…the ones where there is a fast talking guy in a cheap suit and it’s filmed pool-side somewhere in Hawaii, and he’s telling you to “BUY MY BUSINESS PLAN AND YOU TOO CAN MAKE MONEY OFF FORECLOSURES LIKE I DID!!”

  27. To everyone who attached links to other “inspirational/make money” videos, we’d like to say, “Yes!”

    This is one of the core theses of this site. Yogelibrity performance and commercial yoga culture is a direct reflection, not of yoga practice, but of commercial culture in general. The fact that these videos have anything to do with yoga is secondary to the real message: you want to be popular and here’s how to do it.

    The medium by which this message is delivered—yoga—is entirely interchangeable.

  28. Warrior One

    Babarazzi, thank you for finally outing this teacher. Shame shame shame Amy I

  29. Beth

    It’a funny to see the ex-Anuses stake out their territories. Stop these freak shows now!

    • Linda-Sama

      after seeing that site I have to ask: where are all the black people? all white speakers to an all white audience? just askin’.

  30. mji

    @Bobcat – I wonder who came up w/the idea first? I noticed that Amy is a speaker on the site that you posted. Maybe Amy’s idea was not even hers to begin with.

  31. Bobcat

    The model of getting rich while enjoying life has certainly been around. Amy and apparently several Anusara and ex-Anusara teachers are working with experts to bring their product to many vulnerable yoga enthusiasts trying to make yoga fit their lifestyle hence transforming yoga in ways we could no longer recognize.


    Hey everyone check out Amy’s latest video..she takes it up a notch!

    • stay classy, San Diego

      Remember how funny it was to do this in 2008? Those were good times, right?

      You may also be interested in some old pictures I have of a cat with a slice of bread on his head, which perhaps you would be willing to trade from your no-doubt huge personal archive of planking photos.

  33. Sad thing is, there are those of us out there trying to run ethical businesses and teach other teachers how to do that — how to create a sustainable business for themselves — that this nonsense really . . . goodness.

    YOu know, you could develop a marketing plan and execute on it and analyze whether or not it’s working. Or you could just sparkle-pony-imagine yourself to celebrity.

  34. local teacher happy with 'group' class

    this is just sad 😦


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