[VIDEO] GodLove -vs- Self Expression Through One’s Own Yoga Dance

There’s a lot of talk about expressing one’s “self” in yoga communities these days, as if that were the ultimate goal of a psycho-physical-spiritual discipline that has the potential to unravel the tangled nadi knots of the cushy civilized yoga practitioner. But, we don’t buy that. We also don’t think the self plays much a role at all once God descends into (erupts from within, etc.) the skeletal-muscular frame. To us the self is just a filter for the goods. It’s a raft you ditch once you get to the shore. Right?

So, that being said, and just to be real clear….

This reminds us of what is possible when one loves God…

And, this reminds us of what it feels like to merge with the spirit realm…

And, this just makes us uncomfortable…

But, not as uncomfortable as some other things, which we will get to. Don’t you worry.

One comment

  1. sutra3.48

    awe dear ones… come on. when most north americans drop their awareness anywhere under the chins we get this.



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