[THE STAR TREATMENT] Astrology Reading for Week 12/23/12 /// “Yr Mind is Boring”

Guatemalan sink hole. Portal.

Guatemalan sink hole. Portal.

Congratulations on making it through the apocalyptic birthing canal! As a bonus, if you’ve managed to maintain your sanity thus far—assuming you had it to begin with—you’re in good shape because things are looking up.

Mars moves from Capricorn into Aquarius this week, representing a transition from ordered determination to liberated, insightful thinking in the way we take action. This is simply one indication of the larger picture—that of entering a new era in which our real success or failure is based not on what we outwardly achieve, but on how much we’re able to collectively welcome back and embrace our highly intuitive, enlightened, faculties. Of course, bringing about this shift requires nothing less than a complete surrender to the unknown, something we’re pretty much culturally hard-wired to fight tooth and nail against. But surrender we must—so after you get over yourself, your task is to get beyond yourself, in/out to where deep knowing resides. (And if you’re still clinging to the “superiority” of the mind, good luck with that, my friend).

So, darlings, it’s time to stop focusing on your labor pains and start focusing on the future. Friday’s full moon in Cancer will help you with this process if you stay open to all possible emotions. What are you scared of? Get beyond your mind. It’s boring.

The great thing about the future is that it’s not the past, right? Keep working on letting go of those old, limiting beliefs about yourself, because now – more than ever – is the time for you to really let your freak flag fly. The brightness of your future depends on it.

If you’re starting to grow impatient with your career, it’s probably because you should be. Try not to respond this time with the uber-practical, self-centered approach you’re so fond of. Get off the hamster mill and look around. Then get innovative.

You’re prone to overexpansion these days, so I really recommend taking it easy on the holiday gorging this week. Instead, use that energy to expand inward. There’s so much uncharted territory inside of you that wants to be known. Be an explorer.

You’re entering into an ego reinvention phase, and just as any transformation consists of a death and rebirth, this process will require a big letting go on your part. Pay close attention to the way you assert yourself in the world, because it’s ready for an update.

Pent up complaints can poison even the best of relationships. As things heat up in your partnerships, it’s time to start clearing the air before the pressure becomes too great and you explode. But do this consciously and avoid unnecessary drama, for the love of god.

Your confidence at work is getting another boost, but don’t get lost in it. Instead, use this energy to push through your nagging fear and finally commit to that ambitious project idea you’ve been sitting on. No one is going to do it but you.

If fun has been hard to come by these days, that trajectory is about to change. Just don’t let your financial seriousness drown out your spirit – get what you need to in order, then get out and play. It just might give your worldview an entire makeover.

You know those times when you realize that the fight you’re picking with someone else is actually the fight you’re having with yourself? Keep that in mind this week, Scorpio. Most of the time, people aren’t out to get you. But you are.

Oftentimes, presentation is everything. You need people on your team right now, so be mindful of how you’re presenting your ideas. Being aggressively self-righteous about what you think is probably not going to win fans. Food for thought.

What is your ideal future, Capricorn? Does it involve other people? If so, this is an important time for you to focus on actualizing that vision through working with others in ways you never have before. Be clear about what you value, and hold that high.

It can be frustrating feeling expansive and reigned in at the same time, but this is how progress usually happens. Focus on translating your new insights into a language that others can understand too, because we’re all in this together. The only way out is through.

A very fine line exists between dream and illusion, and you’re riding it. Use the current emphasis on your home life to put down or reinforce some external roots that can help ground you. Then get pragmatic about being a human with life ambitions.


anna_k1 Anna Christina Kennedy is a New York City based astrologer who lives for beauty in all of its seeming contradictions, and who quite simply finds the art of astrology to be one of the utmost vehicles of expression for it. She shares with her clients a deep and intuitive understanding of health, informed by a varied and extensive background in psychology, philosophy, meditation, art and body intelligence. Visit Blueprint Astrology for more.


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