Snowshoeing and Yoga /// Obviously You Need to Do This in Order to Be a Better Person

This will probably be a very short snowshoeing expedition….

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what would be worse: having my eyeballs plucked out with a teaspoon, or having to spend a week reading about all the ridiculous yoga hybrids that come out. Seeing as I’m already familiar with the latter….

Kripalu is one of those guilty pleasures even commercial-critical yoga practitioners find themselves indulging in now and again. Set in the Berkshires of Western Massachusettes, Kripalu is home to many a yoga-self-help-get-Thai-massage-R-&-R workshop. Not to mention, there’s a lake. And you can swim in it! And a great big lawn. And the food spread is buffet style, which means you can load up on as many peanut butter and banana take-away sandwiches as you like.

Kripalu is also known, aside from being yet another retreat center with a shadowy past, as a place where you can get your fill of all the yoga-dance/yoga-swim/yoga-paint your nails obsessions you need. And, this season’s catalogue is no different, getting you amped for a lil’ sumptin’ called “Yoga and Snowshoeing.”

What is “Yoga and Snowshoeing” you ask? Well….

“If you enjoy yoga and outdoor winter sports, you’ll love this program. The miles of trails surrounding Kripalu offer exquisite vistas, snow-covered forests, and the opportunity to explore the beauty of winter in a leisurely way—on snowshoes.

Snowshoeing, a gentler form of aerobic exercise than cross-country skiing, provides the traction you need to get to places you can’t reach by simply hiking in the snow. Practicing yoga before your walks supports ease of movement, and afterward it promotes rest and relaxation. Guided meditations enhance your receptivity to the beauty and wisdom of nature.”

I’m always a little nervous when an ad for, well, anything really, beings with the phrase, “Do you love X? Do you love Y? Then you’re gonna love this!” It’s like, hey, take it easy with the combo packages, or else…. “Oh. Do you love sex?! Do you love your mother?! Then you’re gonna love having sex with your mother!” There I said it.

Now, some other, more “rational,” cynical, jaded yoga practitioners out there (in sunnier pastures) might poke fun at the “yoga and meditation can help you be more receptive to beauty and nature” bit above. We The Babarazzi aren’t down with that sort of critique. For all we know yoga and meditation can help you better levitate. We don’t know and we really don’t care. What we do care about is this little finish that really sends home what yoga hybrids are really all about:

Note: …If there is insufficient snow, we will hike instead, so bring hiking shoes and comfortable outdoor gear as well.

As we have been saying, you can basically substitute anything and place it next to the word yoga and have yourself a hot new workshop ready for the hungry consumer. In the end, these events are totally interchangeable. Don’t have snowshoes? Bring roller skates. Don’t have roller skates? Bring a surfboard. Don’t have a head? Bring a shovel. Don’t have a shovel? Bring a herring. Don’t have a herring? Bring a violin. Don’t have a violin? Bring a donkey.

Whatever you do, just pay for the workshop. We don’t even care if you come!


  1. gross

    that is funny. just pay, don’t care if you even come. now ain’t that the truth.

  2. giggity

    Lest we forget the new yoga/coaching hybrid….

  3. Greenpoint

    Now how, pray tell, is one supposed to bring a donkey? Ridiculous…

  4. I’m going to have to steal that incest yoga joke.


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