The Babarazzi Gets a Mention in Nardini’s 21-Day Yoga Body??? /// Blushing Abounds


Way back on July 2nd, long before It’s All Yoga, Baby began her 21-Day Yoga Body Adventure, we were given a most glorious tip from a reader. It read as follows:

“Heads Up! Saw an advance copy of Sadie’s upcoming new book “21 Days to a Yoga Body” at [some awesome, but deleted, bookstore] this evening. Due to be published in Sept 2013. If you’ve got a hankerin’ you can probably still find this little number on the bottom right hand of the advance shelves.

It continued thusly….

On the cover photograph, [Nardini] looks like an incredibly lean lizard-like character with an impossibly long body. Nature or photoshop?  Couldn’t bring myself to violate the virgin binding—so she’s all yours Baba!  Let me know, ahhh, how it goes……”


Needless to say, the next day we were at the bookstore bright and early. Sure enough the tome of tonus was right where the tipster had said. I reached for it. It snuggled up into my palms, and the two of us became one. The advanced copy of Sadie Nardini’s book was mine, and I felt like a kid in a crackhouse candy store.

Now, one might think we would have rushed back to BabaHQ directly, fired up the steam-powered word generator two-thousand, while our army of trained chimps laved away on a full review that we would take full credit for. But, hark! A curious passage on pg. 220 caught our attention and forced us to shelve the article until the book was officially published, lest we make a big deal about something the author might in turn want to edit out before the book hit the shelves.


Hmmm…. A website? A post? Photos with arrows? Junk in the trunk?


Could it be? Had we, the tiny Babarazzinis, along with our show-stopping piece, “Sadie Nardini Weight Loss??? /// We Agree,” gotten a veiled reference in Sadie’s sure-to-be bestseller?

Obviously, it’s anyone’s guess if this really is a reference to our illustrious remarks or not. Commercial Yoga Culture isn’t too interested in sourcing their material or promoting critics, so I guess we’ll never know. But, what I do know is that our potential mention comes on Day-16, which, after you complete a couple of cobras, camels, and child’s poses will yield you a delicious LOBSTER TACO! Whoop whoop!


That’s right. At the end of your daily slim-down, Sadie provides a number of (totally delicious-sounding) recipes of including sweet, veg, meat, and alcoholic varieties. [Cue gasping here]. Now, I’ve never actually had a lobster taco, but, based on the way in which people have mini-orgasms with even the mention of lobster, I imagine it’s rather tasty. In NYC we have something called a “lobster roll,” which people seem to be rather excited about. But, alas, I have also never had one of these. I’m not even sure if the “roll” is referring to a hoagie roll or a wrap (as in “rolled up”). Or, maybe it’s more like a sushi roll?

Guess it's hoagie roll type thing. [Lobster roll, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Brooklyn Flea]

[Lobster roll, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Brooklyn Flea]

Nope. It’s a hoagie roll.

Anyway…. Sun Salutations. Cobra. Kneeling. Camel. Child’s Pose. Lobster Tacos.

Ladies and gentlegerms, I give you…”yoga.” Have it your way!


NOTE: It’s a shame that Sadie feels we were pointing out her “flaws,” rather than appreciating the commentary we were making regarding body objectification. Truth be told, we find the Nard Dog to be quite perfect in whatever form her ‘lil ‘lil ‘lil body takes. That goes for all o’ y’all.


  1. crusty critter

    So a discussion on body objectification becomes justification for a weight-loss manual. Eating disorders, anyone?

  2. amphibi1yogini

    It is Amerika that has the eating disorder. When talk like Sadie’s becomes normal … and talk like the Babarazzi’s ad reductio absurdum argument becomes twisted into … wait for it …. “weight loss motivation” … just to sell books …

    Been there seen that done with other movements long before “take back yoga” …

  3. Maha Garuda

    Perhaps the too much arrow was meant to point out just how F.O.S. Sadie is. And the too little arrow pointed to the quantity of heart it takes to feed the body image set for fun and profit…nah…it had to do with her giant ass and lack of t!ts…but for a few dollars more even Sadie could sell you a solution

    • No, it’s a technique for argumentation … but I’ll buy your interpretation because it’s so true that imperfect (but venal, greedy,mercenary) people are imposing an aesthetic where it need not exist … is truth beauty? is beauty truth? Many – mostly Western – epistemologists and poets have been debating this conundrum for aeons ….

  4. Sadie does look photoshopped. Her waist looks much sleeker on the cover than in the yoga pose picture with the arrows. I don’t want to nitpick too much but she kinda also looks like the Joker from the Batman TV show.
    I’m looking forward to reading Roseanne’s experience with this 21 Day Yoga Makeover body experiment.

  5. Thaddeus

    The only thing that separates Sadie from Jane Fonda is 50+ years and trip to North Vietnam.

  6. The P

    Let’s get serious here for a moment .. no self respecting lobster roll eater would house their delicious chunks of mayonaised crustacean in a hoagie roll. It’s a buttered, toasted hot dog bun or nuthin at all. And definitely not in a taco – No, No, No, you visigoths! Weather beaten Mainers are scowling at the thought of such things.

    And, oh, I think whoever wrote that little segment in Sadie’s book knows exactly what they are doing. Using something that could be perceived as negative or legitimate critique and turning it around to be a selling point for their “product”. This is what give me the queasies about this stuff – all sale hype, little substance.

    As an aside, the 21-Day Yoga Body made it’s way briefly into one of the scholar talks at the Smithsonian Symposium on Yoga and Visual Culture this past weekend. I don’t believe it was meant to be flattering and the audience (predominantly scholars) all chuckled. It followed a slide showing this advert for the Ford Escape featuring seated meditating yogi as an example of the yoga lifestyle phenomenon as influenced by western consumerism – achieve transcendental escape by binding yourself to a monthly car payment..

    • amphibi1yogini


      It’s like when Downeasters and Mid-Atlantic’ers argue about crab cakes … one could be at this all day ….

    • So, you’re saying that a lobster roll comes in a hotdog bun? Is that pic in the article a hotdog bun?

      Also, that is hilarious about The Smithsonian mention of 21-Day. Awesome.

      • The P

        That pic is from the Brooklyn Flea – they put kimchi on hot dogs there! Actually, Red Hook Lobster Pound does a great job with their lobster rolls, best I’ve had in the city and decently priced. Just waiving the flag for the northern New Englanders or in other words /jk.

  7. the moment already came

    Baba, I’ve had the lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound, and I have to tell you, as bougie as it feels to fork over twenty bucks for a hot dog bun crammed full of hot buttered ocean roach, that shit is Off. The. Chain.

  8. the moment already came

    Yep. It’s like a hot dog bun, but top-split. Which is like a fancy-ass bun wearing an ascot:

  9. Maha Garuda

    FYI here in SoCal, Rubios started making fish tacos some time back. Lobster on tortilla can be delectable depending on the sauce…its all in the Awesome Sauce….Hot Dog buns are gross…I know, cuz Nard Dog declared them so. She would know…I mean look at those mud flaps

    • Maha Garuda

      And you havent lived until you have had Puerto Nuevo style lobster between Rosarito Beach and Ensenada…

    • The P

      Don’t even be tawkin to me ’bout that barely edible spiney lobster you got out West. No wonder you need to fry it in lard and dump a bunch of salsa on it – that west coast ocean roach is bland-bland-blah. You need damn cold water to grow a tasty lobster that stands on its own without need for all that added condiment flavor to give it, ya know, flavor. But I guess if you’re stuck with west coast or frozen lobster then, yeah, go for the taco, extra salsa, it’s your best bet.. ((this is like John Stewart the pizza thing!))

      • Maha Garuda

        Funny thing is, they import the lobster in Puerto Nuevo from…wait for it….The Atlantic Ocean. Due to Pacific over fishing…Of course, the water is so nice here that we skin dive and pick our own…Enjoy the weather east coast. We will have our rental unit opening soon as a time share just for the snow bird set.

        • Maha Garuda

          Oh Yeah. Now that the Fukushima currents are arriving, the lobsters are particularly big,,,and two tails each

        • The P

          No! Really? That’s a sad state of affairs indeed. Now I feel bad for being an east coast prick. Bad P bad!

          Ha! I won’t be enjoying the weather this week – it’s freezing out there. First real cold snap is always the hardest. Enjoy your sunshine and warmth!

  10. Doris

    Could this mention of you/your critique be an attempt at co-option? Maybe that’s pushing it? Don’t know. Seems like she may be trying to join with or “absorb” her critics. And perhaps, like “The P” stated above, it may be attempt to use “… something that could be perceived as negative or legitimate critique and turning it around to be a selling point for their “product”.


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