There’s a New Burgeoning “Squat” Movement /// Also, “Dog Shaming” Sounds Bad, But is Funny

Here’s the video:

This seems to have something to do with yoga, or at least yoga people are probably gonna be into this. Makes sense. Malasana, or “garland pose,” is one of those “juicy asanas” all the vinyasa ladies talk about.

Right up there with pigeon and, basically, anything involving the hips or honoring the pelvic floor. Personally, I squat constantly, so being “anti-chair” is a no-brainer. I also enjoy the “squat pooh,” so….

Unfortunately, someone is probably going to come along and create something called “squat yoga” very soon. That will be a sad day.

Anyway, I’ve always had a weird relationship to chairs. You can read about them here. Something about this…

“[F]or many centuries [the chair] was an article of state and dignity rather than an article of ordinary use.”

…makes me not trust them.

However, give me a Shaker rocking chair….

…or something as odd as this Shaker rocking nanny thing…

…and you will find yourself in the presence of a very happy sailor.

That said, both of these need cushions.

And, when you’re done thinking about that, check out this “Dog Shaming” website.


  1. gross

    funny video. squat poop is proven more effective. the fact that liz marx is in this video makes me very happy.

  2. jorge

    the commodification of poop(soiciety of the rectal-cle) or not, this thing has been on the top of my xmas list for a while-

  3. Here are two links added to the piece above:

    “Against the Chair”

    “Squatty Potty”

  4. Yoga Whelp

    This is could be yet another example of “junk” science for which yoga is becoming infamous?

    The L.A, Times reported on a study in China that found that frequent squatting leads to increased risk for arthritis.

    I think it’s becoming increasingly obvious that “postural” yoga as a whole – the panoply of Hatha Yoga poses or asanas for which there is no spiritual foundation in the ancient texts (Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, for example) may be quite injurious to your heath, especially if practiced over the long haul.

    Probably one good reason Patanjali had the good sense not to focus on asanas (they just one of the 8 limbs of yoga) and when he did, they were just a handful of seated postures.

    We may not see this in zealous contemporary practitioners for another two decades, though it’s already shown up in some veteran yogis in their 60s and above.

  5. Omiya

    indians have been squatting for milennia. i doubt that it causes an increased risk for arthritis (as, say, compared to chairs). our primate progenitors all recline naturally in a squatting position. no chairs in the forest.

    • Yoga Whelp

      It’s not about arthritis in India – but in cultures where squatting isn’t the norm, but is practiced to an extreme degree by gardeners, baseball catchers, and now highly Westernized yogis. We’re a very long way from our primate progenitors. Go ahead and start swinging from trees tomorrrow, invoking your primal longings. Be my guest.

  6. ryan

    I should have visited the local amateur pharmacist before I watched this. Probably some hidden messages here…just saying.

  7. Greenpoint

    anyone who has had/has one of those life-sucking jobs the system throws up to you as “great” for any amount of time comes to understand the quickest way to feeling miserable is sitting in a chair for 8-12 hours a day…

    holy shiva thanks for the Asanas or I’d be a physical/mental mess…

    • Yoga Whelp

      I’ve never found that yoga asanas — as practiced in Western studios at least — did anything more for me physically than good stretching exercises conducted with breath awareness — or Tai Chi or dance. It’s a myth – but to each his or her own. Many of the asanas, in fact,. are far too stressful for stress reduction, but are useful for other purposes, such as core strengthening. Much of the stress I might experience is due to emotional and spiritual blockages, and here again, there are many other ways to address these besides yoga. It depends on the person. I do appreciate the rare classes that treat asana as basically a light practice in the context of pranayama and meditation, and that reject yoga calisthenics. Overall, I think the sooner we get away from yoga as the magic “cure-all on any plane – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – the closer we will be to our “lived experience” – as opposed to a marketing paradigm.

      • Greenpoint

        the asanas, and yoga for that matter, are NOT stress reducers, biggest myth of all, and certainly not what I was implying…

  8. gross

    greenpoint, i’m a fan of yours.

  9. LShark

    This isn’t a “new” movement. The yoga teacher who produced the video (Denise Kauffman) has been promoting it and teaching it for years in her Yin classes. Another hallmark of her classes, besides squatting, is the idea that “postures” are personal depending on body type, and there is no universally “proper” alignment. It’s more about deep stretching than posture. The video is new, but the idea behind the benefits of squatting are not. I, for one, doubt the study saying squatting leads to arthritis, but even if it does, it’s a highly acceptable tradeoff for me. Before I started that practice I had constant hip and back pain, and frequent leg pains. No longer. If all I did is trade in constant pain from now until the end of my life for arthritis years down the road, I’m willing to take that risk.


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