This Sadie/Leslie Video About “The Breath” Doesn’t Make Me Want to Slit My Throat /// What’s Happening To Me???

Holy, WTF Blanket! Has, The Babarazzi gone soft? Why am I not reaching for the nearest shiv in order to better puncture my solar plexus? I actually “feel” good watching this. Not, like, I think it’s a good important necessary relevant presentation of “yoga.” But, something about it “feels” OK.

I mean, yes, I can’t stand the whole “Rockstar” leather jacket get-up, there are these super-lame faux-graffiti slabs of simulated grit in the background, and the bullet points approach of the entire segment mimics everything that is dismissible about commercialized yoga. But, something about this video makes me feel…. I don’t know…not horrible….

Leslie does the best he can with the format, does it well, and is a nice balance to Sadie’s cast-in-commercials personality. Let’s face it, when he’s not siding with right wing pseudo-libertarians, the man has got mad knowledge. For anyone interested in bodywork of any kind, Leslie’s whole “breathing is the shape change of the body’s cavities” and his emphasis on ujjayi breath as spinal support are significant additions to the theory and practice of body-centered therapeutics. Could it be that some sort of cosmic balance occurred when both he and it were placed in the same room in front of a camera?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s the changing of the seasons. Maybe Aghori has a crush. Who knows….


  1. You must have heard the expression by now: “All roads lead to Rome”

  2. Bryan

    …I can’t get passed the jacket. Cmon.

  3. DebLa

    Black Power Ranger has a nice Janu Sirsasana C foot going on.

  4. The handshake is a little cringy

  5. Dyspeptic Skeptic

    Gabba Gabba Hey!

  6. Yoga Dude

    I respect that your Power Ranger picture omitted the White Ranger as he is in prison for capital murder.

  7. gross

    it makes me want to slit mine. he must HATE her. its too bad she can’t sound more intelligent. the leather jacket makes me want to shake her silly. WHY? is that the best she could come up with for a “rocker” look? she needs to wear half a dead cow hide in a “serious” conversation of yoga. “SOOOO important to breathe.”, but let’s kill the cow so i can have a rocker prop for my yoga video. i’m about to have “like a panic attack”. what a freak. come on baba, don’t go soft.

    • Chai Fan

      True. The leather jacket makes it practically impossible to absorb the insightful and helpful info that Leslie has to say. (That and the yoga-teacher-generic speak and non-accurate jargon she has to add about the breath) There are other ways to approach it. How about an organic cotton t-shirt with the name of a rock band on it? Not that that would make things any better, but at least she wouldn’t be sitting there in the most stereotypical rock thing there is. How does one even breathe in that thing? OOh leather jacket and margaritas- you are SO rock-n-roll!!

  8. :D

    Really? I thought it was horrible. Leslie did a great job, but Nardini completely butchers everything he says with her responses. Point in case. Leslie: “your diaphragm is connected to all your internal organs, and the process of your breathing itself is both voluntary and autonomic, so it takes you deeper into what you can control and what you can’t because it’s both of those.” Nardini: “that’s so true! When you’re breathing, you’re toning and flexing your internal organs! So important to breathe!!!!11111!!! lol rotflmao”

    • On second thought, you’re right, Smiley … When Leslie Kaminoff talks about breathing, he says that slow breathing can relax and expand you (implying that it triggers the parasympathetic nervous system) … Sadie goes on and punches slow breathing to its absurd (or undesirable to her as the teacher of her signature rigorous, self-mortifying vinyasa practice) end that it renders you sluggish and practically comatose.

      Ever done breath-centered meditation much, Sadie?

      Sitting vipassana meditation for 10 days might be the end of Sadie as we know it …

      • amphibi1yogini

        Had a nip of ye old breath centered meditation just the other day. [Do not drink alcohol.]

        Way to tempt myself and possibly trigger my old meditation addiction …

  9. AM

    So when’s our next margarita?

    …………………. <- at a loss for words

  10. jorge

    lesley actually has some pretty great videos on youtube, and it got me interested enough to buy his book. good stuff. i really liked the breathing shapes of the body cavities section too. this interview though….phew. kinda diggin “namaste buddy” though.

  11. Yoga Whelp

    For decades, marketers tied to get us to fixate on “halitosis” – “bad” breath. We’ll lose our friends, won’t get laid, and we’ll end up slitting our wrists, they said.

    Now, the yoga marketers say we need to focus on our “good” breath or we’ll end up so frazzled we’ll lose our friends, won’t get laid, and and we’ll end up slitting our wrists.

    Can we brand this “Hali-Yoga”?

    All this talk about the “body cavity” and the “diaphram” gave me the willies. I was thinking the TSA might show up to try to touch my junk.

    Have a problem with your breath? Take a swim, and put some binaca in your enema and call me in the morning.

  12. ryan

    The graphic in the 7th second reads “Sadie says”. This is stolen from “Kiki Says” on youtube…

    I don’t have the time yet to look at this video in entirety.

  13. Greenpoint

    hey – did Leslie ever make good on his promise to kick your a**?

  14. Yoga Whelp

    Having read Baba-Ganesh’s unusually candid sit-down interview with Thaddeus – staged, I imagine, amid strewn condoms and crack pipes on a urine-stained park bench somewhere in Central Park – I sense that he is feeling a tinge of deep regret over his earlier send-up of Sadie as one of the not-so-fashionable, not so body-beautiul celebrity Anti-Christs of modern yoga.

    And like buyer’s remorse, sometime it takes a little while for that anguished guilty feeling to set in, unconsciously, subtly infiltrating your mind and heart, leading to this rather disastrous foray into the realm of “compensatory bleaching.” That’s when you rage so mercilessly on a Bleach Queen that she starts to cry, and you remember how much you HATE to see girls cry. So you pass her a tissue.

    There’s another possibility of course. AB, like many a good Sadist, is actually just goofing on us all, and will soon follow up this latest piece of faux-adoration with an even worse savage beating. I’d say the jury is still out?

  15. Yoga Whelp

    Every time I hear Sadie talk I am reminded of the lovely cover to Frank Zappa’s 1970s album, “Weasels Ripped My flesh.” Maybe I’m the only one.

  16. jorge

    your comments never cease to leave me feeling pretty uncomfortable yoga whelp…..

  17. Thank you, Jorge… I was at a loss for words until you said it simply: “uncomfortable.” That’s exactley how ye olde whelp makes me feel, too. Ceaselessly. And not in the good way that dipping into the cold plunge at the Russian baths makes me feel. What’s up Whelp? Where you coming from? What’s the deal? I’m confused.

    • Dyspeptic Skeptic

      Yoga Whelp is likely “Pranic Gasbag” Stewart. Google “Stewart Yoga Huffington Post” to view his slimy trail. He is evidently what passes in DC as a public policy analyst.

      • wondering

        I don’t want to know or wonder who someone may be. I love the anonimity of all this and applaud the babarazzi for not caving in to pressure to unmask, plus I just like pot stirrers!

  18. Itstrue

    Every time Sadie opens her mouth, I feel my anus tense up in nervousness of what she might say.

  19. nunh

    I really like Leslie’s commentary!

  20. This was horrible, both of them, him too….no one in their right mind would participate in any type of interview with her for fear of the sanctity of their reputation as a serious teacher. No, I can’t figure out why you went a bit soft on this one.


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