“I am My Own Guru” /// And, Other Wishful Ideas Soft Emo Dads Like To Talk About With Their Nominally Buddhist Wives

Watch this:

First, here’s the link to the Indiegogo page if you’d like to fund this. (See how easy that was, Ava Taylor).

Now, truth be told, the topics brought up in the video require (at the very least) a panel discussion with lots of Q&A and should feature none other than Aghori Babarazzi. However, in the absence of such a thing, let us start by saying this:

This video takes a major systemic cultural issue, and uses it as a platform to promote a vapid American-made onanistic obsession with hyper-individualism. Which is a damn shame, ’cause masturbating and individualism do not mix. Buffing the banana is always better when someone else is involved, either in your mind, on your computer, or down your pants. But, remember. Just cause this project has a noble mission, don’t mean it ain’t riddled with silliness and careless teachings. This list of international aid bad ideas should prove our point. But, in case you need an immediate power lunch meeting of ideas as to what makes this video so unfortunate:

1. Yoga ain’t safe. Sorry, it just ain’t. Now, stop being a baby, act like an adult, and take responsibility for your behavior during said enterprises.

2. “I am my own guru” is a stupid thing to get behind. I know a lot of people, most of whom aren’t guru enough to be worthy of posting a photo of their dinner on Instagram. Check yourself.

3. Preying on other people is an inefficient, and, ultimately, unsustainable way of getting your needs met. This is true whether it happens in yoga, a golfing tournament, or during a game of lawn darts. Stop doing it.

4. Wearing these rubbery bracelets is only cool if someone you know has battled cancer, or some other terrible disease, and you’re supporting them. Wearing a bracelet because you have no ability whatsoever to, with maturity, engage in a discipleship with someone who (shocker) may know a bit more than you about this stretching thing you’ve been doing twice a week on your days off is sad. Here’s one way to battle jerkoff maniacal yoga teachers: don’t ever become their students unless you are strong enough to tell them to “fuck off” when they get unruly.


See. He gets it.


  1. gross

    i love this post. i mean, this i am my own guru thing is such a joke. no you ain’t. and yea, what does a purple bracelet do other than fill up more landfills?

  2. Zodiyack

    If you feel you have to wear this, you are already in the wrong place.

  3. Garuda

    I am not from NYC, and have never been there, but it seems that people who wish to be noticed there, are obsessed with communicating through note pad.

  4. As Mr. Bill Sezzzzzzzzz, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Noooooooooooooo, He’s From NYC, Right!!!!!

    More Purple Bracelets!!! Hummmmmmmmmmmmm It’s All SAD, Really, Really SAD. Thank You For Posting ♡

  5. novecho

    the below link explains #4 me thinks

  6. Do be fair, bracelets are sometimes the only option left.

    • Garuda

      So, Near as I can tell, Belts. Bracelets and Bullets are the keys to cunning and strength on Paradise Island…You sir are my new Guru.

  7. . . . and don’t forget the lasso.

  8. Zodiyack

    This guy, Lucas Rockwood, has this to say: “But I’m also the most effective person on the planet when it comes to sales and marketing of yoga and yoga related products and services.” See his site here:

  9. lucasrockwood

    Hi – I think everyone is just having a laugh (which I fully support;) but if you did have question or wanted to connect with me directly, can do so here: lucasrockwood@gmail.com.

    • the moment already came

      Firstly, I think showing up openly to discuss something you made that The Babarazzi are ripping on is awesome, and thumbsdowning your comment for that is lame. That’s a spanking tunnel I would not crawl thru willingly and I do a lot of spanking here so that says something. So. ‘Sup.

      Now. To the matter. There’s a few things about your video that I really question. Baba mentioned 4 of them and if you have a response I for one would be really interested in hearing it. What struck me most is that your video sets up this really unfortunate (and incorrect) equation between the guru model and sexual assault / poor ethics. No doubt, there are a startlingly many purveyors of yoga elbow deep in the cookie jar. If porn is at all accurate there are also a startlingly many plumbers in the same predicament. This does not lead me to strap on a bracelet saying “I am my own Plumber.” Or butcher or baker or candlestick maker. See where I’m going with this? I don’t want a plumber to touch my hooha, but I’m sure as shit not going to snake that septic tank all alone.

      And I’d say the same of a yoga teacher, which I am definitely describing as a totally separate thing from a guru. As Baba pointed out, if we are talking about a genuine guru-disciple relationship, which I will reach not very far to say you are not going to find at Crunch or Yogaworks, then the presumption is that you are in the presence of someone who’s cooking with a hot sauce so spicy you can’t taste it on your own. And that’s just the ground floor.

      Beyond that, your video seems to suggest that you thought this was the best way to help stop harassment from happening. I’d disagree. Not only do I think it’s not the best you can do, I’d suggest its not helping. Your video implies rather pointedly that you personally know teachers you believe are behaving in an unethical, even illegal way. TELL THEM IT IS NOT OKAY. TELL STUDENTS THEY ARE NOT QUALIFIED TEACHERS. (Oh shit, I capsed!). Once upon a time the instruction to never speak I’ll of another teacher or tradition was written in to the Anusara code of ethics. Bullshit. I’ve heard how many Bikramites say “you have to ignore the man and take the teaching.” Bullshit. I’ve been saying plainly and publicly that Bikram is a total Summer’s Eve for years now. As a Bikram trained teacher (according to your bio) I wish you would too. Maybe you did but the video suggested not.

      We don’t need a culture of purple-banded silent solidarity. Your video says, “enough is enough,” and I’d suggest that the amount of sexual harassment that is enough is approximately zero. I’m gambling that most folks are down with that. My concern from your video is that it gives people one more avenue to slap on a bracelet and say, I have done my part, I have done what I can do. Nope. You need to speak up. To individuals. In the moment. In their face.

      Or as I tried put it colorfully below, you gotta use your karma hole.

      • Zodiyack

        Thus far, he has not offered to openly discuss the issue. Rather, he deflected the issue by hoping everyone is just having a laugh and offered to contact him directly. I hope he is willing to openly discuss it.

      • Garuda

        Goddammit Moment!!!~~~After reading your tirade I was inspired to go out and scrape off the “COEXIST” sticker from my car. I thought a quick trip to the local ‘Godmart’ where I could slap my $3.99 down and walk out all Virtuously Spiritual would be enough, and here you are calling me out.
        Now we hear about this mysterious Karma Hole and and the mysteries within? SHIT!
        Helmet on~~~Check
        Ropes in place~~~ Check
        Shoes Tied~~~ Check
        Away I go again,,,, Spiritually Spelunking.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, lucasrockwood! Keep on keepin’ on.

  10. “don’t ever become their students unless you are strong enough to tell them to “fuck off” when they get unruly.”
    You can easily replace “students” here with “employee”, “plus one”, or any other number of person-based nouns.
    What’s happening in the yoga scene is just a teeny, tiny spill-over reflection of what’s out there in the rest of the big, bad, nasty world. Wearing some purple bracelet is going to do jack-all.

  11. the moment already came

    Thank god for this campaign. So many yoga teachers have been touching my special purpose. Now when they see this nifty bracelet they are sure to stop. The engorged purple color lets teachers know loud and clear to stay out of my bathing suit area, and then I don’t have to open my karma hole to say “no!”

  12. Lalalala

    God! It’s like a fucking anti-molestation PSA from the ’80’s. Aren’t we all adults? Don’t we know when somebody has crossed a line? Can’t we take care of ourselves? If your esteem is so low that you let a yoga teacher sexually abuse you, it’s time to get some REAL help. Do we really need purple bracelets to make ourselves feel secure?

  13. Garuda

    Does anyone remember the yellow bracelets that promoted living a healthy life to combat cancer and to bring awareness to the cause of those recovering from illness?…Oh Yeah..LANCE FRIGGIN ARMSTRONG.
    Remember “It’s Not About The Bike”…it is about the chemistry.

  14. novecho

    I bought one. it works! women won’t go near me

  15. Linda

    This is misguided at best. The teachers who abuse, will continue to abuse. The students who are victimized are still going to be targeted. A purple bracelet will not stop this. If a teacher gives me an adjustment that crosses over the line, I might give the stinkeye if it’s a minor infraction or a donkey kick if it’s really too far. I don’t need a bracelet, I have ‘tude. It’s only happened once, by the way.

    The students who fall prey to this behavior are likely damaged to begin with and have been groomed by the teachers. It starts with “put your weight on your back heel” and goes further and further each time. It’s a progressive disease.

    If you really want to stop abusive teachers, use your words: “I don’t like it when you adjust me like that.” “Remove your hand.” “Please respect my personal space.” “My boyfriend is on Seal Team Six.”

    Or better yet: “I’m taking my business elsewhere.”

  16. Linda

    One more thing….

    Okay, purple bracelets aren’t all that great, but when I did read the Indiegogo proposal, 100% goes to The Art of Yoga project, which brings yoga to girls in the juvenile justice system in California, which does sound like a good cause. You don’t even need to buy a bracelet, you can just donate to the program directly.

  17. stacy

    First, I have to say that the bracelet thing is silly.

    But what I really feel the need to comment about is that this is about more than a perve-y adjustment. Some people DO have self esteem that is SO low that they can’t say no…or don’t know how to…or aren’t listened to when they do say no. They are “damaged to begin with” as one commenter stated. They aren’t “letting” a yoga teacher abuse them. Telling a victim of an abusive teacher that they shouldn’t get involved with the “jerkoff”, is like telling a rape survivor that she shouldn’t have gone out on the date with the rapist in the first place. We should all be that strong. Sans insecurities. It would be fantastic if we could all stand up for ourselves, all the time…that we could clearly see when someone is leading us down a path that is the wrong one.

    Make fun of the rubber bracelets. But don’t tell people who have been victimized that they should have known better, or should have been stronger.

    • Linda

      This, exactly. I do think that those of us who have the guts to stand up to the exploitative teachers owe it to the potential targets to say something. Say it to the teacher (“I’m on to your s**t, knock it off.”), say it to the target (“hon, you can do way better….he doesn’t even bathe regularly.”), say it to the studio owner or landlord (“do you want this kind of scandal?”). Just say something for the sake of those who are too scared to deluded to say something themselves.

      Unfortunately, the worst of the worst will move on to another studio or become high school soccer coaches.

      But that’s another rant for another time……

    • I agree with what you are saying, stacy. The post, however, is speaking more to a preemptive approach. While it may ride a fine line, we are not telling survivors of abuse how to reframe, contextualize, or “deal with” their abuse. We are in no position to do such a thing. We are, however, stating that people who are about to engage in a yoga practice should do so with maturity, and would be best served coming to the practice with some healthy reservation. We are also saying, though with some subtlety, that the commercialization of yoga culture has created an environment whereby yoga practice is seen as simply something to “try out,” whereby it creates a class of potentially at-risk dough-eyed hobbyists.

      Of course, there is much room to debate all of this.

      • the moment already came

        Is it dough-eyed or doe-eyed? Whichever image is correct makes the other one seem hilarious.

      • Linda

        I don’t think that commercialization of yoga has created the problem; the Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA had a major scandal in the ’90’s, long before it was the Disneyland of East Coast yoga.

        Sorry, I can’t seem to format a hyperlink into the text:

        The doe (or dough to studio owners) -eyed hobbyists are always there; what commercialization is doing is attracting the predators. They’re just fishing where this fish are these days. The real issue should be teaching the “teacher’s teacher” (I’m looking at you, Dana Flynn) to spot this kind of crap before they complete their 500 training and unleash themselves on an unsuspecting public looking to ease some lower back pain with a side of faux-spirituality.

  18. Hi – thanks for the thoughts. I put myself out there, so it’s fair game if you want to lambast me and the bracelets. The whole thing is very homespun, and I’m just some guy. So have at it.

    To condescend to students who have been abused suggesting it’s their fault is like date rape defenses like “she shouldn’t have worn such a short dress”… I don’t know what to say to that.

    As I stated pretty clearly, I wish I had a better idea. I don’t. I’m fully aware that this isn’t a huge initiative, my team and I tossed around a bunch of ideas, many were much more lofty, but I didn’t think we could support it so a half-assed organization would be (for me) worse than none.

    If this whole effort turns out to be pointless, then egg on my face. So far, I’ve received 23 emails from people who have said this is the first time they’ve felt they could talk about incidents. 2 of them were men, to my surprise. So I do think it’s a real issue, and I like to think it’s doing something. Is talk and action the same? No, so maybe it’s all for naught. My feeling is no, but of course I’m biased.

    Just to clarify, I’m not a Bikram teacher.
    In terms of donating to The Art of Yoga, yes, you could just donate. From what I know about fundraising (not much) is that if you give people something in exchange, it’s easier for them to donate. Hence the bracelets. If you have other suggestions, I’m totally open.

    I’m not a great debater, but if you want to ask questions, I’m happy to do that. More than anything, I just wanted to start the conversation.

    • Zodiyack

      Thanks for engaging and offering your viewpoint. Commendable.

    • Garuda

      Hey Man, Good on ya. I had a teacher who would kiss selected students as a part of savasana adjustments. When I confronted him directly after class, his contention was that it was “Perfectly Innocent”. I let others know what was going on and as a result I was banished from the studio. Not a single other student left in protest, nor did anyone from that point forward offer protest. Keep doing what you do and fuck all of us cynics…You seem very genuine in your endeavor. We just come here to ventilate and I am sorry if that rang dissonant. Peace

    • the moment already came


      Thanks for bringing your perspective to the conversation–very classy response in a forum as critical as this, my own vulgar sarcasm in particular.

      I absolutely agree with you, there’s no place to be shifting blame onto people who have been abused. As someone who has been abused myself (not by a teacher), I find immense value the conversation, as you hope. While I can’t speak beyond my own personal experience here, and I certainly haven’t set the tone of lending a helping hand, I’d like to offer a totally unsolicited suggestion: You are in a rather unique position right now, in that about two dozen real, specific individuals have responded to your idea by saying they appreciate the chance to talk about this issue. I would encourage you to ask them where they’d like the conversation to go. And if you are genuinely interested in the issue, I would suggest connecting your organization to other organizations and individuals that are skilled leading conversations about abuse, and resources on the local or national level. You opened a door of sorts and it sounds like a few folks are already peeking in, and I’d like to suggest that the gulf between talk and action may not be that huge here. But you’d have to ask the people that have stepped up to you and said, “Hey, I’ve experienced this–I’m glad you’re creating a chance to talk about this.” Those are the people who will tell you best how what you’re doing can become more than a purple bracelet. My honest, snark-free two cents, for what it’s worth.

      P.S. Two sorries: I was confused by the wording in your bio, and sorry I implied you were a Bikram teacher. And even though I watched your video three times while writing my reply, I just realized that in the video you never actually said, “enough is enough.” Granted I was watching it at like 6am, but somehow my brain totally invented that part and wouldn’t shake it loose.

  19. He’s helping make this topic ok, it’s needs to be discussed in the open, good.

  20. Kit Kat

    Hi Lucas,
    I agree completely with what The Moment wrote, that you’ve opened a very important and sensitive door and the fact that persons who have experienced abuse have come forward and shared their stories with you is a Biggie. In your video you referenced the fact that there are no yoga watchdogs, or yoga police where people can report abuse to and you’re right on that. The closest thing to a “watchdog” if there is one is the Yoga Alliance and they do not handle abuse claims at all. In fact, to be totally honest, all they “watch” are 200 or 500 hour YTT courses.
    I can’t and won’t go into the finer details of my tale of woe, but when I tried notifying them about the abuse I experienced, you know what the Yoga Alliance told me? They told me to make up a fake profile and go on Yelp! and post it there. Needless to say, I didn’t but that ought to show you how incompetent they are on handling such issues. When I tried discussing it with other yoga instructors, they told me to “forget and forgive” and “go to another studio”. When I tried telling the studio owner, they wouldn’t let go of the instructor because they had a following and brought in major ca$h. It’s only after I finally sent in a letter of complaint via a lawyer (on my dime) that the instructor in question was finally let go.
    Do you see where I’m going with this? In large part, most instructors/studio owners/practitioners did absolutely zero on principle. It was only when a legal and/or financial threat appeared, when action finally took place.

    Did I tell that instructor to fuck off? Absolutely but when you experience abuse, depending on the gravity of the abuse, that doesn’t mean it makes it easier to be in their presence ever again.
    My point being, is that to stick it only on the yoga instructor/guru is a bit simplistic. It takes a community to allow abuse to happen and continue since abuse happens when no one is looking or when people are deliberately looking away. It also takes the community to stop it. Like Garuda posted, sometimes when you blow the horn on abuse, the whistleblower is the one who is banished for their troubles while the abuser gets off scott-free. While I can appreciate the intent behind the purple bracelets, if you’re really serious about stopping abuse, that’s something which need to be hit from all sides at the same time. And for that, you’re gonna need more allies, more resources and more know-how.

  21. lucasrockwood

    Hi All – thanks for your comments. Just a couple things I wanted to add (new today). I’ve learned about this site/organization: http://www.internationalyogaallianceforethics.com/
    Don’t know that much, but so far what I’ve read in terms of info and resources, it seems really well put together with resources created by people who know what they’re doing. I’m going to consider referring people here for starters.

    Secondly, one of the more disturbing parts of this process, a number extremely well-known teachers I had never known were involved in this being reported to me by their staff and teachers. Not exactly sure what to do about it, but let’s see.

  22. silki

    I would like a panel discussion.

    When I watched this yesterday, I was mildly annoyed. The video stuck me as some guy who thought it would be great to exploit this complex issue (that is, yes, systemic and cultural, and also extremely sensitive and sometimes traumatic for those involved) for self-promotion in a SNAGgy sort of way. Why is he on the subway? Why is he holding those cards? A lilac fucking band?

    Now that Lucas turns up to say, “Wow, gee, gosh, this really IS a problem. I hadn’t really thought it through that far, whatdoidonow??” somehow doesn’t reassure me at all. So you were right? Most people knew that, which is why the condescending little card show wasn’t so welcome for some of us.

    One thing the babarazzi hits on, which i find pretty important, is that “I am my own Guru” is a stupid slogan, especially for this issue. It reminds me of that Kumare movie which everyone so adored. Yeah, it was a good flick, but did it prove we are our own teacher, as everyone seemed to agree? I don’t think so. That some privileged columbia kid thinks he’s just like a lower-lower middle class woman who was sexually abused as a child, and that she can just-be-her-own-guru right out of that trauma points to some excessive ignorance about the nature of trauma and humanity. We are dependent creatures. We need each other. Not it an gross or gooey kind of way, but in that dolphin-who-remembers-your-name-even-after-twenty-years kind of way. I know our hyperindividualistic society loves to project that need on to the victimy abused women out there, but that’s just not how it is.

    So yeah, let’s see. I can hear the prospective “ethics committee” members phones ringing now. Elena, are you free?

    I nominate Aghori Babarazzi. But he’s so busy these days.

    • Garuda

      “Condescending, little, card, show”? I didnt find anything about Lucas’ presentation condescending. Maybe unoriginal or even passe’ but I dont think his intention was to take a superior position through repression. On the contrary. My takeaway was this male yoga instructor gets faced with the same raised eyebrows that I get when I walk in to teach in an unfamiliar studio…The “Varsity Team” (AKA Mean Girls) assess in the blink of an eye, and project their crap straight at a male yoga instructor with a look that simply says “I aint receptive”.
      Granted there are yoga teachers out there who take advantage of their students, I can think of two right now. One male, and one female. Its pretty heavy lifting for a guy teaching yoga when the myth of a male yoga teacher begins with ‘Predator’ [thanks JF]. But a female predator is given a cute little moniker like ‘Cougar’ …see how that works? One word demonizes and the other word forgives.
      Anyway, back to Lucas.
      I dont know what is in this guy’s heart and neither do you. It isnt whether a Colombian peasant sees the world as ONE when he/she sits 30′ below the shit level of civilization. It is however my job to find the commonality and teach from there. If you wish to wear your scars on your sleeve, have at it. I have a 5 inch long scar on my right shoulder from melanoma surgery. Each time I see it, I am reminded of the message that came to me when my prognosis was declared CLEAN, that message was “Serve”. It is a yoga teacher’s position to guide from a clean slate, and if Lucas’ Padas are following his Karma hole, who the fuck are you to tell him he is misguided?
      So he sells a few bracelets…Who cares?
      So he sells a few million…who cares?
      Armstrong was a cad who sold a bazillion of the damn things and when his reputation caught up with him, and it always does, he was placed in the ‘Where are they now file?’ Meanwhile, cancer patients everywhere have benefited from the effort.
      Back in the 80s we trained extremely hard for competitive Triathlon at the pro level. We had a slogan.:
      “Image is Nothing…Effort is Everything.”

  23. uh ohh…I think I may have imbibed too much prana: is this The Babarazzi or the Onion???

  24. jorge

    it looks to me like lucas is bringing the message that he sees a BIG problem that continues to go on in the yoga world and wants to be an ally in helping to change that. totally commendable and his intentions seem very sincere. i think the aghori is being a little hard on him in this regard, but i think i have a soft spot for emo dad…i mean, look at that smile! it does however raise the question of what are we all doing to help stop this? and it even if unintentionally, opens up the bag how deep and complex these sort of things really are, not to mention the way trauma and abuse can continue to perpetuate itself especially when the perpetrator is quite smart and well practiced in the art of deception and manipulation….::cough cough JF::: i think the alchemy that can transform a purple bracelet in to something of concrete and lasting change is the conversation that comes from it. the solutions we find to actually combat and speak up when this behavior occurs, for ourselves and others alike. the bracelet can’t be the answer otherwise its just another in a long line of products of ideas to align with and ease our minds of the real responsibility we have in our communities to stand up and act which is the REALLY hard stuff. bracelets are cute, challenging illegitimate power structures and abusers is going to take some war paint though.

    i’m an admittedly biased person who believes there are true Satgurus in this world amongst the muck of pretenders. with that said, i think most traditions(skip osho/trungpa rinpoche/half a million other creepy SNAGS) tend to agree that a sexual relationship between guru and disciple or is a pretty good sign that you’ve got a faker on your hands. so being your own guru IMO isn’t the best answer to this problem either as this is an issue only amongst us still maya encased egos trying to figure out how to get laid and not a problem of placing our trust in a true guru. i just realized too that it may also be that lucas is using the term as a way to help build self empowerment and discrimination which is a good thing of course. party on.

  25. novecho

    brown bracelet= Cut the bullshit

    Seriously, Lucas has the potential to be a good yoga marketeer,I checked out his website. He seems to care about what he practices, as many of us. Think I need to check it out deeper though. I’ll watch to see if he gets the cover of Yoga Journal soon. I’ve been dabbling with yoga for nearly 40 years, along with free hand exercise ( which I personally believe is a great combination, along with zazen) I just find too much bullshit in the yoga media. this one threw me over the edge. I guess I’m just self affirming my commitment to lurking in the babarazzi. (I’ve had 4 cabs as I write..ok, 6)

    anyway, would any of you buy the brown bracelet? 100% of the proceeds go to the Novecho Society for the disenchanted.

  26. Teacher and guru aren’t the same thing, and I’m not keen on using the terms interchangeably. Seems a shame to throw the guru/disciple relationship out with the abusive teacher bathwater.

  27. This fellow seems very well meaning—but WTF??? Have people lost ALL sense of discriminatory intelligence? I studied with several teachers in the mid 90’s before their predatory aspects were still , more or less, under wraps. However, when I noticed a creeping Svengali-ism in Rodney Yee, I dropped him. When John Friend had his first anusara workshop in NYC, I dropped him 3 hours into a 2 day 12 hour workshop. Didn’t ask for refund, just left. Fast but not fast enough. It was already obvious where that would lead! Kausthub Desikachar was a little, uhhh, yucky from the first handshake so I saved some money there! “Geshe” Michael and Christy made my flesh crawl and I had to seriously question the judgement of owner of the downtown studio that had invited them.
    Amma? Ahhhh, Amma. On one of her New York stops she visited a studio (without her retinue)where I was teaching. I knew of her, but really wasn’t that familiar with her at the time—just noticed a jolly round Indian lady in the lobby and thought I would welcome her to the studio. To my surprise, she opened up her arms to give me a hug! I had already been to India several times and knew this was not a common practice on the sub-continent. But I thought, well, she is initiating this, we are in New York City, she doesn’t look too dangerous, so, why not? Result? Best Quality hug to be sure, but no white lights, no levitation, no revelation. Alright, I’ll say it, a DAMN Good Hug!
    Have to find myself agreeing with Zodiyack’s comment: “If you feel like you have to wear this, you are already in the wrong place.”
    Melville, bog bless ‘im, put us all on notice in the middle of the 19th century with The Confidence Man. I guess people are too busy now with their technology and social media to notice that reality is going on even as they twitter away. In the meantime, the yoga world has become The Onion. Read it and laugh/weep.

  28. Spiritually Spelunking. I love that…describes my whole life.

    No knocks to lucasrockwood here…seems sweet and caring.

    However… “I Am My Own Guru” No. This isn’t an accurate response to the problem (or a solution to anything, actually). And the reason I am writing is, it’s important to me to point out the distinction, particularly, as a disciple.

    Seems to me a lot of people on this site really do know what a guru is supposed to do. S/He is supposed to help you grow into a fully functional spiritually enlightened human being. That means a master of your self, so that you can finally look past your self.

    As a part of that challenge you must learn to smack any hand that you don’t want aiming at your bikini line including the guru’s. And you need to learn to do it with loving kindness – self mastery.

    Reacting with “I Am My Own Guru” is just a reaction to the embarrassment of choosing a guru who is sexual. It’s not a horrific, unacceptable experience that WE SHOULD NEVER LET HAPPEN AGAIN – it’s an experience in the world and you need to learn from it and choose more wisely, children. (And that doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the guru!)

    Great example of someone who is handling this well: Pema Chodron. (I certainly am not saying anything about her experience since I don’t know a single thing about it, but you have heard of her guru. ) Yes really – her root guru is Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche – the Crazy Wisdom guy, himself.

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    Lots of food for thought here!


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