YogaNation Removes Promo Video (and Replaces It With a Neutered Version)

Two weeks ago we posted a piece that sorta took off on YogaNation on Tour‘s promo video featuring some of NYC’s “hottest” yoga celebs. And yet, even though our post was getting record shares and hits, and YogaNation was probably getting some extra bonus publicity, the video was pulled. To which there was much dismay.

Then, about a week later, YogaNation released a new version of the video, and in classic “Fuck! What do we do to counter this backlash” advertising fashion, erased anything of substance from the bit, essentially neutering their own message.

Check it:

So, what’s changed in this newly-watered-down video? Well, “Creative Director” and “The Teacher’s Teacher,” Dana Flynn, has been rerouted to the beginning of the vid rehashing what every yoga practitioner has had to hear over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, that “yoga means union,” or as “The Teacher’s Teacher” puts it, “yoga mean reunion.”

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 5.39.00 PM

DC’s Faith Hunter, the teacher no one we know seems to know, gets a better spot in the line-up and states that the YogaNation on Tour event is about sharing “what we love…the passion we have for yoga.” Which, by the way, is an absolutely perfect way to put it, because, apparently, what the YogaNation celebs love most is their own passion for yoga! And, why not? Yogilebrity culture is first and foremost a means to better celebrate one’s own self.

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 5.40.59 PM

Of course, we still have the yogilebrity pile-on, which continues to make everyone within a thirty-mile radius feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 5.43.17 PM

And, for sure David Regelin is still there, but now that his forgettable two-cents have been deleted, seems to serve only one purpose: to remain king of the anti-smile and show off his Abercrombie abs. Which, we don’t mind taking a good long look at. Freeze frame!

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 5.39.12 PM

What seems most interesting to note, however, is what was taken out of the video. This time around, the producers decided to remove Sadie’s classic diss against “the same old teachers,” a line that got a lot of attention in our comments. Also gone is Raghunath’s message about defying the dominant negative narrative of old age, which was arguably the most sincere sounding part of the whole thing.

But, you know what confuses me the most about all this? You know what’s really quite perplexing? It isn’t the fact that the original video was removed. It isn’t the fact that a new nothing video was put in its place. It’s that photo on the website, and wondering how the hell they got David Regelin to make this face!

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 6.39.24 PM

…which, for some reason, reminds me of this…


…only without all that severe coolness (and, in real life, eventual political creepiness). Although…


Nah. Doesn’t work.

Anyway, none of this even matters, ’cause this thang ain’t happening until January 31st, 2014!

Market test much?


  1. mae

    Who is all of us?

  2. Yoga_Dude

    The trials and tribulations of marketing. At first you don’t succeed, change the packaging.

  3. missbernklau

    What if the only reason they re-edited (and deleted) the video is because Rhianna’s people got upset that YogaNation used her song without permission.

  4. missbernklau

    There should be a question mark at the end of that…

  5. amphibi1yogini

    Geez, are we all sitting for our S.A.T.’s next week?

    Forget the grammar and punctuation, already!

  6. i’ve taken workshops with faith hunter and david regelin. both instructors are quite knowledgeable and neither came off as superficial or overly commercialized. faith in particular is truly a sweet, kind, down to earth person who i was able to get to know a bit and will look forward to attending her classes again whenever I can. david’s workshop that i happened to attend didn’t resonate with me nor feel as if it matched the description of the workshop at all. a few of my fellow instructors loved it, but most of the feedback i heard was that the particular class did not live up to what we’d expected. darn pesky expectations.

    that said…who knows…i’ve actually learned lots of great information from sadie nardini videos as both a teacher and a student, and while the whole “rock your yoga” schtick ain’t my thang…so to speak…sadie’s intentions to teach, live her passion AND make a nice living is commendable to me.

    all in all, while i am not especially tempted to camp out for tix to the next yoganation tour, i bet there will be some good stuff to gleam out of the glitz…we’ll see!!

    • amphibi1yogini

      The only thing I like and/or agree with about this comment is the truth that if your expectations of a workshop are low enough, you can’t be disappointed.

      Works for me for dance workshops, anyway; and THERE the standards are higher …

    • Totally makes sense, pranalisa. From a “where to find the teachings” perspective, it’s best to keep the eyes and ears open.

    • gross

      most teachers are really not qualified enough to teach workshops to other yoga teachers other than people who have a 10-15year SERIOUS study going. if you are already a decently seasoned student/teacher, its going to take a really serious teacher to shed some light on something in a way that will be satisfying.

  7. i never stated my expectations were fact, I work towards releasing expectations (yes, much more challenging to implement in real life), though yes, the bar SHOULD be higher for a workshop than a basic yoga class. faith’s classes were awesome…each workshop I’ve taken with her has been as described, well taught with personalized attention to each student as needed, and beyond any expectation. david’s however, left me feeling empty..

    of course as a yogi, i’m open to learn from the experiences and move forward. at least i work towards that.

    • No, if you are an amateur dancer, dance is such a THING … you are ALLOWED to have any kind of expectations about a workshop; as compared with “no expectations necessary” [or DESIRED – but they do leave that out!] yoga– you expect to be taught the necessary steps. These are quantifiable things. Whether you learn or master them is another thing entirely. But since you are taught as a group, in a group – with dance, you each — you ALL — have to be offered the same exact things.

      With yoga, it is totally caveat emptor and you can’t own your own dissatisfaction because, literally, it is cloaked under the general rubric, “there are no expectations”, “let it all go”, “strive for non attachment” … and other such philosophical pseudo-justifications that justify the otherwise modern, worldly exchange of emoluments.

      With yoga workshops, the standards are, by definition, indeed lower than for dance workshops.

  8. Garuda

    It would seem that the “Fist Full of Dollars” reference was fitting.

  9. The real reason they took the original video offline was because I was actually IN the yogi pile-up, but I have this Pavlovian response to human pile-ups and I started humping whatever body part was near my groin which happened to be raghu’s haunch and certain keen eyes were tuning into this moment in the video– it’s really hard to catch… But I’m there, in the old video, for a split second, humping. So they fired me. And now, here I am, hoping no pile-ups come my way.

  10. gross

    BORING. yea, they took the dudes out, whoopp whooopp. typical. the yoga nation tour was going to be done at some point. i remember the days when dana seemed fine enough teaching a few people on a rooftop, before her tattoos, before her insane hair, before her DTF obsession. its like the yoga worked on her in the opposite way. she seems to have become a complete materialist. from her Barry White Thanksgiving Day classes at Crunch to this crud?

    • amphibi1yogini

      Dana Flynn has sparked imitators of her sartorial/tonsorial style … One of my pilates teachers, in fact … um … the virtual ones, anyway:

      And, IRL, my mat pilates teacher – now my yoga teacher – does have something going on with her hair (though on her it’s very cute) ….

    • Mellie

      love the line “it’s like the yoga worked on her in the opposite way”…… i don’t thnk she’s the only one that’s happened to.

  11. Garuda

    The promotional video seems like its aimed at advanced teacher/students. I find it difficult to navigate just exactly what it is I am supposed to glean from it though because I am trying to avoid all of the Yoga Cotton Candy. Regalin must be the insulin to the saccharin sweetness of the lesson.
    I am quite sure that each of these people have a good practice. I just get overwhelmed by the prakritic, weed whacker edit, and complete lack of content. What am I supposed to be buying here? A reputation?

  12. I’m beginning to think that yoga marketers have a very, limited playbook of ideas and inspirations.
    On the other hand, if someone could find a reasonable facsimile of someone like Bob Ross (of painting fame), breaking out into a “happy tree”, or “giggling little bush” along with his afro, bell-bottoms and Cat Stevens playlist, I’d be there in a heartbeat!

    • amphibi1yogini

      Nah, for today’s answer to Bob Ross, you have to go away – far away – from the red hot center, and to more old-school, long-term (such as 30+ years), mild practitioners … such as (dare I say it?) “amateur” yogis …

      • Dang! I was looking forward to wearing my “Think Like a Tree” T-shirt to class

        • amphibi1yogini

          I like to think that back in those days, there were no self-appointed professionals in the popular living-room-art world; and that they did not hold their own rock concerts for the sole purpose of self-promotion …

          • You know, this is what it needs to go back to I think. We have a yoga instructor here in Montreal who works out of his home, maybe teaches a few classes at the Y, doesn’t do the Lululemon ambassador or studio thing at all, a hard-core Iyengar fellow who has a cult-following and is only known through word of mouth. Everyone, bar none, raves about him and once they take classes with him, won’t go back to the studio, that’s how good he is. And not a lick of commercialism anywhere.

  13. Garuda

    At least he sells what is real

  14. the moment already came

    “Owing to the darkness arising from the multiplicity of opinions people are unable to know the Raja Yoga.”
    –Hatha Yoga Pradipika

    Somewhere, Svatmarama just saw this Yoganation video and shit in his loincloth.

    • yogadas

      I think Svatmarama was the Dana Flynn of his day. “Raja Yoga” is a made up term that means nothing in connection with what people also refer to as Classical Yoga, or even worse Patanjalian Yoga. And why? Because Svatmarama regurgitated the “yoga is union” babble of his time, instead of sticking with what he really knew to be true which was that hatha yoga is pranayama. Svatmarama could have stuck to teaching hatha yoga as pranayama. Instead, he had to sell something more. He had to do what John F and others have done: imply that there was something more special to know. He didn’t know what Raja Yoga was (or is). He couldn’t because even though he could teach the main thing that hatha yoga is (pranayama), he couldn’t just be okay with that and let it be enough.

      • Raja Yoga, as I understood it, started out being known as meditation only….

        • yogadas

          And I have no issue with that knowing of what Raja Yoga is. Meditation. Fine. I’m also cool with the term being used as a modern signifier for the original form of yoga–which came into existence before bhakti and jnana yoga. But studying the Yoga Sutras and doing what’s prescribed in the YS is jnana yoga. I believe that the original (lost) version for the YS was authored by a tapasvini named Gonika. She is mentioned in the so-called Patanjali myth. The myth is misinterpreted and due to the patriarchal crap involved I half-jokingly call the whole cover-up the Patajali Code. Anyway, the correct interpretation of the myth identifies Gonika as the author of the original lost YS. This is new idea that I’ve been pushing for years. Maybe people on this blog might care. No one else seems to, but I keep spreading the word anyway. Gonika birthed a whole new yogic form (jnana yoga) and it was important for the males who re-conceived the YS to call it something bigger than jnana yoga as a means to cover-up Gonika’s achievement. So the point is to be cool with the yogic form we do. Svatmarama should have been cool with the fact that he practiced hatha yoga. Nothing more, nothing less. The authors of the counterfeit Sutras should have been cool with the fact that they were jnana yogis. Nothing more, nothing less. But Svat wanted to be a raja yogi like all the other wannabes. Sad to be a wannabe when the perfect yoga for us to do is always the yoga of out time. Hatha yoga is the yoga of our time. Let’s be okay with that, and anytime someone like John F mentions tantra, run for the hills. It’s the same old game.

          • the moment already came

            Ah this old chestnut. I don’t really care whether Patanjali was a serpent-headed angel, or a grammar school teacher or a lady who’s milkshake got drank up by some other dudes. Whether Svatmarama was the Blazing Solar Flame of his day has little bearing on whether I decide to take his advice and smear my walls with cow dung and make my semen go backwards. Maybe Aghori Babarazzi is my grandma (pleasepleaseplease, ihopeihopeihope, ‘fess up Nana). It makes no difference–and what a luxury, to just have the teaching without the billboard and camera crew and photo release.

            If you wanna swap out one goofy origin story for another, go for it. The yarn you’re spinning is lovely. And I mean that–it’s really beautiful. And just as problematic.

  15. i learn things everywhere. even from crappy teachers. even if it’s that i’ll never teach that way or take that teacher’s class again.

  16. Doris

    Seems your extremely funny, sharp critique (and the collective comments of others) had an effect here. This is hopeful.

  17. Namastellen

    “Cutting Edge” doesn’t always cut it. I’m not sure how yoga can actually be new as promised. Also the roll out has moved from November 2013 to January 2014 so this Yoga Nation tour could be like a film perpetually in development with an evolving field of names attached to it.

  18. The longer they delay it, the newer it’s gonna be.

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