200-Hour Teacher Trainings Are Meaningless /// Other 200-Hour Options

It’s fair to say that 200-hour teacher training programs are almost entirely useless as far as creating qualified teachers of anything, let alone an ancient discipline that leads to complete and total annihilation of the self. Most 200-hour grads I wouldn’t trust to teach someone how to use a neti pot, and yet here they are running around trying to teach people about liberation! Good grief….

Anyway, this is what we got. However, when you think about it, there’s got to be a bunch of other things out there that are more worth while than some random we-need-to-pay-our-studio’s-rent teacher training program. This got us thinking: What else can you get for two hundred hours? Here’s what we found:

This red 200-hour glow stick that will make you way uncool at a 200-hour rave, but way real-cool at a 200-hour camping trip in the dark…

This 200-hour bug repellent thing…that…I guess you put…on your wall?…

This 200-hour-to-build Dream Fantasy Ultralight Trainer that will make your mother go insane with fear of your plummeting death, while your father tells everyone at work that he and his son are now bonding…

This 200-hour Dish Network ViP622 that you should never own, but your aunts and uncles should always own, since that’s really what’s getting you there for the weekend…

This 200-hour flashing water marker light thing for scuba diving that looks more like a dildo spaceship than something that’s supposed to save your life…

This 200-hour run-time diesel generator that comes with a remote control starter in case you want to fire up the ferris wheel from across the street…

This mama dog with her 200-hour-old (8-day-old) puppy (retartedly insane cuteness attack!)…


  1. Don’t forgot a 200 hour certification as a “Massage Technician”.

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