D-Jaz Of Laughing Lotus Are Recognized Masters??? /// And Other Signs Of The Apocalypse

Dana & Jasmine are recognized as master teachers traveling and teaching both nationally and internationally. They bow deeply to all the teachers who have inspired and challenged them along their mystical way. [emphasis ed.]”

I once had a professor master who drilled it into my the master’s head that siting your the master’s sources in a paper was not only necessary, but by not doing so you the master exposed the lie of what you were the master was saying. Unfortunately, he the master never mentioned that if you the master referred to yourself your-master-self as a master teacher master while bowing down to your the master’s previous teachers masters whom you the master only referred to as teachers masters (though presumably they too must be masters) that you the master risked coming across as arrogant and terrifically silly.

Happy Halloween! I mean, Happy random Wednesday in February!


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