John Friend Letter To Anusara Teachers

Below is the letter in full sent to us from an anonymous emailer (so many of you lil’ devils out there these days!). We believe it to be authentic:

Dear Teachers of Anusara Yoga,

With anguish, I write to you today in the aftermath of the recent anonymously posted accusations on the Internet, which have negatively and painfully impacted several dear, innocent community members and their families. A blogger posted allegations last Friday from an anonymous website (which has now been removed) however, not until today did this editor make contact to check the veracity of any of the claims.

The truth of the matter is that there is some accuracy within the accusations, yet there are also many falsehoods and completely twisted exaggerations that place events grossly out of context.

The central issue now is that the wonderful image and reputation of Anusara yoga has been severely stained in the minds of some, since my personal behavior has been perceived to be out of integrity with Anusara ethics. I am fully committed to any public process or personal inquiry around these allegations, in hope of rebuilding confidence in me and our yoga school. I have made mistakes, but remain sincerely dedicated to you, to Anusara and to defining myself authentically. In the coming days I will openly and transparently address all of the claims in detail.

This process begins with the attached letter from our third-party pension administrator clarifying the mistake we made in 2010 and the quick resolve to return to full compliance. [ed. document omitted]

Until these allegations are explained and placed into context, I ask only that you please reserve judgments about me.

In the longer view, the disharmony between my personal image and the values of our school needs to be reconciled, if Anusara is to properly heal. This will be a process that takes time and, to ensure that Anusara thrives while I personally amend and repair, we are exploring scenarios in which the company is restructured to give teachers more voice and representation not only in areas of brand, ethics and curriculum, but also in the governance and direction of the company itself. We will arrive at a solution swiftly and I will be completely committed to any structure that best serves Anusara, its teachers and community.

Please accept my deepest, most sincere apology for any poor personal decisions or actions that might have inspired this vicious attack—one that has certainly caused distress and damage while calling into question the integrity of our school.

It is a humbling moment and one that has caused me to reaffirm my devotion to the highest, Shri, the every essence of all of us and of Life. Through this painful experience, I will definitely grow as a person and as a member
of this wonderful community.

I welcome your responses including questions, comments, disappointment and support.

With deep gratitude and abiding love to each of you,


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