Commercial Yoga Culture’s Banner of Truth /// Commoditiy Fetishism as The New Yogi Gadsden Flag

Hey. Ever seen or heard of the Gadsden flag?

“The Gadsden flag [ed. created around 1775] is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Positioned below the snake are the words ‘Don’t tread on me’. The flag was designed by and is named after American general and statesman Christopher Gadsden.” (Wiki)

Despite it’s no BS declarative stance, the Gadsden flag ironically acts as an almost neutral symbol, able to be appropriated by a wide breath of, sometimes very differing, voices. Metallica, the US Navy, Futurama, The Cro-Mags, The Tea Party movement, as well as Nike have all made use of its message. In a way, it’s the tofu of all flags, taking on the sentiment (taste) of whatever context (stir fry) it is placed in (saucepan).

Like this….

Like this….

Like this….

Like this….(?)

And, of course, like this….

And yet, nowhere has its sentiment been more silently embraced than in the hands of money-minded yoga teachers who claim time and time again that the tradition of yoga is not only “owned” by no one, but in effect a neutral signifier in waiting. Waiting, of course, to be used to fill the pockets of anyone with a younger brother who while eating Thanksgiving turkey thought aloud, “Hey, sis. You should do that! You should take, like, a yoga trip to Spain and do, like, a ‘Yoga & Tempernillo’ tour! Call it ‘Yogavino!'” Which is why we went ahead and made a flag fit for all of ’em.


“The Commercial Yoga Gadsden Flag”

That’s right, commercial yogis and yoginis. Now you too can have a flag all your own! Hang it in your dorm room. Put it on a T-shirt. Fly it at a Yoga Journal convention. Silk screen it on a pair of low-rise panties and wash Harleys on a street corner. The options are endless!

But, most of all. Take this image and share it to the high heavens. Pass it around. Give it wings and let it fly. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, et al. are all waiting for ya (links after [every] article).


For a full-sized version simply click on the thumbnail. Then click and drag the image to your desktop. And remember, share share share.


  1. amphibi1yogini

    And the grandson of the designer of that flag, James Gadsden, had a land grab–The Gadsden Purchase–named after him–with Mexico ceding lands to America. Why do I see so many parallels on so many levels, just with the name: Gadsden …

    Manifest Destiny! This land-grab is God’s will!

  2. Dyspeptic Skeptic

    Do the scales on the snake represent $’s or is that just my observation?

  3. nunh

    The culture of greed.

  4. itstrue

    it’s true, the yoga world has such a “don’t tell me what to do” adolescent attitude. ” I can do and say whatever I want”, ” i can stand on Ganeshas head and dance around with no bra in India, don’t tell me what to do” …. “don’t tread on me!”

  5. Yoga Whelp

    Terrific banner, one of the best things you’ve ever done. I’m sending it everywhere nationwide via my social media networks (with a personal love note).

    See if you can watch this video without losing your lunch after the first 15 seconds. Arianna Huffington now claims the Oasis as part of her 4-pronged “strategy” for…..oh God, I can’t even bear repeating it, because it’s so barf-inducing.

    The good news is, almost no one has tweeted or emailed or even “liked” this video – which is a bit rare for the Goddess. Usually people lap up her random musings like premium yuppie chow.

    There’s still hope.

    “Off the Wall – And Into the Abyss.”

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