[VIDEO] Chogyam Trungpa on Spiritual Materialism

See…. Trungpa coined “spiritual materialism.” We coined “yoga bleaching.” Insane minds really do think alike:

Pick it up ’round minute 1:40.

“Spiritual materialism…. It will not only destroy you, but destroy whole wisdom of humanity. It is, in fact, satanism.”
—Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche


  1. Yoga_Muff Diver

    He was someting else, this dude – totally hardcore, and as far as I know, to his credit, he really never hid his faults. I have heard lots of his tapes. He gave a remarkable talk in 1974 at Naropa in which he correctly warned about the unbridled “cultivation” of the Tantra among Americans. He ridiculed the kind of feel-good New Age thinking – and pathological narcissism – that he saw dominating the counter-culture and that has only intensified in the context of the new “Women’s Yoga” that prevails today. He called the Tantra a “spiritual atom bomb” that once detonated in the West would leave “radioactive fall-out” that would destroy entire communities of followers – sound familiar? . The triuth is, Iyengar said and believed the same thing, but he appears to have kept it hidden in the hopes that the more sanitized, de-Tantrified yoga that he advocated would prevail. No such luck.

    I think C. Ripoche had the advantage of being a Buddhist, not a Hindu, and was not a yoga devotee, so never lost sight of prayer and meditation – not “Ars-ana” – as the core of one’s spiritual practice.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. knittinginnc

    Interesting comments, Yoga_Muff Diver, esp in wake of the “Lama” Christie/Ian Thorson/DM tragedy going on and “Lama” Christie’s focus on Tantra

  3. Yoga_Muff Diver

    Thanks Knitting. I wasn’t aware specifically of Lama Christie’s focus on Tantra. It does not surprise me, though. Of course, the entire Anusara Yoga community is, or was, enthralled with Tantra. When exalted by the “uninitiated” – and let’s face it, that includes just about everyone in the West – Tantra fuses with the ego and naturally breeds cultism and other forms of inter-personal psychic domination. The solution has to be complete dissolution of the Tantric “collectivity” and their banishment from organized spiritual life, until some purification has occurred. .


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