[AUDIO AGHORI] Listen to Aghori B Talk This Shizz into Action /// Being Intimidated by Yoga is OK


Greetings, Babarazzi readers. Being offline has been a blessing and has forced us to get creative with the kinds of posts we can put up. And, tonight is no different. Welcome to our first ever audio blog featuring Aghori Babarazzi. Listen in fascination to the following subjects:

  • watering down yoga practice
  • commercialism
  • newbie intimidation as being OK

All in a breathtaking blizzard of fifteen glorious minutes. Simply click and play below.

[audio https://thebabarazzi.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/000aghori_week1_2.mp3]


  1. No toilet paper? you are so a guy, hahahaha!

  2. Life has a way of playing tricks on you. This podcast reminds me of this post:


    After 5-1/2 years of regular practice, I am in the life-space that I have practically no time for yoga any more ..

    And, about that writers’ group. I have enough raw material for a book .. about yoga … !

    Pop-up yoga classes? Wasn’t a flash mob good enough for these people!??!!?

  3. Greenpoint

    nice “spewing”…

  4. Garuda

    No toilet paper? No problem. Just use ‘Yoga Journal Pre-primed Toilet Paper.” Available at a newsstand near you. Or, even in a Yoga studio restroom.

  5. Gargi

    Dear Babarazzi,

    Thank you. Thank you. Wowzers. It was just last week I learned of this “watering down” phenomenon, or in this case, making a certain lineage of yoga “accessible.” I did not know about the trend or need, until a young out-of-town sprite with a 200TT arrived at my staten island studio (euphemism) to teach, against my heartfelt protestations, what I can only call 8-Limbs Lite™. The whole thing made me very sad. I said to myself in consolation, “The Babarazzi would understand.” And listen here. You do.


  6. Will you tickle my back and talk to me until I fall asleep? And make sure you bring that dripping water sound along if you have time. I want to be bored with you. I want to dream about running out of toilet paper with you and using an old sock to wipe with. We could just throw it out afterwards. Or I could wipe with a ripped out page from the Yoga Journal (I’m assuming you have a copy or two just for kicks?). Just don’t stop talking please. x

  7. The P

    i’m more intimidated to schlepp down dreary, depressing Flatbush Ave in Downtown Brooklyn to get to the Dekalb Market for a pop-up yoga class than to walk into just about any yoga studio. Maybe if they did a pop-up class at the Brooklyn Flea where I could grab a pupusa afterwards, that might work. O.K. actually that sounds like hell, too .. well not the pupusa part.

    • amphibi1yogini

      /Lololol … while we’re talking about Brooklyn …

      I’m wondering when they’ll invade East Flatbush (near where I work)
      … uhh, okay, they won’t …

      I didn’t think so.

  8. Dyspeptic Skeptic

    Nice Post.
    Hope the source of the dripping water sound is not a leak in your ceiling.


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