[THE FRIDAY GOOD] One of the Finest Music Video Expressions of The Inverted Psychedelia That is Commercialism

There are many ways to comment on the vacant anti-experience that is the human navigation through hyper-commercialism. And, while Tara Stiles’ “Totally Enlightened” misses the mark, this latest from glitch-soft Ninja Tune beat maker, Bonobo*, tells the story with mouth watering moving design.

And, for the crate digging selectas in the crowd, there’s this added bonus:

“Ninja Tune has pressed 250 white label** records featuring a brand new track from the album. These 12″s will be hidden in some of the best indie record shops all over the world over the next few weeks.”

Happy Friday and happy digging.


*For those who don’t know, bonobos are primates that make scissor effing polyamorous triad+ couples leap with joy!

**And, for the newb DJ, a “white label” is typically a test press piece of vinyl and basically means, if you’re a DJ, it’s you want it.

***And, thanks to one of our dear readers for the tip.


  1. Garuda

    Wow! It is exactly like I remember my childhood. A chevrolet on every countertop and an endless supply of Campbell’s condensed soup. Yep, exactly as I remember it. At least it is exactly as I remember it since I tripped tripped with some friends when I was 22. <<<>> Like the corners of my mind>>> misty water colored memories>>> of the way we were.

  2. Somewhere a third grade public school teacher with a projector screen is getting some lesson plan ideas from this video.

    It starts early, my friend.

  3. Yoga_Dude

    I found that video rather relaxing. Thank you.


    Smart, funny, AND you have good taste in music??


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