[IMAGE POST] Find Sai Baba #1

As many of you know, Sai Baba can manifest in multiple places at the same time. We’re no stranger to his omnipresent ways, and have spotted that little rascal in some of the most curious settings. Welcome to the first “introductory” installment of “Find Sai Baba.”


Not having internet is making writing articles and posting them difficult. So, we’re getting creative. Support the arts!


  1. Namastellen

    Waldo & Matt Lauer will be jealous.

  2. Greenpoint

    there are better places to hide!

  3. Yoga Observer

    At least Sai Baba is keeping warm and toasty. He doesn’t need Yoga Toe Sox.

  4. agentpete

    I know! He’s hiding under the left distal phalanx! Do I win? What’s the prize?

  5. So good! (You should animate him and stuck him in the naked yoga video you posted a while back). xxx

  6. Dyspeptic Skeptic

    Uncertain if it’s Sai Baba or just an unshaven pit.

  7. Yoga Whelp

    He looks like a fuzzy little ewok waiting to be fed by his mum. Nestled in a bare and gnarly tree, trying to avoid the birds of prey.

  8. no no, you got it wrong, she should have diamonds shooting out her nether bandha.

    • Dyspeptic Skeptic

      Or “holy ash” from her ass.

      • Yoga Whelp

        As a devotee of ballet and dance – and even hooping, where the lines of movement and form are truly breath-taking – I have no idea – none – why this fetishized calisthenic exhibitionism is considered even mildly “erotic”” And Kathryn Budig, in particular, is like an Aryan icon, yoga’s Eva Braun. My first reaction, and I am no prude, is Kathryn: put some fucking clothes on. The Fuhrer is dead.


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