This “Wanderlust in the City” Video is, Like, Totally About Shutting Off Yr Cell Phone, and, Like, Quieting Yr Mind, Brah

Our illustrious reader, Dyspeptic Skeptic, posted this video in the comments of yesterday’s post, and we just had to bring it to the front lines. Check it:

Hmm…. Where to begin with this one? Why not the beginning?

Loves friendship bracelets

Loves friendship bracelets

First we have Sean Hoess, co-founder of Wanderlust, referring to people who go to Wanderlust in the City as “yogis.” Before anything else, let’s acknowledge how douchy that sounds, because it does indeed sound pretty f’ing douchy. And, not just ’cause the term yogi used to actually have meaning, but douchy in the way it’s douchy to call yourself a “skateboarder.” Only moms call their kids “skateboarders.” Now we have the guy in the it-was-only-cool-back-in-1999 trucker cap bestowing the highest honor of “yogi” on a bunch of nameless randos. You know, the guy who couldn’t decide which spiritual mala friendship bracelet to wear so just wore them all.

Then we have co-founder of Wanderlust #2, Schuyler Grant…

Having realizations

Having realizations

…who I have no reason to believe isn’t awesome, but kinda rubs my feet the wrong way here. I think it has something to do with this quote:

“To do something inside versus doing something outside is fundamentally extremely different.”

Now, I don’t wanna be a dick about this, ’cause I know all this shite is taken out of context, and what the hell else are you gonna say when someone’s like, “Hey, why do you do yoga outside?” But, I feel like this is one of those moments when yoga culture has to lower the bar so low just so it can succeed at jumping over it. Like, really? There’s something fundamentally extremely different about being outside versus being inside? I wonder what it could be. Could it be…that…you’re…FUCKING OUTSIDE AND NOT INSIDE?

And, what about that whole being outside thing? It’s obviously awesome. I highly recommend it. And, if you’re able, I suggest doing it in a manner similar to this guy:

Being free.

Being free.

Then we have local shaman, Kelly Morris who, I must say, is getting more and more difficult to witness even from a safe distance behind the shimmering pixels of our computer screens.



Obviously she starts off with something about a “call to action,” which I’m still wondering what exactly that means when it comes trickling out of her mouth. But, that’s not all. In this vid we get a shamanic twofer!



Watching Kelly Morris jam out on her baby rattle is the kind of thing that makes me want to end it all and jump off the tallest building into a pit of lava filled with starving lava-crocodiles. Not that I’m against baby rattles, or shamans who use actual shaman rattles to keep your “you” from exploding out your eyeballs while doing plant medicine “work.” But, this…. This is a tough one.

Then there’s all this random talk about “yoga fashion.” At which point my genitals retreat so far into my body that they come spilling out my mouth.


  1. Jeezuz, they must have yoga cocktails, and I think Kelly had a few.

  2. mae

    They are all white people—what city was that?

  3. Well, I can personally tell you it wasn’t Times Square at the Solstice 2013. I finally got a chance to experience that, after all these years. And I saw a sea of un-funked-up, un-distressed Lululemon there … and all races, size diversity, too. What’d they pay for this event?

    Thus, it must be kind of a social class thing (hate to trot that out again), rather than a race thing … back in the ’70s actual college age students with family wealth would wear the most ripped up, faded jeans with rococo fashionings …. and sometimes go faux slumming–even panhandling in the streets … [this had been out in the Denver/Boulder, Colorado area …]

  4. gsil

    Yoga has really morphed into the creepy. Do people really talk like this?

  5. Garuda

    To refer to the dabblers as ‘Yogis’is a little like saying you live in “The Haight”, with the hippies…in 2013

  6. “And, what about that whole being outside thing? It’s obviously awesome. I highly recommend it. And, if you’re able, I suggest doing it in a manner similar to this guy” 😀 big laugh. Thank you.

  7. I Thought They Stopped Making The Good ACID Back In The 60’s. OMG, Cracking Up Again ” Not that I’m against baby rattles, or shamans who use actual shaman rattles to keep your “you” from exploding out your eyeballs while doing plant medicine “work.” ” HahA, lol : O )

    Happy To Say, I Really Don’t Anyone Like This, Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I Know Where They Ruminate, But I Steer Far Away From Anything That Reeks Of Scene.

    Thank You and Keep Having The Best Day Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • amphibi1yogini

      Or, I choose my scene-i-tude carefully. Not to say that I will chase an outdoor class of 4,000 people again, any time soon.

      I am grateful to my Yoga in the Park teacher who’d managed to get me to face my fears of being out in public practicing yoga … aside from bad logistics for years heretofore, Mind over Madness Times Square 2013 got me this year, as stated above.

      But that Yoga in the Park class had been more my speed at 20 students, gotta admit …

  8. Has Kelly Morris been having collagen lip injections? Cause she has serious trout pout!
    We have Wanderlust coming to Montreal up at Mont Tremblant and I know Elena Brower is gonna be there. I’m almost tempted to go to report back here!

  9. When I was growing up, there was a guy named Rene who used to walk around my small town. He was only 40 but looked twice as old as he had been hit by something tragic in Vietnam. The only other person I’ve ever seen walking around a city as much is the Native American dude above. Nice find. Even in January I don’t think he ever wore a shirt.

    • The tragic part is the guy pictured rarely even wears pants. Usually it’s just a Speedo. But, seeing as we were just ta;llking about featuring him at some point, and that very day he rolls up on the block…. Had to obey the omen and put it up as is.

  10. the moment already came

    Baba, I brought you a present:

    Breaking News!!!:
    ALL critical thinking regarding yoga is lame!
    ALL media is awesome!

    I wanted to chew the head off it and leave it on your pillow, like a housecat, but I refrained, so that you could savor every morsel.

    • Thanks, the moment! Peeps been forwarding this to us all morning. Will definitely get to this asap.

    • Greenpoint

      so many words yet she says nothing…typical

    • amphibi1yogini

      It’s not a revolution unless everyone is part of it: my thoughts on elitist yogi’s and the potential of mass media.”

      Oh, what did they used to call that attitude in the 1970s?

      Co-optation !

      It’s like the Lululemon store front with a sign saying, “Occupy Yoga Studios”

      Oh, REALLY ?!???

    • You know there is a good part of me that thinks that Ms. Taylor is right. Through out the years spiritual teachers have had people who have managed schedules and much more and there was no problem (e.g. Swami Stachidananda, Sharon Gannon and David Life, the Pope, the Dalai Lama, if I am not mistaken, has a whole office responsible for scheduling, Bo Lozoff’s wife dedicated most of her time to his scheduling, correspondence and the like). And why shouldn’t these spiritual leaders have someone to do the nitty-gritty stuff while they focus on more important things?

      On the other hand Ms. Taylor’s arguments for her position are hollow (we MUST get everyone to do yoga, so don’t question me…btw, when did yoga mandate evangelism?). In addition her re-structuring (or should I say dumbing down) of the other side’s arguments demonstrates either a lack of respect for others, an inability for critical self-reflection, a certain degree of anti-intellectualism or all three.

      Ultimately, does Yama Talent representing Faith Hunter make me think worse of her or her ability as a teacher? Does it make me think better of Leslie Kaminoff and his teachings? No. However, the more Ms. Taylor speaks and writes the less I think of her…maybe she should hire a management company to take care of that.

      • I agree with you, knittinginc. Helping each other, paying people to do stuff you just don’t feel like doing oncein a while, doing stuff for others that they don’t feel like doing…. It’s all part of it.

        Her justifications are what we love to look at. So… so… what’s the word?

        • The word is: “The 2012 Yoga in America survey states that 16 million (out of 315 million) Americans in the US practice yoga. \\ There is an enormous amount of people who have yet to receive this gift.” Who cares what the BG says about evangelizing. 😉

          (I am in a hurry and cannot find it now, but I am pretty sure that in the BG, Krishna tells Arjuna that to teach someone who does not want to learn is an immoral act and a waste of time.)

      • the moment already came

        I think the important thing to glean from this and ALL of YAMA’s sundry blather is that at the end of the day, Ava Taylor is not representing yoga or yoga teachers. Ava Taylor is representing Ava Taylor.

  11. Tooco

    Kelly Morris: “The most exciting development in yoga wear is the absence of synthetic material”…..
    Is it possible to look at Kelly’s face when she says this and not see the tragic irony?

  12. jorge

    wow YAMA, just wow. so to sum up….no matter what you do or how you do it and for whatever reason, being held accountable for your actions or even pointing out that something you’re doing might be silly or even manipulative is negative. the fact that you’re taking something that is so precious to so many of us and turning it in to a fucking geico commercial is of course positive as long as people are getting “the sacred yoga”, even if it looks more like a freshly co-opted turd in the grass. yoga might not be anyone’s property but its actually not all yoga, babe. if it were all yoga i’d just sit around wearing blankets with raghunath making smoothies and talking about punk rock. pat the snake is always such a downer anyway, takes himself soooo seriously with those long winded sutras. but ya, no. what you’re doing is not heroic, its not being the change you wish to see in the world, its not inherently positive because you wish it to be, and you’re not making a stand for the good of all sentient beings by turning a spiritual discipline in to another product on the shelf to be consumed. check your own self interest in defining yoga the way you are choosing to. thanks.

  13. Garuda

    HEY!!! Sifu, Ragu Baba Shamma Lamma Ding Dong…I only got one thing to say :

  14. amphibi1yogini

    “There is an enormous amount of people who have yet to receive this gift. ”

    Neither YAMA nor any other popularizer of yoga, is in ANY position to tell me just how I, personally, nor any of my heirs or assigns … is to be receiving of this gift.

    Just … NO …

  15. Kimmy J

    Is Kelly rich? I wonder how she and people like her can run around the world and be able to do silly stuff this. Anybody got a scope on how much these yogacelebrities are pulling in a year? I think what we are seeing here in these Wanderlust videos are the 1% of the yoga business.

    • amphibi1yogini

      We already know that Sadie pulled in upwards of $380,000 a year in 2011. Gross earning. And she’s relatively small potatoes.

    • In a Wonderlust talk KM gave once (I believe her most recent one), she mentioned that her father was a very successful finance guy or something like that. I would try to look it up and watch it again to confirm, but I don’t want any more uncanny valley nightmares.

  16. Kimmy J

    ” $380,000 a year in 2011.” Can you confirm that?

  17. gsil

    I bet the major yoga stars are pulling in a half a million a year or more. No wonder they are so happy.

  18. Is this what “Yoga” is becoming? A gathering of self-absorbed hipsters simply wanting to have fun, party, wear cool clothing, and Mala Beads (ohhhhhh….for the “love of Kali” please come down and rid the Universe of the abundance of these faux-spiritual MALA BEADS!)

    This video is self-explanatory showing how “Yoga in America” has become too elitist and out-of-touch! When you hear the Co-Founder of Wanderlust, Sean Hoess (complete with Mala Beads), describe Wanderlust as a 4-day “Festival in a Mountain Resorts” (i.e. Only accessible to “certain” people) with 1-day “Urban Event Model”, i.e. “Let them eat cake” it makes me say……..WTF x1000000?

    So sad as I have friends and fellow Teachers going to Wanderlust Colorado next week and I was contemplating joining them on their Trek just to see what it was like. Now my pre-conceived beliefs are simply reinforced that “I want nothing to do with that BS!”

  19. Greenpoint

    two kinds of people wear sunglasses when they are being interviewed:
    1. blind people
    2. assholes
    that’s all…

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