Whats More Boring than Athletic Wannabe Yoga Companies Suing One Another?

Apparently, Yogitoes, a company that helps make the practice of yoga slightly less slippery for people practicing on iceskating rinks, is suing both Under Armour and Lululemon for infringing on their sticky mat thingy.


In other news, someone farted.

It’s actually unbelievable, even to me, how little I could care about this. Seriously. Like, the other day I sat and watched a traffic light turn from green to yellow to red to green for seventeen hours, and it held my attention in a more riveting capacity than anything having to do with anything concerning a couple of active lifestyle companies suing one another. In fact, the most interesting part of this story is the creepy similarity between the ledes of both Yogadork’s coverage…

“Suing has become commonplace in a time when there are more yoga products, props and whosiwhatsits than we can shake a sticky mat at.”
Yogadork (December 2nd)

…and Yoga Buzz’s coverage.

“It’s becoming commonplace for companies that cater to yoga students to file for patentscopyrightsacquisitions, and lawsuits.”
Yoga Buzz (December 4th)

Ah, the yoga blogosphere. So original commonplace.

One comment

  1. Linda-Sama

    “the yoga blogosphere. So …. commonplace.”

    one of the reasons I got out. 😉

    as for the lawsuits, am so over people saying how “unyogic” it is, how that shouldn’t happen in Yoga. that’s delusional. get over it. business is business, it ain’t personal. I just trademarked my own logo.


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