Illegal Subway Party Makes Yoga in Times Square Look Very Uncool

Gothamist has got a surpisingly long, but fun, read on an illegal abandoned NYC subway terminal party that coincided with the Summer Solstice.

Read the article here. Take a look some pics below:


(Tod Seelie / Gothamist)


(Tod Seelie / Gothamist)


(Tod Seelie / Gothamist)


(Tod Seelie / Gothamist)

This ice cream social is illegal in so many kinds of ways, not the least of which probably has something to do with tresspassing on State property and its relationship to “The War on Terrorism.” And, for that reason it makes me a little giddy.

But, it also got me thinking about commercial yoga culture’s honoring of the Summer Solstice with its annual Yoga in Times Square yogilebrity-a-thon (read: Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman-Yee). Personally, I find ringing the bell of summer’s height antithetical to cherry-picking yogilebs for the spotlight while interweaving said celebs with Athleta/Gap Inc. fashion shows. A curious set of intentions, no, seeing as the Yoga in Times Square schtick is all about finding calm in chaos, a bedraggled trope that needs to be put down, and happens to replicate the very “chaos” that surrounds it. It’s as if commercial yoga culture’s answer to the shreik of commercialism that supposedly sense-rapes humanity, is to replace it with a soy-milky yogic version of the same thing: celebrity yoga culture that runs on DVD sales and workshop/festival tickets, and “yoga fashion” clothing lines. The ads may be designed in softer color pallets, but the noise is still noise.

Weird, right?

I tell you what. Say what you will about hipsters who throw illegal parties in abandoned subway terminals as a form of artyistic expression, but their proposed future is making the apocalypse seem a lot more interesting.


  1. amphibi1yogini

    Now, I feel a little dirty after having attended that class that you mentioned. Yep, there were 4,000 attendees to Rodney and Colleen’s class.

    BUT, I’m not put together like an urban spelunker or parkour traceur .. hat’s off to them (particularly as someone who likes to dance). When I’d first moved back to New York City in 1989 having something north of 35 birthdays under my belt at the time, I could not even climb the steep ladder out of the 66th Street Subway Station .. legal, open, and for subway customer use–in the then-refurbishing station … without huffing and puffing; and holding everybody up …

  2. The P

    I wonder if that’s connected to the old Cobble Hill Tunnel system they take tourists down near Trader Joe’s on Atlantic? I’ve been wanting to check that out but I keep chickening out – claustrophobia. I’ve sampled a few things off of Jeff Stark’s newsletter and they’ve all been pretty amusing and entertaining.

    • Hmmm…. I’ve never been down the Cobble Hill tunnels. But I have participated in a few of Stark’s recommendations. I don’t remember how I got home from any of them.

  3. This reminds me of some of the after-hours secret raves I’d go to in abandoned old usually-condemed buildings back in the day. All the pagan celebrations are coming back in a really fierce way, summer and winter solstices, spring and autumn equinoxes, Beltane, etc. And it’s not just the yoga community cashing in, um, er, I mean celebrating.
    I’m wondering if the yoga community will do anything for that rare diamond tetrahedron/ Star of David/ hexagram astrological formation taking place on July 29th.

  4. Oh, how we love you, EER.

    As for the pagan revival. It is HUGE in Brooklyn. We are very happy to see that. For example, this new VERY HIP “pagan church” in Bushwick. Started by a group out of the Body Actualized space.

    • I love you guys too!
      Body Actualized does sound and look like a cool outfit. That pagan church sounds really swell too. All we’ve got is this poser witchcraft store full of goth kids from the suburbs buying up Baphomet Tarot cards and black candles or middle-aged divorcees who are into doing nekkid rituals when they really shouldn’t be nekkid…

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  6. janeprana

    damn I miss NYC


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