[THE FRIDAY GOOD] Unicorns (and Giant Scary Water Dinosaurs)


If Kronosaurus was so super tough…

And, Helicoprion looked insane even while slightly over-stepping the boundaries of sensible ergonomics…

And, Sarcosuchus was literally a super crocodile, and those little dudes were so super freaked out…

And, Megalodon ate whales. ‘Nuff said…

And, Stethacanthus swam around with two lil’ grassy knolls on it’s body…

Which, oddly enough made him the ancestor of this cozy abode…

Than why the hell is it so hard to believe in unicorns!?

I mean, it’s just a horse with a little tiny horn…

And this oryx has already got two!

F’ that!

I’m believing in unicorns.

They’re this week’s Friday Good.


  1. Chai Fan

    Best.Post.Ever. I just don’t have more to say…

  2. Precisely. I would echo the sentiment for fairies and elves and all other nature spirits.

  3. Mark

    I want “yogijulian”, you know the ‘yogi” of nihilism, to respond.

  4. yogs_muff diver

    Why don’t I believe? Because I know that unicorns are just images cleverly inserted into the brains of killer replicants to give them hope of lasting freedom, that’s why. Sheesh, didn’t you see Blade Runner? It’s a bit like yoga bleaching, I suspect. Which leads me to ask: are the Babarazzi just replicants who, like Decker, simply don’t know they’re replicants? Or is the real problem, in fact, that we are ALL replicants?

  5. Garrett Berhiet

    I believeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


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