[THE FRIDAY GOOD] Bored With Young People So Here’s Some Old People

We’re bored of looking at, talking about, and having to listen to yoga people trying to preserve some weird fantasy called “youth.” Therefore, this week’s Friday Good goes out to the elders.


Be a human and live a life. No big deal.


  1. (sigh)

    “Be a human and live a life. No big deal.”


  2. amphibi1yogini

    I’ve noticed that, in both casual work and higher education environments, only the wealthy and the old were allowed to dress as expensive, chic or retro as much as they want … probably not such a boon for the elderly, as they are likely to be allowed to the extent that they actually are ignored … I am getting to elderly very rapidly, btw

  3. amphibi1yogini

    And comedic drag queens, such as Dame Edna Everidge will still be their competition. But they will be allowed and encouraged to dress like (s)him even if they are not wealthy … (so long as they could afford the clothes themselves …)

  4. Yoga Whelp

    Gorgeous dames, man. Who needs deconstruction when you have the ineffable wisdom of longevity? Your best Friday Good ever. Thank you.

  5. ljc

    As someone between 50 and death (love that!) thank you for posting this!

  6. I’ve learned so much about self-acceptance from the elders I work with.

    • Yoga Whelp

      Please! I started learning from “the elders” at age 5, just by having my beautiful grandparents in my life. I hear you, but really, let’s not credit “yoga” for something that simply being “present” and “connected” to your own life in a very basic way naturally teaches us.

      If you didn’t have that experience, I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe you did, you just don’t remember it. In any event, if you want to learn about elders’ self-acceptance, there are so many ways to connect to it. Above all, don’t to try to “teach” elders anything, especially yoga. Really, your main job is to LISTEN.

      Yoga’s marketing “over-reach” is becoming truly repulsive. And I mean, at a deep, deep level of the soul. Pretty soon, people will be claiming they learned how to think, thanks to yoga. That yoga taught their heart how to beat. That they could never have become a parent – or enjoyed a kiss – without their yoga.

      This is spiritual fascism conducted by calisthenic storm-troopers in their Lulu brown-shirts, backed by greedy, self-serving corporate moguls. These people could care less about life as it really is, and is really lived. It’s Infinity Drool.

      Have a beautiful Sunday

      • Dyspeptic Skeptic

        As someone who has vehemently taken issue with you on occasion, I could not agree with you more with the content of some of your latest posts.

        • Yoga Whelp

          Thanks very much, DS. I confess, I do get carried away at times. I guess my “dharma” makes me do it? God, I love yoga-speak, it’s so……flexible. (lmao). Enjoy your posts, too. Best, YW

      • amphibi1yogini

        Love the brown-shirt reference … history repeats itself.


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