[THE FRIDAY GOOD] These Videos Featuring Angolan Kuduro Dance Culture /// Also a Touch of Siva-Shakti

A DJ culturist with an ear for transcontinental beats may recognize this Buraka Som Sistema tune featuring cult diva, M.I.A., along with some serious Angolan kuduro dance culture.

It would take a robust PhD thesis (that would ultimately be incredibly drab) to explain all that goes into making up kudoro dance music. I’d like to give you an idea of what it is. I’d like to tell you “It’s African break dancing,” but that’s ridiculous. I’ll just let you read the wiki page for the origins and odd artistic lineages that ultimately become kuduro.

I also wanted to share another kuduro video, because this one’s got a little Kali-arousing-Siva bit around both the 8-second mark, as well as the 32-second mark. Check it:


The other, secret, part of this Friday Good is knowing how many members of the Great White Race got nervous watching those videos, thinking, “Shit. It would take, like, thirty-four local guides, twenty hidden fanny packs, and a bullet proof chartered bus to make me feel safe in those ‘hoods.”

Ahahahahehehehehe… I just made myself laugh.

Ok. Have a good weekend.


  1. Fucking insane. Thank you.

  2. Thaddeus

    Dude…I gots to be honest. I’m soooo white I started looking under the bed just watchin’ those mad vibrations. Well done.

  3. Greenpoint

    awesome….never felt pastier however…

  4. Yoga Whelp

    I know all things Black and African are by definition “hip” and “cool”…..but it’s hard to moonwalk and watusi while doing a Zombie shuffle. 0.28 to 0.35 (video 1) is flat-out Zombie mayhem. Is the Walking Dead on location in Angola? Those Horrible Hybrids! It all started with Disco Yoga, and now it’s spreading everywhere…


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