[THE STAR TREATMENT] Astrology Reading for Week of 12/2/12

Okay, I know you darlings just want to read about your Sun signs, but why settle for a banana when you can have the whole tree? Here’s some straight-up astrological advice for the week that everyone could use.


The moon travels through Leo, Virgo and Libra this week, highlighting our emotional preoccupation with how we are (or aren’t) creatively expressing our individual gifts through our work and relationships. There are times to be quietly introspective, and there are times to reach out and learn through relating. This is one of the latter. I encourage you to give generously of your time and energy, and take note of what comes back to you. It will tell you a lot about the people in your life, but it will tell you even more about yourself. By the weekend you may even be able to see that you’re looking at a mirror encompassing your entire visual field. The truth is, this is all you’re ever looking at, but you like to pretend it’s not. Observe carefully. If you can get past the bad hair day, you may catch a good clear glimpse of your newly awakening consciousness.

With Uranus and Pluto still locked in a square, the tension between traditional power structures and independent thinking continues its standoff. Evidence of this abounds in the world around us, but are you paying attention to how it’s currently playing out inside of you? Especially while Mars is adding fuel to the fire, your habitual patterns of mind are probably duking it out, leaving you no option of “business as usual.” The relevant concern here is how you can use this to your advantage. I would imagine that if you’re not taking some kind of conscious action to transform that unconscious hamster-mill thinking, your anxiety is king. Listen to me when I say you can’t afford to waste that much energy anymore. Try to pull back your awareness and just watch the bloody fight for a while. Then, decide on one specific intervening action that takes actual courage on your part but that doesn’t cause you to hyperventilate. Do that and see what happens.


And while we’re on the subject of intervention, Saturn, Venus and Mercury are currently journeying together through Scorpio, sure to bring up whatever you’ve been trying to hide. Like your stepchildren at Christmas, these shadow aspects rearing their needy little heads are only “ugly” because you’ve decided to hate them. What would happen if, against all logic, you decided to love them? Try it.

Now go have a week and enjoy the ride.

Thrilled with the wonders of GPS, but impatiently trying to dictate every turn of your career? It looks like a major lesson for you right now, Aries, is that you can only get so far doing everything your own way. And you know, sometimes all it takes to win real allies is to let them go first every once in a while. The results may surprise you.

Have you ever caught yourself attaching an aspect of who you think you are to an object you own? Like your sexiness to those Louboutains? Or your intellectual credibility to your Noam Chomsky collection? Next time you catch yourself, I recommend giving the attached item away. Scorpio is asking you to really become conscious of why deep partnership is so challenging, and sometimes your stuff creates more psychic clutter than you realize. Like that $500 juicer you’ve never used.

If you’re feeling a little more sensitive than usual these days, it’s because you should be. Now is the time to commit to a daily routine that takes care of your physical (and therefore emotional) self. What do you value the most? I’d say sleep should be right up there. Put away the gadgets. You’re wired enough already.

Try to use this dreamy state you find yourself in to get in touch with your deep motivation to be a creator in this world. What are you here to express and communicate? Partnership won’t answer this question for you, so don’t get too comfortable. Sometimes, Cancer, you must leave the house to get the bigger picture.

Your inner child needs you. They have something to say, but you have to be ready to listen. And when I say listen, I don’t mean like an actor waiting to say their next line – I mean like drinking a glass of water. And when I say water, I don’t mean Vitamin Water. Or Poland Spring. Or even coconut water. Do you seriously believe all those plastic bottles get recycled? Time to get back to your roots. And there’s a faucet in the kitchen.

I know it can be difficult for you to accept that a powerful new way of thinking could seep up into your consciousness without any deliberate effort on your part, Virgo, but that’s exactly what you need to allow right now. Don’t worry about how you’re going to use it. Sometimes, life works a lot better when we stop analyzing everything and just live in the mystery. Believe me when I say that Google is not always your friend.

That tension between wanting a lot of freedom and feeling burdened by other people’s values is pulled taut these days. But is there a way to reconcile the two? First and foremost, Libra, you must stay married to your own values, even if those-who-seem-to- be-making-the-decisions don’t understand them. Your material self-worth is in the midst of a transformation. Remember, the world is your oyster; it just might appear more like a tofu scramble.

In working toward becoming a master, one must know one’s own limitation. With your entire sense of self being tested right now, you have an opportunity to become better acquainted with your own limitations. And as you grapple with the challenges of making necessary adjustments, it’s a good idea to remember that greater, often unknown forces are there to help you. If the money is clean, I suggest you accept it.

Depending on where we are in any given life cycle, parts of us are expanding while others are contracting. Right now, your unconscious mind is in a state of expansion, meaning there is a lot of deep patterning ready to be unearthed and brought out into the light for investigation and integration. The challenge is to get down and do it. Sometimes the furthest you ever have to travel to see something exotic is into your own mind.

Have you ever thought about what your future purpose is, Capricorn? Is what you want to leave behind on this earth based on your highest ideals? Think about Seventh Generation. While their paper products may be recycled, is it wise to even be leaving them behind at all? Just some food for thought. Remember, your life is temporary, to be filled with integrity. Your future purpose is everlasting.

You know how when you’re setting out to create something – a piece of art, a new relationship, anything – the first round of ideas must inevitably get tossed so that you can get to the good stuff? Embrace that messiness. New creations should move society forward, and that takes a commitment to the creative process. You know better than anyone that the iPad Mini isn’t moving society forward – I think that was a first-rounder that didn’t get tossed.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that when you feel so at one with everything, you still have prejudices. But you are not immune, Pisces. While you may value oneness, do you also value diversity? This is a good time for you to do some research. Something transformative is happening in your understanding of the bigger picture, and it has to do with a deeper acceptance of the paradox we live in.


anna_k1 Anna Christina Kennedy is a New York City based astrologer who lives for beauty in all of its seeming contradictions, and who quite simply finds the art of astrology to be one of the utmost vehicles of expression for it. She shares with her clients a deep and intuitive understanding of health, informed by a varied and extensive background in psychology, philosophy, meditation, art and body intelligence. Visit Blueprint Astrology for more.


  1. Greenpoint

    I live in a state of permanent confusion as my birthdate is May 21st…does that mean I’m a Taurus or a Gemini?

  2. Anna Christina Kennedy

    Since you’re on the cusp, you just need to do your chart to be sure, as it’s dependent on year and time. For a quick and easy fix to that conundrum, go here: http://www.astro.com/cgi/ade.cgi

  3. this isn’t very funny

  4. julian walker

    i agree it isn’t very funny or ironic. 😉 curious about why you chose in all sincerity to include astrology on a site seeming dedicated to taking down the pretentiousness and superficiality of modern spirituality/yoga..

    • Yeah. We don’t find astrology to be inherently pretentious or superficial.

      • (sigh)

        There’s so often that moment when you’re a little tipsy at a party you almost decided not to come to, but then you suddenly find yourself in the most lovely conversation with someone you’ve never met. They seem brilliant. Articulate. You find yourself agreeing with practically every word that comes out of their mouths. You’re really making a connection. Then… they make a comment that they don’t realize is casually racist. Nothing that bad. The kind of opinion that’s pretty common for humans really. Just something they have always felt and never really examined. They expect you to just agree with them cause it’s the sort of thing everyone knows is true.

        Or worse…

        They casually mention 9/11 was an inside job. ‘I mean, like… how can we be SURE that men landed on the moon?’ Maybe they suggest that the problem you didn’t know you had is caused by all of the toxins in your body. ‘You should totally come to hot yoga with me. It can cure cancer.’

        You decide you were better off at home. Parties in the end always suck.


        Astrology is less expensive but much more pretentious “Spiritual Cubes”. Pseudoscience is pseudoscience. Selling people who are scared and insecure boxes of nothing is shitty no matter the packaging. Granted… humans tend to be shitty. But we don’t have to be.

        I’ll will grant you that Anna Christina Kennedy is very easy on the eyes. She’ll go far in the spiritual racket.

      • (sigh)

        Oh, I agree! Science is nothing but “maybe”.

        If a better way to understand the data appears… I throw out everything I’ve ever believed in an instant. And if the next day someone presents a better model for understanding… then I throw out what I’ve believed for that one day. And one and on and on.

        A good scientist sits in the present believing nothing. Only trying to create the best possible model for understanding phenomena. But she never forgets they are only models. And hopefully never loses the appreciation for how beautiful and funny and sad and wonderful the phenomena are.

        Good scientists also tend to get their hackles up when they see otherwise intelligent, lovely people being sold snake oil.*

        *See: 99 out of 100 yoga teachers and “spiritual” leaders

  5. Yoga Whelp

    I think you should probably wait to soften us up a while longer before subjecting us to your favorite friends and causes? Clearly there is no irony at all in your promotion Anna Kennedy. But don’t worry: before long, we should be feeling as a helpless to resist as a Yoga Dork reader….

  6. sweet pea

    Yoga Whelp- “Favorite friends and causes”? Hey, I appreciate this post and regardless of what anyone thinks about the merits of astrology, it can be a very beneficial tool in the right hands. Did you actually read the article? Did any of it not make sense for what is going on for you this week? I thought it was bang on and maybe what she says- “the tension between traditional power structures and independent thinking continues its standoff. Evidence of this abounds in the world around us, but are you paying attention to how it’s currently playing out inside of you? ” is just what your reacting against….!

  7. I kept reading and hoping this was going to get ironic? Astrology? Really? I like to consider spiritual ideas, but don’t like pseudoscience…

    To quote Carl Sagan – “It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.”

    • Don’t hold your breath. Irony is for hipsters. And, science *is* “pseudoscience.” All just ways of meaning making.

      • Meaning making? Meaning making got us to the moon, vaccinated against small pox and created the computers that are allowing us to have this conversation from different sides of the world. What has astrology accurately predicted?

        Don’t want to get into anything, all good for you to believe this if it works for you. Just not my cup of tea!

        • “Science,” as we in the West would typically defined it, has gotten us into many situations, both good (fixing broken arms) and bad (putting broken arms in restrictive casts). It, like everything else, is a mixed bag. I just happen to appreciate a number of lenses through which to view the world and organize/dis-organize its sign and symbols. “Science” is, literally, just one of them.


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