Shiva Rea’s Teacher Training Includes AMAZING Breasts

Along with being—hands down!—the most flowy vinyasa flow-tastic flow-fest I have ever seen in my entire life, this promo video for Shiva Rea’s teacher training program also contains some of the most enticing yoga boobs I have ever had the pleasure of laying my virginal eyes on.

Now, go on…. I’m listening…


  1. Carlos da Silva

    oh brother…. what the heck going on with the Yoga community?

  2. chan

    she’s awesome. who cares about the body parts.

  3. Saskia

    with all due respect
    Siva has a lovely practice, but she is also a [ed. omission], who does not follow her own preachings (just look at her corporate empire), and she seriously needs to shut about talking about things she knows nothing about (ever been to a workshop of hers talking about energy 🙂
    and yes, sex sells…
    it seems as if showing boobs was allowed, touching is not (see John Friend)


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