Some Yoga People are Insanely Loveable /// Has Yoga Ninja, Travis Elliot, Met His Match?

Watch this….

What can I say? We here at The Babarazzi have a soft spot for yoga people like Mark Giubarelli (who sometimes does yoga in combat boots and a leather bracelet. Call it “The Travis Eliot Complex,” but we can’t but help rooting for underdogs like “The Giub,” even if he’s one of those three-legged underdogs shooting for the celebriyogi crown of glory slightly off balance, but frickin’ cute as hellz!



Then again, maybe we love The Giub because we share his tastes in modestly dressed females, and appreciate his incorporation of said females into his Miami Beach series of videos. The modestly clad female below does us a solid by fixing her bikini top multiple times. Gracias for that…

Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 7.03.33 PM

Or, maybe we love The Giub ’cause he makes cute lil’ yoga trading cards….


“Revolving Cobra?”

Either way, homeboy lives in Hollywood now, so….


You know….


I suppose having a lemon tree in your backyard is kinda baller.

Ain’t that right, Mr. Travis Eliot?


You think you’re tough? Tough enough to go beyond the max? Think again, Mr. Sensitive.


The Giub is taking no prisoners.


  1. At least he admitted the Miami version of his yoga was dancey …
    So many yoga teachers will teach a really slow harsh flow, then throw in ballet-like moves …
    And still calling it “yoga”.
    And being all self-righteous about what they teach, wearing their lineage banner like a family crest.
    Having real-life surnames that belied their ethnicity too (with their own family crests) by the way
    This guy seems self-effacing enough.
    That must be the key.

  2. Chai Fan

    Three legged dogs and puppies are the best! Such Champions!

  3. He seems to be down with taking the piss out of the cliches around the yoga scene and yoga teachers methods of branding themselves (i.e promo videos of vinyasa flows in “exotic” locales, hot models). That’s cool.
    3-legged doggies are indeed champs. So are some paralyzed ones.

  4. Oh my Lord! I am at this very moment shredding one of my husband’s old socks to try and re-create that black bathing suit that The Giub’s lady friend is wearing in the FIRST video!

    • amphibi1yogini

      Down in Miami, the Cubans called that a tonga !

      • Yoga Whelp

        South Beach is a scream. The women spend an hour getting made up just so they can shop for tofu at Wild Oats, which is like Whole Foods for people who think Whole Foods is slumming it. Take that principle and apply it to the yoga culture. Then again, don’t. It’s too scary.

  5. Garuda

    Down in Miami, those yogis are modestly attired. Shaven, tanned, youthful. The human form is wonderful to watch, no? As cute as he, and /or she is, someone, somewhere is tired of putting up with his,and/or her sh*t.

  6. Mellie

    I like this dude, he’s non-threatening, non-preachy, non-serious, and heck, non-yoga too!
    I’d have a cup of Hollywood chai with him anyday, I had a smile on my face the whole vid through.

    • Yoga Whelp

      “I like this dude, he’s non-threatening, non-preachy, non-serious, and heck, non-yoga too!
      I’d have a cup of Hollywood chai with him anyday, I had a smile on my face the whole vid through.”

      I can’t think of a single yogini I could say this about. Guys in yoga tend to rock. This is true of every “minoirty” group in a “majority” culture. Just to be there, and to stay there, they have to be cut above. Besides how much of stretch is it for a woman to become a yoga woman – it’s just her standing on a soap box on steroids. For guys, it reflects real development.

  7. Yoga death-match time? Scottish geezer wins, hands down. Probably comes from Glasgow.

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