“Keep God Funky” /// Words of Wisdom from NYC’s Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio


I’m not sure what to make of the fact that more than a few people passed along this flier(?) to us featuring Laughing Lotus founder, Dana Trixie Flynn, along with the words “Keep God Funky.” I think peeps were expecting us to shit our pants over this, or start getting all Hyatt Hotel on the LL Empire. But, the truth is, there ain’t much of what LL does that’ll even make us take our fingers out of our butts. The fingers are staying there, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

[A head’s up to anyone not from this town of NYC: Laughing Lotus is a yoga studio in the city. The end.]

Apparently, the much ado about nothing has something to do with the idea that this flier seems to suggest that Dana is somehow either

  • A. God, or
  • B. an ambassador for God.

Well, guess what? Since God is All and All is God, we’re going with the elusive letter C.

  • C. Dana is a business owner, and fliers like this are how business owners keep people interested in what is thoroughly uninteresting.

But think about it. Can you imagine how many “inspiration altars” this lil’ number is gonna show up on? Tuck it in between that seashell from Ft. Tilden….

Hipsters ruin beaches

Hipsters ruin beaches

…and that piece of “found art” from Dead Horse Bay, and you got yourself one hell of a monument to the mundane, kid!

Oh, but but don’t be so subtle, Babs. How do you really feel about the “Family” of Goof?

Well, let me see…. You know how cool Americans are awesome and inspiring, but loud Americans are embarrassing and totally awful?

Oh no you didn’t.

I just did.

Anyway, here’s what we believe a “funky God” would sound like were It not spending half the day contemplating Its own too-late “sleeve:”

Or, of course this insanity (watch through and be amazed):

See? People from California do have something to offer this precious Union.


  1. What is thoroughly uninteresting to many is not God as a concept, but a yoga class that beats us over the head with talk about God and spirituality during it …
    I don’t think most people stay too interested in that … so that is what has to be kept “funky” … for business …

    Great music, reminds me of the ’60s .. you know, the part I was too much of a “straight” and too young, to “get” at the time …

  2. Greenpoint

    after I watched the last video I totally forgot what the original post was about (thankfully), awesome…the key to little catch phrases like that is that they be “catchy”, but utterly meaningless/empty, ie “just do it”, or “support the troops”…

  3. Garuda

    What the Hell is Hella. Pat Metheny shreds all ovah these dudes

  4. Yoga Whelp

    Poor Dana seems to be in a modified “Straitjacket Pose”? I applaud any yogilebrity who can so honestly represent his or her relationship to the Universe.

  5. Yoga Whelp

    The best part of your posting may be the hommage to the King of Soul, James Brown, in the middle of his trademark performance of “Please, please, please”. I might have been more impressed with Dana if she’d worn a cape.

  6. Mahangun Kaur

    And I’ve got to share one of these women…. just saw them live… fantastic!

  7. itstrue

    Hmmm, I have been to laughing lotus before and I am not surprised that Dana believes she is either or both, the voice piece of God or God shimself! The level of narcissistic worship that surrounds that studio is deep and profound. Filled with larger than life personalities and very loud and “funky” classes. Having made an object to place on her students alter doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  8. gross

    somehow kelly morris makes dana seem slightly tolerable. but yea, i don’t at all get what is the point of this “flyer”. i would say GOD created funky and doesn’t need any help “keepin funky”. and what does yoga and funk have to do with each other anyway? it would be cool if it just said, “keeping yoga rajasic” or “keeping money in my bank account via GOD!” ….

  9. Dyspeptic Skeptic

    Dana has always reminded me a bit of Janis Joplin, now I know why:

  10. Really? Dana is a funk God? Where the hell does that place George Clinton? Grand Funk Railroad?

  11. HA! I LOVE THIS FLYER! God is whatever you want/need and most definitely funky!


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