Shiva Rea Has a New Book /// Will it Be a Pop Up Book is the Real Question

Good morning, everyone! Hope the East Coasters are remembering how to dress in the new cold of this year’s winter. If you’re feeling a bit unsure, don’t despair. Apparently, Shiva Rea has a new book that’s just been finished titled, Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Rhythm with the Pulse of Life. At a whopping 271 pages, the hefty tome took eighteen months to finish. In her recent Facebook update Rea credits many people for its completion, including famed tantric translator of the “Yoga Spandakarika,” Daniel Odier. Sadly, as of this report, only about 75 people have “liked” the post on Facebook.

We can’t find much else out about the book, but it looks like it has something to do with her “Tending the Sacred Fire Living Yoga Sadhana Online TeleCourse.” With most of this commercial yoga stuff, it’s actually hard to tell what’s what, as the branding and marketing of differing projects will often interweave and morph into one another. We should probably discuss this in one of our upcoming podcasts. If I’m able to keep Chickie from forever veering into discussions of her porn habits, maybe we will!

Anyway, you’d think Rea would be some seriously low hanging fruit on this here site, but for some reason we let the ol’ timer slide. I think at first we were thinking she’d be mentioned in every post we put up, but something about how ridiculously insane her “flow” style of yoga is just keeps us scratching our head. Also, sometimes things like this can be read within the context of other things like this. So, when you pair this up against something like NY/SF Laughing Lotus “Lotus Flow,” you start to think, Oh, maybe Shiva Rea is really the innovator here, and the others are just trying to catch up.

See what I mean…



  1. Yoga Dude

    When I look at the first image pair, all I can think of is Mr. Hand giving Shiva a verbal dressing down and then enjoying a nice slice of pizza.

    My brain needs an enema.

  2. D

    Weak post. Shiva Rea is (and has been for many years) trying to share yoga in a way that’s intelligent yet accessible. Whether or not you think she’s done a good job, surely you can do better than aimlessly making fun of the way she looks.

    You should go back to writing interesting and insightful critiques of yogalebrity culture.

    • I thought we gave shiva quite a bit of room here. We’re just chattin ‘.

    • Itstrue

      D, I don’t think the post was weak at all. I think it actually points to how Rea is the mother of Flow, and that most vinyasa adaptations have “flowed” off her inspired moves. It’s actually interesting to see the lineage of her style as it has morphed into yoga-type-dance moves from other styles, like laughing lotus. And Sean Penn is cute! No insults there.

  3. The Rea/Spicoli connection is uncanny and undeniably complimentary.

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