Babarazzi Podcast Trailer #1 /// Chickie Goldman Mic Check

Look at us! We’re doing voice tests for our upcoming Babarazzi podcasts. Listen in as Baba comrade, Chickie Goldman, mic checks on harassment, missed trains, and bum f’ing. What better way to spend the great Frankenstorm hatch battening!


  1. Thaddeus

    Wow! Well Babs, I don’t know what it is…I don’t know if it’s my move to CO, the impending doom facing the east coast or the start of Kartika, but this brought a little tear to my eye. Oh wait, no, I know what it is. It’s the sheer beauty of imagining what the Babarazzi will be able to pull off in their exploration of this new media. Bravo!

  2. He made me laugh–good start.

    I don’t get this stuff on the screen though, it has nothing to do with the voiceover past 0:48, when the runner stumbles …

    [Hey, maybe that’s the point]

  3. gross

    omg too hilarious. i totally recognize your voice BABA.

  4. Chai Fan

    The juxtaposition of ripping apart a quote from Boulder yoga teacher (Amy I.?) and the QWOP guy falling back again and again is brilliant. Thanks for the Frankenday laugh!

  5. Thaddeus: Thanks, son. It’s probably a combo effect happening. Although, never underestimate the power of a cross-country move.

    amphibi: Probably.

    Wondering: Love the happy mistakes.

    gross: I doubt that.

    Chai: Is there anything QWOP can’t make awesome?!

  6. Greenpoint

    well, great to hear about the podcast idea, but the disguising of the voice makes it hard to listen to, its like you/guest has a really, really bad cold, uncomfortable to listen to honestly….personally couldn’t listen to that for long….

  7. I absolutely LOVE it. The voice makes me giggle. Boulder. Tell me about it. I was distraught it was over so soon. Sandy makes me Randy. I’ll be waiting for more….

  8. Babs, I hope you guys are OK after Frankenstorm?


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