[TRICK QUESTION] Ducks Meet Wind /// What is the Significance of This Video in Light of the Recent Election?

We decided to post this video the night of the election, before the results were given. Depending on the context, this video’s meaning just keeps changing!

And, no, it can’t be a metaphor for “staying the course.” Come on!


  1. the moment already came

    Pretty sure it means:

    Politics really blows. If we’re gonna get anywhere, it’s gonna take every last motherducking one of us.

  2. Yoga Whelp

    It looked like a yoga class for tots…..or maybe, seniors.

  3. Yoga Dude

    when nature sends a big wind your way, it is up to you to pick yourself up and return to your path.

  4. Quacks leading the quacks.

  5. All very good responses! I was just really getting into how at 00:26 that one lil dude checks in on it’s lil dude friend to make sure all was dope, and then everyone gets back to the task at hand: waddlin’.

  6. Ducks will be ducks. Wind will be wind. Full of shit Mitt can suck the Devils Tit(s). I l


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