What Our Friends Think We Do…. /// Fun With Memes



  1. Closet Sivanandis with publishing jobs, living in a co-op sublease in BK …

  2. Greenpoint

    ah, trying to put people off your scent…not going work I’m afraid…

  3. Creepily over the line on the critics photo Baba, especially if you live in a town where the KKK is still around, as I do. They won’t let blacks buy real estate, the cops always stop them for “driving while black” and the bartenders smash their glasses at the local bar while screaming to get out and never come back, etc.

    Your critics keep your thinking muscular. They make it better – they aren’t gormless idiots.

  4. No, no. I don’t think you have any of those. I just don’t like the bartenders who won’t let the cute, cut guys drink at the corner bar.

  5. When trying not to ruffle feathers , don’t lay egg close to home.

  6. novecho

    i thought the whole purpose of this shindig was to ruffle feathers and have a few laughs. My mistake

  7. I can only deduce from all this that your friends must be right and you wear super cute sexy high-cut lycra leotards when you practice? I do too!


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