Gotta Do What’s Gotta Be Doing


The Babarazzi is taking a break to give attention to some stuff.

See you when the waters settle.


  1. chiara

    have you been sued?

  2. Sleep well Vishnu. Dream us a beautiful Universe!

  3. Greenpoint

    Happiness takes a lot of work…

  4. Natalie

    I like the above comment….happiness takes a lot of work….be happy.
    Look forward to the return of The Babarazzi, when you are able.

  5. Janet

    Was it Bob’s fault?

  6. itstrue

    I will miss you, come back soon.

  7. Nick

    Best of luck to you all.

  8. The P

    Come back soon!

  9. CJ Potts

    But who will keep us informed about the deformed spirituality of these self inducted yoga “leaders”/”shamans”/”teachers”? Come back soon. We need you.

  10. BigSister

    Then, I’ll just share this podcast from Bitch Magazine, Rethinking Yoga.


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