[YOGA BLEACHING?] Apparently These Juil Sandals Will Reconnect You to the Earth /// Shiva Rea Thinks So

Speaking of feet:

So let’s see. What is this video telling us?

  1. For hundreds of thousands of years our bodies were in tune with the rhythms of the Earth.
  2. Yoga is a practice that is done barefoot, and thus reconnects us to the ground.
  3. We can’t just walk around barefoot.
  4. Juil Sandal technology allows us to recharge from the loss of our natural connection to the Earth.
  5. Gold is the color of the Sun.
  6. In yoga gold is the color of shakti.
  7. When women wear gold they connect to their own radiance.
  8. If you’re a yoga practitioner, it’s important to connect to the Earth.

And, Juil Sandals help us do that how? (From the website):

Our exclusive Energy Flow Technology™ channels the rejuvenating energies inherent in the earth’s surface. That’s what our copper conductors are all about.

The surface of the earth is teeming with a continuous supply of electrons. Unfortunately, we do things that insulate or disconnect us from the earth’s surface, such as wearing standard shoes that stop this necessary flow of electrons into our bodies.

When we’re not insulated from these electrons, we literally quench the free radicals that accumulate in our bodies each day. Where do these free radicals come from? Everything from stress and man-made electromagnetic fields to toxins, infections and poor diets — all of which contribute to chronic inflammation.

Before any of our cynical guffawing readers start taking pot shots at Shiva Rea‘s seemingly verbose appreciation of the qualities of Juil Sandals, let’s be clear. We at the BabaHQ don’t have a problem with any of the claims being made here. We certainly don’t know enough about copper or “Exclusive Energy Flow Technology” to make a big fat deal. In fact, we’re just as happy to lay in a room filled with smokey quartz as the next person. It all works for us!

Just wondering whether or not this ad is an ad for sandals that uses yoga as a marketing tool, or is it an ad for Shiva Rea that uses Juil Sandals as a vehicle for self promotion. Or both!

We think it’s both, with a healthy dose of yoga bleaching. Do you?

Better still. Does anyone rock the Juil Sandal? Certainly look comfy enough….


yoga bleaching: 1. a form of marketing in which yoga or an image of yogic lifestyle is used to make an otherwise unrelated product appear to be in line with yogic principles. 2. the act of using yoga or an image of yogic lifestyle to sell an unrelated product. 3. a form of spin or marketing intended to deceive consumers into believing that a product is related to yogic practice or theory when in fact it is not.


Many thanks to one of our readers for passing this along.


  1. Yoga Dude

    Copper wrapped in an insulator as a pathway to the earth. Somewhere an electrical engineer quietly stands in judgement.

  2. Garuda

    Whoring yoga out as a shill for crappy sandals. Way to go Shiva Rae. You just knocked your own credibility below the level of Yoga Journal.

  3. Pranama Red

    Gold is the color of what you are being paid.

  4. If he were around, I would have asked Tesla about the copper-earth thingamajiggy, he would have known.
    I wouldn’t ask Shiva Rae.

  5. wondering

    fancy flip flops for only 120-130$$$, get a couple pairs to match your yoga outfits!!!! so cute, they would look great at the latest festivals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. gross

    wow, listening to her speak DISconnects me from everything, especially her. i love how these “masters” just throw around key words over and over and think they make sense. Reconnecting, earth, shakti, flow, ROOTS!, ancestors, earth!, ABUNDANCE!, ONENESS, recharge!, pizza!, puppies!, ganesh!, hari bol!, sandals!, JULI!, SHIVA REA!, subways!,….. barf.

  7. Or you could just walk around in bare feet for $0.

  8. wondering

    but if you wore them to a hot yoga class you could really connect to a tremendous amount of resources and use them in abundance and manifest pure true waste and be one with greed and and and …the possibilities for store bought enlightenment are infinite!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. MarianneCT

    A good friend owns a pair of these sandals (the non-Shiva touted version), and swears they are insanely comfortable. I’ve tried hers on and agree to a reasonable extent. They are very nice. Not convinced about the energy grounding thing.

  10. Linda-Sama

    I think the ancient sramanas who broke from the Vedic rituals to use the bodies and minds as laboratories for what we now call Yoga cultivated Energy Flow Technology™ a long, long, time ago….like app. 800 BCE, Shiva honey….. just sayin’.

  11. Linda-Sama

    p.s. hmmmmm…..funny how I never saw the naga babas wearing these fancy ass flip flops at the Kumbh Mela….you know….those real deal yogis who still live up in the Himalayas….hmmmm…….

    • Yeah. It’s like, copper is cool. Sandals are cool. Yoga is cool. But maybe they don’t always have to merge to form a super cool something or other. Maybe things just are cool. Know wha’mean?

  12. “All actions are judged by the motive prompting them”

  13. Erica DiCaro

    Can you wear them in a lightning storm?

  14. Garuda

    YES wear them doing handstands in a lightning storm. Get Grounded…literally

  15. yogs_muff diver

    She scares the shit out of me,. Literally. There’s something skeletal and ghoulish about her manner. She may be some kind of mummy – and I don’ t mean my beloved, long-lost mummy. While I’m listening to her, my soul starts to scream. A silent scream. Did I just drink a cup of Clorox, thinking it was water? My legs start to wobble, I feel the chills, my ass starts to gurgle, then explodes.. I have Shiva Rea.

  16. DeDee

    Let’s see..Lulu top $70, Lulu pants $96, Jade Mat $90, Yogitoes non-skid towel $90, Juli sandals $130, drop in yoga class $15… add a headband and you top $500… not much left to spend on the other 7 limbs, oh well………..

  17. Julie

    Another yoga freak show. Make it stop!

  18. The only thing worse than woo-woo yoga-ifying is the pseudo-scientific goo that spews forth when people want to make a sale. “Copper wrapped in an insulator”??? I teach basic science including making batteries out of stuff in your house, to kids. One of my 9 year olds could explain why this is the height of silliness. Not only that, but the stuff about disconnecting from the gravitational pull of the earth? Dear Shiva, if the earth is strong enough to keep the Pyramids from falling off into the stratosphere, and gentle enough to keep the atmosphere from flying off into the (well) atmosphere, I think you need not worry about getting lost in orbit. Perhaps you might sit though, and consider why you feel the need to convince others that they have some problem that can only be solved by buying some product instead of recommending they save their money and take a slow walk around the block, or visit a local park if they need to reconnect with the planet. It is, after all, right here and free.

    • “Perhaps you might sit though, and consider why you feel the need to convince others that they have some problem that can only be solved by buying some product instead of recommending they save their money and take a slow walk around the block, or visit a local park if they need to reconnect with the planet. It is, after all, right here and free.”

      Well said.

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