YogaNation Loses a Member /// We BACK!!!!

First, thank you thank you thank you to everyone who sent us well wishes during our time away from the site. A little personal business needed attending to and just so happened to coincide with a much needed break, along with a heatwave that was killing our indoor work buzz. But, here we are, back at it. Thanks for sticking around!


Well, well, well. What do we have here?

Last time we checked in with our favorite caravan of silly heads we were counting five silly heads. There was Dana Flynn repping the nut job circuit, Raghu repping the tatty elder circuit, Faith Hunter standing in for all those unknowns out there, Sadie Nardini still pushing this totally stupid stupid stupid rockstar BS, and David Regelin working the I’m serious, no I’m really serious angle. But, now look. Something’s missing! Mr. Regelin is gone!

Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun……


Now, those of you who have stuck around know that we could really care less about “the true story” when it comes to celebrity yoga teachers. Truth is, there ain’t no “true story” when it comes to spectacle. It’s all just promo stacked on top of promo on top of more promo. There’s just no damn truth, I say! (shaking fist at air). So, we’d rather just speculate. In fact, let’s just call this “speculative journalism.” Sounds good, right? Speculative journalism.

So, in the name of speculative journalism, what made David Regelin leave this dream team of yogic mastery? Did having to listen to these nincompoops on the daily start to eat away at his soul?

I mean, can you imagine having to ride in a van with this….




and this….


going on in the back seat all weekend? I’d wanna freak out and jump off a bridge, too.

Or, was having to pose like a Sears catalog model killing the inner child within?

Look at these fascists

Look at these fascists

Because—NEWS FLASH—that’s what y’all look like.

Or, maybe it was us. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve apparently knocked some sense into some otherwise smart people acting like tool sheds. Or, so we’ve been told.

But, what’s really hilarious is that YogaNation has once again pulled their promo video. You know, the promo video that was a replacement for the original promo video…. It’s starting to look like they got Paula Deen’s editing team on the case with all this rehashing.

Get. It. Together.


  1. Itstrue

    I can’t believe the weird nut jobs that are left and the fact that people will actually go see them as some kind of celebrashitty yoga teacher. I just made up celebrashitty. I am a genius.

  2. Greenpoint

    Well Sadie makin’ satanic cult hand signals makes a lot of sense actually…

  3. Yoga_Dude

    Welcome back! I wonder of Sadie’s ‘mudra’ has a name?

  4. amphibi1yogini

    All that headstand is really bad form. It just assures you have a limited “market” for this “spectacle”.

    Great going, guys …

    Oh, forgot my divining rod. Oh … THERE it is … and then there were three …

  5. Garuda

    I happen to work with a very fine Sears tool shed, and let me tell you something. None of these “titted bulls” can measure up to the nobility of a good tool shed, except maybe Regelin.

  6. gross

    the alignment is awful. new and cutting edge info that your alignment in headstand now doesn’t matter at all.

    • Haha! If I could do/if I didn’t have contraindications for … headstand, I would tend to agree with you.

      Even the teacher shoving it down all our throats (he had no knowledge – nor did anyone else – of the ticking time bomb my endocrine system presented) insisted that the angle of the arms on the ground mattered…

      [And THAT’s from a hucksta ! ] So, cutting edge, my ass! It literally IS sloppy form, as well as bad form.

    • gross

      who could possibly give that comment a thumbs down? its bad alignment however you slice it.

      • 1+2+1+1

        Purely out of curiosity, would you care to detail the points of alignment you find so awful and why? I see Dana veering to her right a bit, and Sadie’s elbows a bit wonky but nothing that makes wince.

      • 1+2+1+1

        Nothing? Really? You’re all certainly entitled to swing by to toss a few jabs and amble away, but I’d love to see someone throw down their mad teacher chops. I’m already plenty grossed out at WHY they’re upside down. Explain why I should be recoiling in horror at WHAT they’re doing upside down.

        • Oh, fer chrissake … {BIG YAWN} …. !

          • 1+2+1+1

            Oh, well that was illuminating …. !

            You’re responding as if somehow commentary on asana alignment is boring or beneath you. But clearly it’s not, since it was a commentary you started. You implied that because of the physical form they chose to display, we should disregard what they are trying teach. Now let me be clear, I can think of oodles of reasons to disregard what they’re offering (and I do). But I don’t see it in the shape of the pose. I’m not trying to set anyone up here–I just wanted someone who thought that was a fucking awful headstand to tell me what the fuck they think is wrong with it. Let’s start from the assumption that I’m the dumbass here. Please point out to me what a dumbass I am for not seeing the glaring, laughable shittiness of the alignment of those four weirdos.

            Or, you know, just call me a dumbass and keep on trolling, ’cause I lap that shit up like maple syrup.

        • @1+2+1+1, what do you want me to SAY?!? Ghanda Bherundasana may be the only inversion I am not medically contraindicated to do (possible retinopathy – must be closely watched (and I might not ever even learn THAT one.) And, what they say: there’s been a sea change in yoga recently. I just got the memo:

          so… call me a troll if you want .. trying not to become a diabetic, BLIND troll in this lifetime …

          • 1+2+1+1


            First off, diabetic retinopathy is rough–I’m sorry. Happened to my grandfather and I hope you’re able to steer clear.

            Second, to be fair, considering the generally backbiting tone of commentary here, I’m probably the one trolling by asking for something other than the soup du jour.

            But in answer to your question, I feel like what I want you to say has been pretty explicit: you and gross and presumably several other thumbs uppers have commented that the physical alignment of the people picture is so poor or unsafe that it discredits their teaching. It didn’t strike me as that egregious. I wondered what you all are seeing that I’m missing.

            Frankly when I do a headstand it probably looks a lot like that, with the important exception that there are no cameras and I don’t have three other Tool Towns crowding all up in my junk. I figured a lot of teachers read this site–if there’s something wrong with doing a headstand like that, I wanted to know.

    • Yogadear

      How is the alignment awful-please explain? I am curious.

  7. Namastellen

    So, in the name of speculative journalism, what made David Regelin leave this dream team of yogic mastery?

    Sobered up when he realized if he FOIAed the NSA, outtakes from Yoga Nation would be in his file.

  8. Weren’t half of Babs readers betting that Regelin was gonna bail first? Dude’s body language was so obvious, even in both versions of the promo video.
    Where are the bookies? I want my cut.

  9. Thaddeus

    I want to start out by saying how much I missed you and the assorted “Baba posse” above. It was as if I was adrift in a sea of commercial yoga without anyone to steer my little boat through the quagmire. So, thank you for coming to set my world right.

    Now, onto a little bit of business. Pet peeve warning. In the above you mentioned, “we could really care less about ‘the true story’.” Now, is this really true? Could you actually care less, or did you mean to say that you “couldn’t care less?” I’ve noticed, and actually gotten in several arguments with linguists about this phenomena, that often people say, “could care less,” when in fact they’re trying to say “couldn’t care less.” Of course, the former implies that less caring is possible, whereas the latter stipulates that there is no lesser amount of care achievable on your end.

    So, which is it? Do you really care, or don’t you?

    • Thank you, Thaddeus. Saved me some time.

    • I love when you help us out on this front, Thaddeus. It actually makes me giddy. I suppose it was intended to read “couldn’t.”

      • Thaddeus

        Well, as I said, you are not alone in this usage. There are at least 2 linguists who would say it doesn’t matter, because everyone knows what you meant. I’ve never been much persuaded by their arguments and feel as though they have bought into the error of the establishment and only accepted it and legitimized it so that they don’t seem silly.

  10. Greenpoint

    “caravan of silly heads” is a good one too…

  11. The P

    Total amateur hour at that agency. From the goofball production on the videos, to the posting-pulling-reposting-pulling, to the immature reactive “stop being so mean” to me public retort to criticism, not to mention some goofy mistakes I’ve seen posted on Facebook. Are these yogilebrities even getting their money’s worth? I would fire that outfit and go with seasoned professionals.

    On another note , Welcome Back!

  12. amphibi1yogini

    Brings back memories … Brooklyn welcomed me back … took me about 15 years to come back (though having been ex-Bronx) … so anything less than that is an improvement …

    Didn’t Sadie leave Brooklyn to live somewhere else?

    And then she came back, too?

    • namastellen

      She left Brooklyn with a lot of fanfare to begin anew in Austin only to sneak back to Brooklyn after 2-3 weeks. Guess her edgy yoga rawk star thang didn’t translate.

      • Don’t actually LIVE in Brooklyn (slightly beyond my price range), but I’ve worked there for years. Relocated twice for year-round “working vacays” in resort towns–one lasting about . Welcomed back by Brooklyn (workplaces) three times 🙂

        • amphibi1yogini

          Had that not made it to the posting? I was saying one year round “working vacay” lasting about 13 years …

  13. Mohamed Allise


  14. novecho

    if one more leaves, we can change silly heads to stooges

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