Yoga Mat Lover, John Friend, Accused Of Naughtiness

Among the masses

Here we were debating whether or not yoga instructor motivational speaker, Elena Brower, (and more recently Amy Ippoliti) had left Anusara Yoga due to John Friend’s ridiculously cheap attempts to make way too big a deal over his new Manduka yoga mat, (twice), or because both just wanted to chase that American Dream all on their own. And, now we find out Mr. Friend may be into the four directions and pointing thereto with ceremonial swords??? Maybe this was the reason peeps started to bounce.

From YogaDork:

“More trouble in Anusaraland. Let’s pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. Because this is some heavy shit. An anonymous tipster has sent us info that could potentially muddy the shiny, happy, image of John Friend and Anusara Inc., and shed some light on the recent flurry of exits by some of the brand’s foremost teachers like Elena Brower and Amy Ippoliti.”

The accusations come from the currently impossible to get onto, and include being a wiccan leader, a sexual deviant, a pension freezer, and pot smuggler.

Listen, being a yoga celebrity is incredibly lame. I mean, its really silly and most of us are making fun of you on a regular basis, using your names as punchlines and giggling when it follows the phrase “Yoga retreat in Tulum with…” But, let’s be real. With the exception of the freezing of pensions, we could care less about any of this child’s play. I mean, a “wiccan leader!?”

Peeps, get oVa ya seLves.


  1. Brad Roberts

    john ought to keep laying his students, but just not keep it a secret.

  2. yogaguy

    It’s not about being prudish. It’s the power dynamics that make shagging your students a big problem.

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  4. cynthia kling

    Do you think John is even good in bed?

    • Hey, Cynthia! Long time.

      Hmmm…. Good question. I don’t immediately think “yes,” but maybe I’m judging the book by the cover. Than again, I’ve found many a good book that way. So, maybe, trust my judgment? I don’t know.

      Wait, is this, like, a Zen koan? “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” “Is JF good in bed?”


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