Celebriyogis Need Your Help!!! (To Make Them More Famous) /// Tara Stiles + Reebok Focus Group


These days it seems every celebriyogi/ni you can think of, every money-making feel-goodery, needs a little help from the “community.” Latest in the “Please help me make more money/get more famous” trade is Reebok and Tara Stilesfocus group for her new line of “pretty amazing yoga inspired clothing” where everything about it will presumably be “super soft, fun, cool, easy,” and where the actual “fit” will be “really really great!”


That’s not all! These won’t be just some clothes you wear while doing yoga. Nope. You’re gonna wanna wear these after yoga as well!

“Think clothes that you feel and look great while doing yoga [in] that you can also wear while you go about the rest of your day.”

Soooooo, apparently, this new line of “yoga-inspired” label-shilling will be an on-the-mat / off-the-mat experience, allowing you to not only sweat your ass off during yoga, but then you can track all that crack swamp onto the subway. Can’t wait.


But, who are we to be so snarky. Reebok and Stiles just need your help in making the bestest most yoga-friendly clothing they can, because your happiness is obviously paramount. After all, this is about you, right?

“Do you love Tara Stiles? Are you a regular participant in her classes? Does her style of yoga fit just ‘work for you?’ If you are a woman and feel these statements describe you, then Reebok wants to talk to you! We’d love to learn what you love about Tara and her classes; to hear straight from your mouth what the best things are about it and why you can’t stop coming back!” [emphasis added]


Unfortunately, contrary to most of the focus groups I’ve known about, you won’t be leaving with a nice wad of tens or single hundred-dollar check. Nah. You’re just gonna get some Reebok schwag—specifically “a Reebok tank top the day of and a pair of Reebok sneakers in the mail after the group”—with probably a bunch of Reebok logos all over it so you can walk around like a human billboard, which, I guess is a little better than paying to be a human billboard like most other sucka MCs do.


Then again, I thought people only did focus groups so they could lie about how many TVs they had in order to walk out with a $75 slip of paper made out to “CASH.”


I guess that’s not very “yoga.”








Thanks to one of our readers for the link.


  1. Yoga Dude

    I am impressed by your ability to work “sucka MCs” into an article with such elegance and grace.

    I am humbled.

  2. There is a group on facebook called Not Yoga that you all might be interested in…could be fertile ground for more blogging material for you.
    Regarding this article…Tara S never fails to embarrass…

  3. Linda-Sama

    well, at least she’s talking about clothes and the wearing of them and not the taking off in yoga. and that’s a good thing, right? RIGHT?!? but where will these clothes be made? take this for what it’s worth…. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reebok

    “In the past,[when?] Reebok had an association with outsourcing through sweatshops,[citation needed] but today it claims it is committed to human rights. In April 2004, Reebok’s footwear division became the first company to be accredited by the Fair Labor Association.[citation needed] In 2004, Reebok also became a founding member of the Fair Factories Clearinghouse, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving worker conditions across the apparel industry.

    Supplier information, according to the Reebok website as of May 2007:

    “Apparel Reebok has factories in 45 countries. The process of purchasing products from suppliers is organized by region. Most (52%) of Reebok’s apparel sold in the United States is produced in Asia, with the rest coming from countries in the Caribbean, North America, Africa and the Middle East. Apparel sold in Europe is typically sourced from Asia and Europe. Apparel sold in the Asia Pacific region is typically produced by Asian-based manufacturers.”

    maybe there is more recent info out there.

    so…made in China? I read every label of what I buy and I try (tho hard) not to buy things made in China because of that little issue called TIBET.

  4. Greenpoint

    well that didn’t take long, and I’m afraid the TS file is large and deep….

  5. Justbehonest

    These fame-money-celeb hungry honey badgers* (they don’t give a f#*k) are not reinventing the wheel – so .., who’s going to be the first to have their sex tape leaked (released)
    Baba – I think this could be a great charity money maker. Take names and have people bid who’s first. Give them a prize and the money to charity.

    *no offense to the honey badger whom I adore.

  6. crack swamp -Classic!
    I already asked this question to Roseanne over at IAYB, but when are we gonna get something REALLY useful like Tampax “Moon Time” yoga tampons????
    (And speaking of cash-hungry yogalebrities, when will Baron Baptiste start producing yoga-inspired bandannas with Hermes? Or will it be Lululemon?)

  7. jorge

    is it just me or is anyone else noticing that more and more when people mention taking yoga “off the map”, it’s almost always coming in the form of one of these sales pitches or spilling out of the mouth of some blabbering tool?

  8. ryan

    first of all…props on the Mickey James pic. Meh, that is about it. Tara Stiles is boring.

  9. Yoga Observer

    Tara Stiles is vapid. It is actually very upsetting to think that anyone goes to this woman’s class. At least Sadie, Colleen and Elena…and all the other targets have studied yoga to some degree. This girl-woman has never done so.

  10. Dyspeptic Skeptic

    Deepak Chopra (in pimp glasses) shilling for them both:

  11. Chai Fan

    Ugh…why not more comments on this? I admittedly have stayed away from this whole issue. As in I just don’t even want to know. But because of this post finally relented and checked out some of her videos on youtube. Its like, “hey guys just got my hair cut, which I really really needed”….and then goes on to talk about some things she discovered in her teacher training. And there is a lecture on “making your own rules”. And then on telling a story in your class. Not to like go on and on with a personal story (which I, also admittedly, agree with. But then why the long personal story about her haircut??) but to have a beginning, middle, focus, a couple exciting things happening, a peak, and then a slowing down at the end of things in your class. Its called sequencing. She didn’t invent it, and comes across like maybe she thinks she did. And then in the comments everyone keeps saying how she is just soooo cool. Maybe not a ton of comments because its like going after Bret Michaels for being a cheesy? Just goes without saying… I don’t know, I thought it would be a real “release the hounds” situation.

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  13. Yoga Whelp

    I point this out in passing, not that there’s any real connection, of course…..

    When the notorious Romanian yoga porn cult known as “MISA” – the one that does vagina pee videos and calls them things like “The Ecstasy of Water” — set up shop in the UK, they had to come up with a different name, to disguise their relationship to MISA.

    So they decided to call themselves “Tara.”

  14. I will never understand the negativity towards Tara. She does not have near as much product out there as there is from Jillian Micheal’s-her pep talks are free, her recipes are free, hell there is tons of her workout videos that are free. She put out a four disc set that was a measly twenty bucks. She is not a teenager either. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and I find her attitude very calming. I know I am talking to people who already have an opinion but my God, there is either the LOVE Tara or ABSOLUTELY HATE TARA crowds and there seems to be absolutely no in between.

  15. Jess

    I’ve encountered quite a few negative articles on Tara Stiles and to be honest it’s increasingly made me angry and sad. So you’re spiritual, and enlightened, does that make it ok to dish out nasty comments? I mean, you’re actually going out of your way to deliver nasty words out to an audience. It’s embarrassing you can claim you’re part of a spiritual community when all you’ve done is tainted it. I’d worry about your own personal development and stop projecting your own insecurities or whatever hate onto another person.Chant those mantras over and over again and keep telling yourself you’re nice people. Embarrassing.


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