Yoga Journal Assumes Old People Do Yoga in Chairs /// LISTEN IN: Aghori and Chickie Wax Whimsical


We came across this unfinished podcast Chickie and Aghori were working on late last year and thought it’d be cool to share it. In this would-be episode Aghori discusses an article he found in Yoga Journal that  features illustrations of how certain yoga asanas can or should be performed throughout your life as you get older. Then Chickie gets in on the action. Gotta say, the bit is pretty sharp!

Listen in on this first ever team up between the sun and moon.


  1. Introduction (unfinished, no voiceover) [about 1 min]
  2. Aghori speaking on Yoga Journal article [about 5 min]
  3. Unfinished interlude (no voiceover) [about 30 sec]
  4. Aghori and Chickie speaking on Yoga Journal article [about 6 min]
  5. Outro (unfinished) [about 1 min]

These are the images mentioned in the talk in the order they come up:






  1. Greenpoint

    Awesome, keep ’em coming…and Chickie Wax is obviously a hot chick, fantastic…

  2. Isn’t that third upward bow pose actually a modification of viparita karani?
    That had been my fantasy furniture yoga instruction before I’d left that studio in a pique.

  3. amphibi1yogini

    I meant viparita DANDASANA

  4. Sang

    Couldn’t listen once the chick started talking. She sounds like an air head.

  5. Those poses are hard enough to do on their own. If I tried to do them with all the chairs and props I would probably end up killing myself.

  6. Yoga Whelp

    This is awesome! It’s basically the Howard Stern show, without the mother and daughter prostitutes (just the daughters), the F word, or the raging narcissism. Can Baba TV On Demand be far behind?

  7. Yoga Whelp

    There really is a yoga done exclusively IN chairs. It’s part of that “60 and beyond” group. Actually, it’s the 80 and beyond group. Check out these folks in Des Moines, Iowa, doing their yoga from seated positions.

    The segment focuses on a 100-year old woman who credits yoga for a life without pain.

    Now, here’s what’s bizarre: The teacher, Ofelia Mohr, is actually a member of the Romanian yoga porn cult known as MISA. She moved to the US several years ago along with a few other of the MISA guru’s disciples to spread the Tantric gospel, which includes video-chat, stripping in clubs, and watersports.

    Talk about “giving back” and “service”! Another hooker with a heart of gold. Yoga is just damn transformative folks!

  8. Mellie

    this is too too funny, I think that poor woman attempting upward bow in the 60’s and beyond box looks as though she has actually gone beyond this mortal coil. maybe she’s been there for days unable to remove herself from her chair. it looks like rigor mortis has set in.

  9. So awesome! We had tried to say the same thing in a blog post featuring this yoga journal article, but this is the real version without all the censoring. Thank you. Damn all those close-hearted wheelers!!!!

  10. gross

    y’all are a little weird. just try those urdhva dhanurasana’s for the older crowd. you might actually be doing it properly, and you will feel it like NEVER before. these poses for the 60s crowd ARE more advanced and difficult that the regular youthful versions. i love how you all think chairs are strange when you haven’t used them more than a handful of times……. trust me, the poses on the chairs are waaay more intense than a crummy old wheel pose w/ nothing else and crud alignment. been there, been here. i strongly know the diff.

    • I’ll do you one better: I ain’t NEVER used a chair! I have no idea what it feels like. Hehe.

    • amphibi1yogini

      Count me out of that weird group … I’ve always been fascinated by chair-supported viparita dandasana, table-supported scorpion handstand, and the big daddy of ’em all, chair-supported neck inversion, a.k.a. furniture headstand … although the last two are medically contraindicated for me… and there is nothing wrong with my neck …

  11. novecho

    coming soon, The Kelly Morris Viparita Chair in eco friendly Calcutta Cedar, or Mumbai mahogany

  12. rosie

    Don’t think Iyengar yoga is sexy enough for Kelly Morris…

  13. gross

    iyengar yoga IS sexy…. never seen a bunch of sassy embodied older women in my life. those ladies are SEXY. has anyone seen Bobby Clenell? she is in her 60s, tall, sexy, and flowing… and doesn’t sell wine or lululemon. these teachers and practitioners have serious sadhana and don’t talk non-stop.


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